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  1. 2017 Travel Thread

    Heard a lot of good things about NorweigianAir. Never flown them but TPG seems to likethem.
  2. Shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport

    Terrible news, pray for the repose of the souls who were lost
  3. 2017 Travel Thread

    For work, Germany a few times, Budapest, China. Probably throw Palo Alto / LA in there too. For personal trips, gotta figure out where to go for our honeymoon... thinking of Paris, Rome, Athens right now over ~2 weeks. Want to do a trip to Banff / Lake Louise but not sure if we will get to that this year.
  4. Terrorist attack thread

    Germany attack is kind of scary, considering I go there fairly often and was just there 3 weeks ago...
  5. Is 18 too early to get married?

    Dat bump indeed. I'm getting married this May, at the age of 29. Looking back I realize I really was not mature at 18 -- even if I thought so at the time! In my personal situation, we have been dating for nearly 8 years now. If anything, I think it has helped us to wait to get married rather than rush into things!
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Voted Clinton. Ann Arbor is so democrat overrun, for all local positions the only choice on the ballot was a democrat
  7. Hey Kevin! Sticking around or passing throuh? Good to see ya post

    1. kevin


      Not sure yet! Life is busy in recent days, maybe I'll make a post or two in anything goes and see if I get hooked again :).  Good to see you around still!

    2. ZoSoRose


      Sounds good, man. Let us know if you hit up the detroit show. 

  8. RIP Abominable Homan

    Very sad to hear this, he was a wonderful guy :(. I remember we had many conversations on here, on skype, and on other GNR forums. I have very fond memories of him, and I pray for his family and friends, and for the repose of his soul