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  1. Why Aren't The Others Pressing Axl To Play More New Stuff?

    I think its okei to play the old songs, Because I dont like the new materiall that much, I think they go to far away from what Guns N Roses is to me. And i also never experienced Guns N Roses in the good old days, to young for that(17 now) . So therefore i want them to play much of the old stuff when i coming to the concert;) Guns N Roses is for me like Steven Adler said once: " We play rock n roll music to kick your ass"
  2. how did you get into gnr

    I think i was about 11 years old when i first heard Guns N Roses. I started to lisen to the LPs my brother had, and i thought it was awsome. Didnt start listen to them more regulary before i was 14 i think, Because my brother took his LPs with him when he moved:(.
  3. Sweet Cild O` Mine Remix!!???

    This remixes are something else. When rock bands makes covers they honor they who first made this song. But a remix cover of a rock band ist just shitty. It is the worst crap that ever has been done. Its not that the GN`R songs must be untouchable, but if someone should make a cover of a GN`R song, big rock band or a great artist, they should at least make an effort to make that cover good;) And not put some crazy techno beats to it. As an Example i want to quote GN`R "A great song can be found anywhere. Do yourself a favor and go find the originals" from The Spaghetti Incident? Her they show respect for the songs they have made cover tracks of. I dont think the remix bands, or what shit i should call them, does this and they shows no respect of making their crappy covers.
  4. Sweet Cild O` Mine Remix!!???

    Just thought about that;)
  5. Sweet Cild O` Mine Remix!!???

    Yeah. When i was at a party for a while ago, i heard the SCOM remix. An di was a little drunk and i snapped. went straight out. man i was so mad when i heard they had made a remix of that to:P
  6. Sweet Cild O` Mine Remix!!???

    You dont? Someone must stop this remix hysteria. I hate does remix songs, it should be ilegal!
  7. Sweet Cild O` Mine Remix!!???

    Have anybody heard this peace of crap? They have ruined the whole song. I think they call themslef Flat Pack or something. I heard this song a while a go. And now i suddenly wonder, is this legal, Did Axl gave them a permition to use this song?