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  1. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Wouldn't be the first time huehuehue
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    For sure. I took that to mean that she will get in eventually, but let's wait until this whole thing blows (lol) over. Which now, unfortunately much sooner than they would have imagined, it has.
  3. wrestling GNR mention (WCW 1998)

    WCW did a load of other themes along this vein, using popular 90s song. The most obvious one they ripped isSmells Like Teen Spiritfor DDP, andEven Flowfor Chris Jericho.
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Triple H has said she deserves to go in though, it'll happen sooner rather than later.
  5. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Did Sunny do porn before or after getting into the HoF? Chyna should go in, but I think it was as much to do with her probably not going to be in any state to do a speech, they couldn't take that risk. Unfortunately, that's no longer a risk. It'll be interesting anyway, I think there will be a fairly reasonable backlash if they don't put her in next year. On a brighter note, there were 11 matches at the house show I was at. It was wonderful! Highlights including: Dean Ambrose b. Triple H AJ Styles b. Chris Jericho Big Show & Kane b. Strowman and Rowan Sami Zayn b. Kevin Owens
  6. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Mauro is fantastic, shame he's stuck on Smackdown mind. Michael Cole isn't even that bad when he can actually just commentate, it's the Vince-fed lines that kills it. And JBL. WWE in Newcastle tonight!
  7. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Can't believe we're not discussing how fine Renee and Lana are.
  8. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Oh my.
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    100% will be excited for Big Show and Kane. Think it's Brothers of Destruction teaming together too.
  10. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    So the house show I'm going to on Wednesday currently has a card consisting of (among plenty others):- Undertaker Kane Triple H Big Show Chris Jericho AJ Styles Dean Ambrose Kevin Owens Now while I'm aware that is subject to change, most likely with Triple H being the replacement for Undertaker, that's fucking awesome.
  11. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Holy fuck, that was insane. Scenes!
  12. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I think taking away the house shows has a lot more damage than people would realise. Firstly, as you said, you've a huge revenue loss. It would take a lot of people away if they were never given the opportunity to see this in real life, as no matter how bad things have gotten, house shows are considerably more fun and entertaining. The other thing is, I think you'd find injuries potentially go up actually, and people who are wrestling once a week will not improve in the ring anything like as quickly as they would if they're working house shows, getting used to working in an audience and enjoying what they're doing. The other thing is, believe it or not as they seem to be terrible at booking, WWE tends to use these shows to gauge audience reactions for future storylines, see the kind of chemistry two people have together and so on. Plus I'm going to Newcastle to see WWE Live and Undertaker is going to be there so fuck you all. Edit: Also hearing that the Bray injury isn't as bad as they feared, and was more of a precaution to stop the main event.
  13. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I'll tell you what though, things look considerably better now than they did two weeks ago.
  14. I wouldn't get your hopes up about that stream, the channel doesn't seem to have any subscribers or any content.
  15. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Yeah, and I appreciate that, but just because they had no other choice doesn't make it a better match. It's essentially as good a match as it could've been, it just happens to me that the limit was 4.5 because of those factors, in or out of their hands.