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  1. Axl-Layers Of Clothes

    You would think with how much he sweats he'd lose a few pounds, he's gotta lay off the taco bell
  2. Great vocal of Patience in SP

    HAHA sorry for the scare. Thats what happens when a lot of people are "actually" trying to cover up for him.
  3. Great vocal of Patience in SP

    no you don't understand, he is conserving his voice, he gets better as the tour progresses, he has slimmed down, even though he looks even more out of shape. and loses his breath easily. Turn off sarcasm! mode
  4. I sure hope to god they don't, I would hate to have this Axl voice on a DVD to show the world lol. Why can't they just take highlights from 2010-2011
  5. Great vocal of Patience in SP

    Yea he is usually fine on those songs, even on bad nights he can get through them ok. Its just the other songs that are.......eh......right now lol.
  6. mygnr universe

    Don't ya just hate when some says hey a new GNR song leaked, its called Crash Diet!....................
  7. Better feat. DJ Ashba Appreciation Thread [NO LINKS ALLOWED]

    anyone have any tylenol PM
  8. Going Down Appreciation Thread [NO LINKS/REQUESTS ALLOWED]

    holy leaks batman!!! please send a brotha pm!
  9. Axl's voice at the moment

    It's that dam youtube changing his voice! they took axl's voice and they turk arrr jerbs!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The Voice...

    +99 Yea I never get why people think we are "hating" on him when we criticize his voice. I love Axl, but we are being honest, and its not just an opinion, its fact, his voice isn't where it could be. Like I said before its either his voice or weight, people are trying to blindly defend those issues. "Oh he is definitely getting thinner", "oh its that dam youtube messing with how he sounds "
  11. The Voice...

    I do agree that he hasn't lost it, but the effort put into keeping his voice in shape is not there. You always hear glimpses of his rasp, and usually always is spot on for the first three songs of the set, but after that he flatlines into mickey. I don't think 2006 / 2010 voice was just a fluke, he could easily just get back to that with getting in better shape.
  12. The Voice...

    Yea hearing people say his voice is improving is just as funny as them saying he is losing weight
  13. Is There Any Proof That Axl Doesnt Rehearse?

    Please end this, I can't watch it anymore!!!!!! I CANT!!!!!!
  14. Is Axl fitter in 2013?

    I only put some emphasis on Axl being more in shape, because I think it would help his voice out a lot. I love that runs all over the stage and isn't just standing there like a statue, but with him being out of shape, it only makes it tougher for him to sing somewhat ok.