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  1. When CD was released I never liked Sorry, but then I saw them play it in 2010 and it blew me away, so I wouldn't mind a repeat of that as well.
  2. Would love Madagascar, it's been missing for too long imo. IRS and SoD would be cool too. I think it's a shame they seem to have stopped playing a CD-song at the beginning of the encore. I am hoping for TWAT, prostitute or catcher in Stockholm next week.
  3. Yes, this is awful. I wish it never happened. But it did. And it was the 2012 lineup of GNR who played.
  4. 2. Yeah, look at that, they did change it 1. I wouldn't say I care that much about wether people think It's GNR or Axl solo, I have my opinion but I know others disagree and respect that. I just think it's important for media these days to try and be as clear as possible. Had they written more about the GNR performance they could have called it an "Axl Rose solo effort" and explained why they consider it to be a solo act and not a band, and I would have disagreed with their point of view but not with their right to have that opinion or put it to print. The way it was written now just stated it as a fact, which made me slightly uneasy.
  5. I read an article on Huffpost about Neil Young no longer hosting the Bridge School Benefit after 30+ years and they listed some artists and bands who have played the benefit throughout the years, and on that list they had written Axl Rose instead of Guns N Roses. It might seem like a small detail, but I think in this day and age it is especially important for newspapers to try and be as clear and correct as possible so I sent them this suggestion for correcting the article: It will be interesting to see what their response (if any) will be. Here is a link to the article. No matter what one thinks or feels about the 99-14 line-ups they were billed and performed as GNR at the brigde school benefit and I think that is what the article should reflect. What are your thoughts about this?
  6. If CDII is anything like CD, then I choose that for sure. If there's new recordings coming with the current lineup I hope it's a continuation of CD and not an attempt to make another Appetite for Destruction.
  7. Watching the stream and it looks and sounds like a blast, however I'm a bit worried that we have not had any CD songs in the encore since Bilbao. I really want my fair share of CD when the band rolls into stockholm later this month
  8. I would love to hear more songs from Chinese Democracy. I hope they keep that extra CD song in the encores for the rest of the leg (especially Stockholm). I would be extremely happy to see Catcher, Prostitute or TWAT. And while I'm dreaming why not add Street of Dreams, Madagascar and Shacklers to the set I love the old songs and I am very happy that Coma, Estranged and Civil War is in the set now (which it wasn't when I last saw them in 2010) but given the choice I would probably swap them out for CD songs (not sure about estranged, but the other 2 for sure).
  9. I'm guessing more dates. Might be a dvd. Hoping for new album (the rest of the CD material with or without Slash or Duff). For the moment I'm pretty happy with all of it.
  10. I'm more than happy with the Darkness. Saw them once in 2005 (I think) at it was awsome! I belive they disbanded for a while due to the singer's drug problems, but they have been back together for a while so it would be stretching the truth quite a bit to say they reunited to support GnR... A Skid Row reunion would be pretty cool as support.
  11. No. I want new music. Or at least the chinese leftovers.
  12. I always found it, and Oh My God, quite interesting and was disappointed they were not released on CD. I just hope it will be released someday along with other songs from the CD-era.
  13. No. I'm not to keen on Matt Sorum either, but that's another thread
  14. You are probably correct. I just pulled the years out of thin air to make my alternate reality-example in which they put out an album between each member leaving, I have no idea when each member actually left