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    Graphic Designer / Sports Fan / Drummer from Philly, and I love me some GNR!

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  1. Yup! I started designing sports themed shirts for all the concerts I go to. I got tired of spending tons of $$ at the merch stands for shirts that really arent that great and will most likely fade after a few washes.
  2. Pre sweat covered shirt =D
  3. Everyone in Philly either on the radio, or social media has given only glowing reviews of the show. Pretty much they came and kicked our asses!
  4. Even "Better" sounded off, and thats one of my favorites, for some reason it doesn't translate live for me.
  5. Yea it totally was draining, once I heard the intro, I wanted to scream NO DON'T DO IT, DON'T BE SORRY!!!!!
  6. Wow what a great show, Axl sounded killer, was all smiles during the entire show, and slash was on fire. The crowd was great even with it being hot as hell. Totally agree Sorry just doesn't work live, it sounded a mess, and most people started sitting down during it. Time to go pass out and hopefully wake up for work. I will never forget this night, so great!
  7. There is only one Ben Franklin, and he has a killer crossover!
  8. Yea that has to be an amazing feeling. I wish my band was still together for this, but we broke up a few years ago (couldn't get along with the singer, go figure ), plus I got a new job/married, had to give up the dream =( Growing up sucks lol.
  9. My band played with them before a while back, they are pretty good.
  10. Stepped outside a few times today during work, and my god its brutal out.
  11. I've got my bottle of water ready!
  12. Yea there is still plenty of parking, but get ready for a nightmare after the show. I was at Paul McCartney on Tuesday and it was a disaster leaving the Citizen Bank Park lots. I just waited and did a after show tailgate till the traffic got better. So bring extra beers for that!
  13. My attire is set for the night!
  14. So calm before the GNR storm!