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  1. DJ Ashba quits Guns N' Roses

    Of all the Fake GNR fans in the world, I would bet that less of 0,1% cares at all. The ones who cares are just a handful forum people who still says that this version of the band is as relevant as the original band.
  2. Bumblefoot is out of Fake GNR? Nice!!!
  3. Where can I find this bandana ?

    How old are you? Are you gonna wear that in the streets and pretend to be Axl? :lol:
  4. New Kings of Chaos tour November/December 2014

    OMG, are you fanboys still hoping for a reunion? Not. Gonna. Happen.
  5. Goodbye Ron (???)

    If this is true: Hahahah!! Another nail in the coffin for fake GNR.

    Is there a torrent for this interview yet? Couldn't find one.
  7. Santiago Chile 05/10/11 update thread

    He most likely won't. As you get older you must work alot harder to keep your voice in shape.
  8. This Rio show was a complete DISASTER

    I'd like to see Axl pull off GNRs set...
  9. This Rio show was a complete DISASTER

    Like night and day, really. James voice isn't what it used to be either, but at least he sings in key (most of the time). R.I.P. Guns N' Roses...
  10. Why does he bother?

    This is the most honest thread I have read in a long time. The way you described it is way non-brainwashed, "normal" fans outside of this forum look at it. Thank you!
  11. Why does he bother?

    Just watched You Could Be Mine from RiR2 then from 2011. Wow, what a significant difference... Almost scary to see
  12. This Rio show was a complete DISASTER

    The singing doesn't get out of key because of bad quality. Unless it on a really old tape and not digital.
  13. This Rio show was a complete DISASTER

    Sooooo goood? You must be tone deaf or just plain stupid. Axl's voice haven't been this bad YEARS!
  14. I think they will play 3 or 4 gigs, then it will be canceled due to very poor ticket sales. I'm almost 100% sure. As many of us have said over and over again, this is just another Chinese Democracy tour with no new songs... It is now 10 years since Axl started this Chinese Democracy thing, 10 years nad they're still on the same page!!!
  15. This Rio show was a complete DISASTER

    Guns N' Roses didn't show up, Fake GNR did. Huge difference.