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  1. Fox 5 News New York Tonight!!

    Awesome! U guys did great representing!
  2. extra tix for saturday show?

    anyone have 2 extra they r willing to sell? Am i allowed to post this on here? :-\
  3. Personally, I'm satisfied

    Couldn't agree with your more but everyyyyyone is a critic. Some people will never be happy. I think they are just gaining momentum and stability. GnR in the press more (for better or for worse ... it's still good), touring consistently, AMAZING performances, a tight band and a great website with continuous updates. I think it's only a matter of time for new music and if not, oh well. Still enjoying my time seeing them any time they pass on through. So many people on here think they know what is best and what Axl is doing wrong. Just shut the eff up already! Oh and another thing. I'm so sick of people complaining about their start times. It's common knowledge for what? the last 20 years at least?!? if you don't like it or if you're going to be too tired in work or if you can't get a babysitter for your kids THEN DON'T GO! It's a freakin' rock band. I went to all 3 shows in NYC in Feb AND went to work the next day on 2 hours of sleep. SO worth it and i set my expectations going into the show that they would be on late. And guess what??? I caught up on sleep and now have amazing memories of 3 terrific shows! Worth it to me.
  4. Slash says Guns N Roses will not play at the RNRHOF

    They should perform a song or two with the old line up, the new and then all jam together. That would be amazing and honor the evolution of the band. They should put the fans first! if it wasn't for us they wouldn't be where they are now! stop being selfish Slash and Axl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You claim this induction is an honor for the fans, because of our support but then nooooo, we won't perform together, sorry. jerks. love them but acting like selfish JERKS!!!
  5. East Rutherford, NJ - 11/17/2011 - Setlist, Pictures, Video etc.

    i'll be there tonite!! this is my 2nd time seeing them at Izod. saw them in Nov 2006 and then in May 2006 at Hammerstein. can't wait!!
  6. IZOD Center Presale

    I would recommend GA but there are 2 sections of GA there. You have to try to get the first section. Not quite sure how you do that but that was the location we were brought down to. It was great. we were able to wiggle our way pretty close to the stage.
  7. i'll be at Izod-East Rutherford.
  8. IZOD Center Presale

    I'll be there! saw them at Izod back in 2006 and it was amazing! At the time, knew someone who worked there who snuck my friend and I down front. Not so lucky this time around so i'm hoping I can score some good tix on my own. :o/
  9. IZOD Center Presale

    No prob!
  10. IZOD Center Presale

    "speaker" just got email from Live Nation.
  11. IZOD Center Presale

    did u get good seats? i'm psyched!!!
  12. Just a thought

    I swore to myself I would never start one of these topics because everyone and their mother is doing so but as much as I'm hoping for this record to come out Nov 28th (or anytime this year for that matter) I can't help but think that maybe it's happening after the tour. I know, why name a tour after the new album and not release it in time for that but.... I think it would make even less sense to release it Mid Tour. If there is going to be some big media blitz like some ppl are hypothesizing about, it would make more sense to do it when Gn'R have the time to spend on it. In a way, I've kinda stopped myself from getting my hopes up. At this point, i just want them to succeed. Even though it's been a long time coming I would love for Axl to prove everyone wrong, release this CD and have it be a HUGE hit. In the meantime, I'm happy that I got to see them twice this year. That was something I thought I'd never get to do. Thought my chance passed me up because I was too young when they were in their hayday. At this point, for me, the record would just be icing on the cake. WE LOVE YOU AXL!!!
  13. Why do you people....

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Toronto Sun Article

    I agree. I'll believe it if it still hasn't hit the shelves by Jan 1st.
  15. An Idea

    Excellent idea! I wish everyone would stop their bitchin' and speculating about this damn album until THE LAST TUESDAY OF THE YEAR passes us by. THEN bitch all you want, boycott Gn'R if you'd like. Till then please SHUT THE FUCK UP!! The few negative assholes on these forums are ruining it for everyone. This is such an exciting time ESPECIALLY for the ppl who were too young to go to any of their shows but have been diehard fans ever since. We heard you LOUD and CLEAR. All you ppl are doing is repeating the same shit over and over again. Please shut up till Dec 26th. And IF the album comes out (which it will) I hope to find a few of you and SLAP YOU IN THE FACE WITH IT!! ok, enough said.