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  1. I know this doesn't go here....

    Ok let my explain my thinkings about this topic: This whole world is dangerous- life is dangerous- think about wars,small children loosing their legs, they have really a cause for having fear, accidents,....there is so much shit going on in this world- today everybody is speaking about fear (in media, politics, the society- everybody says to us that we must have fear -that bad terrorists will throw a bomb on our head, that a comet is crashing in our house etc..but it could be possible that then people have so much fear about everxthing that they are perhaps missing the best events in their life - ) and really, a Gnr concert should definitly not be seen as dangerous- Im sure it will be a great evening for you- dont have fear- when you are there, then you will see what you want to do- go into the crowd, if you like- or take a seat, if you like- Im sure you are a smart person, so dont give too much thought to sth. in advance- you will see, you will feel, and that is what it shoul be a first concert: feeling the energy, feel the mood- to have a good time! I have seen them about 14 years ago, and at least about some months ago- it was really wonderful- I wish you really a great evening.Im sure you will enjoy!!!!
  2. Why are you Attracted to Guns ' Roses

    We have not even to risk the adventure alone, the Hero's of all time have gone before us. They have shown us the path to go - ....Why we need GnR? - They touch something deep in us, they speak to us, with no words- and thats the best what music can do!! I saw them live just a few weeks ago - after 14 years - again. And I can say - it was magic, this band rocks, this band can play!!! To warchild: Deepest respect- your words are really, really deep. Fascinating post! sincerely