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  1. Axl sounded terrible, they need to raise the register and let him belt it out, it would be fucking amazing... his middle voice is weak but he is belting his high voice better than ever. Such a simple fix. It wouldn't hurt the song at all in fact probably sound better, think YSMANL vibe.... can Angus play anything other than e though... I joke a little but maybe not.
  2. Came out smelling like a Rose Everything's coming' up Roses Rose by any other name would smell as sweet Deadheaded Roses in bloom All Roses go to Paradise City/Hell, choose one
  3. I honestly don't care what he wears either, my whole point in this topic was just to refute that it's lame to wear the old "rocker" outfits. I enjoy it, and I'm sure a lot of others do too, can't please everyone. I do think he should change to those pirate coats when singing november rain, he already puts on a sport coat to be reminiscent of it. In the end, I'm fine with whatever, I never dug the whole biker short era but I dealt with it. I think we can all agree the leather era was better than that...
  4. amazing, where's our lighted bandanna's and top hats, only half joking lighted rose or toy gun would be cool too lol
  5. is stupidity learned or innate comparing some asshat at a club to a performing band, sure Axl tore it up in the clubs in his underwear... leather jackets and jeans? what about leather pants.... Talk about being a relic, they're a rock n' roll band in 2016, let that sink in you.... I'll be nice, you non rocket scientist you.
  6. could've fooled me
  7. That's the definition of the reunion tour, and millions of fans would disagree that it's sad.
  8. insert song reference here ____
  9. everyone knows how to lose weight, they just don't want to, they enjoy stuffing their fat faces more...
  10. still looks like a boss
  11. Most people remember him from the videos, and I would love to see the kilt return once he's in tip top shape, no one needs a fountain of youth to lose weight moderning dressing sure helped Axl look less embarrassing, it's all about the weight same for Vince
  12. As if fat ass Vince Neil would look any better wearing anything else, besides I clearly said Axl should continue to lose weight, being overweight is stupid and stupidly easy to fix, no excuses....
  13. Vince Neil being cringe-worthy has nothing to do with what he's wearing... Axl trying to follow trends gave us dreads and an overly large jersey... I'd rather him look like the Axl from sweet child o' mine. It's a show, when he's on stage, a dancing chicken. What's more cringe-worthy? embracing your past and owning it or an old man trying to stay relevant by chasing the latest trend.... guess we have differing opinions on that.
  14. Axl keeps looking and sounding better, the girls look great too, is that a nipple