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  1. We have specialized receptors in our body JUST for cannabinoids, its definitely meant to be in our body
  2. Does anyone know how to pass a drug test?

    ^That kind of advice doesn't help the OP with his problem at all
  3. Does anyone know how to pass a drug test?

    Stop smoking immediately, and drink lots of water. You are tested for metabolites of thc, which are stored in fat tissue and generally lasts from 2-3 weeks. If you are fat, realize exercising may release stored thc metabolites and cause a positive result even after this time. The only REAL cure is time or clean urine (i.e. not yours).
  4. Dammit this will set marijuana legalization back 5 years now
  5. I have never met BBA.

    Dazey is in great shape, he does 12 oz curls nightly :xmasschef:
  6. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Who wants to play some steam games? Add kevlolol
  7. I have never met BBA.

    mygnrforum E-drama at its finest :<
  8. The sick of my stupid co-workers thread

    Theres this guy that's kind of worthless here, his only real task for the past 3 months was to create an excel sheet. So 3 months later its still not done so I just spent half my week working long days doing it for him. Basically he just doesn't get it, even though its just documentation of what I've actually implemented over the previous 3 months before he got the task. I feel like he procrastinated the whole time... And im kind of ocd about my job, so when I see it isn't done at all I just end up doing it because I doubt he would put any effort in and I just want the thing to be done right. Tldr, I care too much and do someone elses job cause I'm crazy like that
  9. Zombie Apocalypse : it's official...

    Anyone wanna practice with some l4d2 tonight?
  10. The Abortion/Religion Thread!

    I'd talk about it with my girl and ultimately go with whatever her decision is. At this point in my life, with how comfortable and happy I am in my relationship, I wouldn't be opposed to taking it to term if she wanted to.
  11. Best way to wipe a drive to sell on ebay?

    As someone who worked for the DoD, writing over with zeros once does not protect your data
  12. Best way to wipe a drive to sell on ebay?

    IIRC you can choose which HDD or partition you want to run it on, but I think it will be in linux jargon. Gutmannis 35 writes, so depending on your HDD size it may take awhile! But it is basically 100% guaranteed to be okay unless the NSA looks at it. The DoD ones are probably sufficient to be honest, but which method you use is really your call
  13. Best way to wipe a drive to sell on ebay?

    Well Gutmann if you're paranoid, the DoD ones if you aren't so paranoid
  14. Best way to wipe a drive to sell on ebay?

    Get DBAN and use the Gutmann method
  15. Best way to wipe a drive to sell on ebay?

    Write over the entire drive with 0x0 and 0xF's multiple times, and throw some random data writing in as well between 0x0/0xF writes. Also encrypting your drives will help prevent worry