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    Music. Drums, Harmonica, Piano, Guitar, Bass... anything goes. I also enjoy cooking and reading books.
  1. I'm guessing more dates. Might be a dvd. Hoping for new album (the rest of the CD material with or without Slash or Duff). For the moment I'm pretty happy with all of it.
  2. I'm more than happy with the Darkness. Saw them once in 2005 (I think) at it was awsome! I belive they disbanded for a while due to the singer's drug problems, but they have been back together for a while so it would be stretching the truth quite a bit to say they reunited to support GnR... A Skid Row reunion would be pretty cool as support.
  3. No. I want new music. Or at least the chinese leftovers.
  4. I always found it, and Oh My God, quite interesting and was disappointed they were not released on CD. I just hope it will be released someday along with other songs from the CD-era.
  5. No. I'm not to keen on Matt Sorum either, but that's another thread
  6. You are probably correct. I just pulled the years out of thin air to make my alternate reality-example in which they put out an album between each member leaving, I have no idea when each member actually left
  7. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Whether I as a fan like the new incarnation of a band or not is irrelevant. Iron Maiden was still Iron Maiden with or without Paul Dianno, Clive Burr, Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson or Blaze Bayley. Which line-up you as a fan prefer is up to you, but to claim that the band can no longer operate under the same name as before seems like nonsense to me. I think some of this nonsense comes from the lack of output or touring in the period after Spagetti Incident when Slash, Duff and Sorum left. What if they had put out an album between each member leaving. After Lies Adler leaves, after YUI Izzy leaves, after Spaggeti incident Slash leaves, after a new album in say 98 Sorum leaves and then in 2000 Duff leaves. At what point would it no longer be Guns N Roses? Nonsense I say!
  8. Razor's Edge and Black Ice are really good as well, at least in my book
  9. I hope the sound is better than when I saw Iron Maiden there in 2013. That stadium got a lot of bad reviews for the sound that first year, but I have not heard much complaints about it since then so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. Maybe they realized the Seeker is better?
  11. I think Axl sounds really good. Even without the rasp I thought You Could be Mine sounded better than it has in a while.
  12. 1 Oh My God 1-14 Chinese Democracy in it's entirety.
  13. Bad Obsession and Perfect Crime are the only additions I would be interested in. Since I had to vote for something from UYI2 to be able to cast my vote I also voted Locomotive... would probably be cool to see, but nothing I'm really interested in.
  14. I googled it and apparently it was on the soundtrack to Jerry Maguire... so I guess it is a song people would recognize if they hear it
  15. Well I know the song as I'm a pretty big Springsteen fan, I'm just saying I don't know many others here in Sweden who would recognize it... Yes, they change things around, and more so on some tour than others I guess, but after seeing them 6 times between 2007-2010 it started to get repetitive... songs change from day to day, but it is from a pool of staples... one day fuel, next for whom the bell tolls, then back to fuel the day after that... you get fade to black or sanatarium... sure they threw in a really wild card one time or two like like dyers eve or ... but that The best Metallica shows I saw where two in Stockholm during the first european leg of Death Magnetic tour, when they played most of the songs from the new album... that for me was really exciting, even though the setlist was probably even more static during those shows than the others I have seen. They were excited, the songs sounded raw and the production was spectacular.