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  1. No one has mentioned this yet...

    TSI was released on Nov 23rd, 1995, and CD was released on Nov 23rd, 2008-exactly 15 years later. One of the Vegas concerts is scheduled for Nov 23rd, 2012-5 years after the release of CD, and roughly 15 years after the CD project was started. Will anything happen? Probably not-but A LOT of you guys have had WAY less plausible theories..
  2. The "Bring GNR Back to Buffalo" Thread!

    News flash-Buffalo NY sucks.
  3. So listen to OMG on youtube and see if thats it..
  4. Totally agreed. I'm not sure why anyone would ever want to hear this song, to be honest.
  5. Dec 27th 2011 Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre

    Tucson/Phoenix are without a doubt soft rock markets.
  6. Where's the surprises?????

    The OP can leave and never come back... But, anyway, other than the actual PPV, I don't expect any major surprises at the actual show.
  7. Los Angeles December 21st

    They could stop with the frantic 'in out in out' camera zooming
  8. Los Angeles December 21st

    This is a perfect example of how people can think the band sounds less than stellar. Yeah, 'waaayyy' to high to us that are watching on some crummy PPV......PERFECT at the show. Just trust me. I've been to 8 shows since 2002...
  9. Los Angeles December 21st

    You're hearing a mix that does not accurately represent what the fans at the show are hearing. Trust me dude, I've been to 8 shows since 2002.
  10. Los Angeles December 21st

    Another clueless fan that's never been to a show.
  11. Los Angeles December 21st

    You guys realize that the backing vocals cannot be heard if you're actually at the show, right?
  12. Los Angeles December 21st

    You guys gotta realize that these shows sound TOTALLY different (aka better) in person
  13. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    Oh shit, lol! My bad.
  14. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    Bump i guess
  15. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    So yeah, it's 3:07AM in Hamilton..did this show get canceled?