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  1. STANDARD OF BEHAVIOUR Entering the venue you accept its regulations and terms of entry; Permission to enter and remain within the venue is subject to the possession of valid ticket; The ticket shall be exhibited at any time at the request of securtiy staff; Controls at the gates are provided to protect public safety. The audience may undergo controls and checks made by security staff with police supervision also throught the use of handy metal detector device; IT’S FORBIDDEN: To introduce SUITCASES, TROLLEY, LARGE BAGS and BACKPACK more than 10lt; To introduce SPRAY CANS; To introduce AIR HORN; To introduce or carry WEAPONS, EXPLOSIVE, FIREWORK, SMOKE BOMB, FLARES, STONES, KNIVES or other SHARP or CUTTING OBJECTS; To introduce CHAINS; To introduce ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND; To introduce or carry NARCOTIC SUBSTANCE, POISON, HARMFUL SUBSTANCE and INFIAMMABLE MATERIAL; To enter and remain within the venue while drunk or under the effect of narcotic or mind-altering substance; To introduce or sell inside the venue drinks contained in CANS, GLASS CONTAINERS THERMOS or BIG PLASTIC BOTTLES (only half liter plastic bottle is allowed without cap); To introduce ANY KIND OF ANIMALS; To introduce SELFIE-STICKS and TRIPOD; To introduce UMBRELLAS and POLES; To introduce MUSICAL INSTRUMENT; To introduce LASER PENS and LASER POINTER; To introduce DRONE; To introduce RECORDING EQUIPMENT, SOUND OR VIDEO; To introduce PROFESSIONAL OR SEMI PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS; To introduce VIDEOCAMERAS, GOPRO, iPAD and TABLET; To introduce BICYCLE, SKATEBOARD and OVERBOARD; To introduce TENT and SLEEPING BAG; To introduce OBJECTS WHICH MAY CAUSE INJURIES; To exhibit material that may obstrut the audience view or may interfere with the emergency signs or obstruct the ways to exits; To carry out any kind of commercial activity without the prior written authorisation of the Event Organiser; To act incorrectly or aggressively towards the security staff; To cause damage to, or tamper with any structure, infrastructure and service of the Venue; To climb balustrades, raililng, walls and fences and any other structures not intended for occupancy by the public; To obstruct stairways, gangways, access ways, entrances and exits and any other escape route;
  2. Unfortunately... Huge Update with pictures, setlist and mp3 here:
  3. Updated!
  4. I add a GnR section in my site! You can find the links to all the shows, pictures and more... Sorry for the italian reviews... Hope you like it!