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  1. Guess they can sue Top Gun too, the movie theme is just a slowed down version of the first vocal melody in this aussie song. As far as scom is concerned only the chords are the same and they can't be copyrighted.
  2. Gordan Freeman. Half Life 3 confirmed... but it will never be released because Axl Rose is involved. One of life's mysteries has been solved.
  3. Replacing Axl???

    Bach can sing his ass off, but sounds atrocious covering any guns tune, even in his prime, check youtube. He would be forced to sing all those songs if he replaced Axl in Guns. It would've been terrible. Now, velvet revolver is a different story, as long he doesn't have to sing Guns tunes.
  4. Replacing Axl???

    Because Axl not having the same success in 2008 as he had in 1988 proves he couldn't have done anything without them.... joke topic
  5. Replacing Axl???

    Joke topic... Axl is Guns N' Roses. Not only was he the voice of Guns, He was the main songwriter. If he got fired all attention would've followed him and where he went. He would be considered innocent to the public and not carry the burdens he does now. Hell it might've helped his career. No longer painted as the bully who stole the Guns name. Patton, fucking joke lol let me make some animal fart sounds in this mic and impress the kiddies, works everytime.
  6. how would you feel if Sebastian Bach was vr's singer?

    Bach is a great singer but sounds like absolute shit singing gn'r songs, and I think they'd want someone who can do that live when they tour. He loves to refer Axl to his vocal coach, when was the last time he went? He needs to stop screaming and trying to sound hard and get back to what made him famous to begin with, his clean vocals on I remember you with a little scream here and there, that's all he seems to do now days. Even in his prime he sounded like shit on gn'r songs, though he sings high, his approach and Axl's are polar opposites. Even Myles sounds better on gn'r songs than him and he sounds embarrassing.
  7. Axl's Son?

    If I had to bet I'd say it is, uncanny look alike, especially if you look at young Axl pictures. Then again I have no idea what the "real" father looks like. He could look like Axl also.
  8. Axl as he's aged compared with Robert Plant

    Axl couldn't sing to standard tuned guitars when he was YOUNG, let alone now lol. But that's not a knock on him. Some people just have lower voices than others. Axl's range has nothing to do with why their songs were tuned a half step down. It is very common in rock, you get a beefier sound. You can play in any key regardless of your tuning. Same reason a lot of metal bands play in drop D tuning, for an even heavier sound.
  9. Axl Rose, give me some head... New Tenacious D Lyrics

    Jack Black's funny as shit. I agree the lyric is homage to "oral sex" but if it ain't I don't really care either. Axl in no way should acknowledge Jack or retaliate. He's so not worth mentioning even though I like the pudgy bastard. The whole song is about rock dying so why he would diss one of the greatest frontmen of all time doesn't really make sense, but he was probably high as shit when he wrote it.
  10. Axl Rose likey his Davey Jones

    What a joke... stole my dance moves, my attire... it was a fucking "scene" back then everyone was ripping everyone, he talks about dressing up David Bowie hell even ACDC was wearing drag, it was all about shock value, nothing this guy did was orginal. It comes down to could you write some beastly songs and deliver the goods. Axl and Guns N' Roses could and this fool couldn't. Wasp singer always said all his antics wouldn't be needed if he could write some killer songs. No one's gonna care about your "show" if your songs suck.
  11. Guns N Roses the movie??

    Matt wasn't even around when Guns were born and that's what a movie should focus on. I'd rather see all the documentary footage Axl has stored in his vault. And if a movie ever is made, which I'm not sure I want, please use Axl's voice not some imitation. I hate it when the actor insists on singing the songs, it ruins it. The movie is about representing the icon they are portraying not themselves.
  12. Piers Morgan Defends Axl Rose

    Just watched it that was awesome. Didn't know who Piers Morgan was but he rocked it tonight and I agree with him today!
  13. Axl has attended HOF

    I'm pretty sure most gn'r fans know about this. Elton John asked him to give the induction speech. Nothing new here.