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  1. New and Rare GNR photos

    I like this one a lot.  
  2. New teaser: No GN'R for NorthSide then. Sucks.
  3. Just some random people trying to puzzle it together.
  4. Not really a rumor, but I didn't know where else to post it. Hope it's ok. Danish festival NorthSide posted this teaser on their facebook page. Names will be announced this wednesday. Could very well be GN'R... And don't get fooled about the spot being underneath Beach House and Beck. The names are listed in alphabetical order - which also fits perfectly with GN'R.
  5. I would prefer to have GN'R play in a smaller venue 2-5 nights in a row contra one huge gig. Metallica did 5*10.000 people in Copenhagen in 2009. Great sound and you could always see what was going on on stage.
  6. This was posted on fb by https://www.facebook.com/izabelapromotions "#tour" and "worldtour" are two rather interestng hashtags in this context. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sending #frankferrer off to #tour with #gunsnroses #gunsandroses with the #bang...#winstonroye #nyc #brooklyn #worldtour #music #nycnightlife ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Happy Holidays from the Thunderchucker Family!!! Holiday Swag. That"s Whats Up!!ShopGunsNRoses.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guns N' Swaggin' Roses
  8. Reason Behind Your Username

    I liked how it looked..
  9. It would have been rather dissapointing if a GN'R reunion had been announced via a festival line-up release.
  10. Horrific mass murder in Peshawar, Pakistan

    Extremism is a disease.
  11. Post pictures of random stuff you've bought recently

    Post a pic of your reef tank!
  12. Post pictures of random stuff you've bought recently

    I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens. Fookin' hell they hurt. But I feel like a rock star, so fuck it!
  13. What an awkward performance from Billie Joe on that fan-shot Brownstone video. He did not look as if he wanted to be on the stage.
  14. 2015 RNRHOF thread

    The Smiths reunion starts now.