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  1. Who's the girl in Tommy's lap?

    that other guy looks like sylvester stallone. EDIT: I didnt notice it was Izzy
  2. Robin Finck

    Isnt Robin Finck like the new young Axl, who drives women crazy? I love his hair and beard And yes i was a bit critic about him before
  3. What Would the 90's Axl think of himself today?

    He'd think "Whoa look at that hot stud" "He looks strangely familiar" "Look at that a**hole hair style" or " "
  4. CD release delayed until January 2007

  5. Made me laugh my ass off!

    I also think the beginning is very sweet.
  6. I just wish for a date of release to be announced. Then i wouldnt care, if it was 5 mońths, because id know, what to wait for.
  7. a hypothetical question

    it would be just weird, when he left. he is the only original member in left in gnr. this would be just a totally different band without him.
  8. Acoustic aftershow party

    same here,but jc524 just uploaded them as a zip file so download it.
  9. pic of izzy and richard

    I also confuzed Fortus with Izzy before. Its like Axl has the same taste in guitarists appearances.
  10. Axl is just fine

  11. Axl is just fine

    smiling.. so sweet
  12. Guns perform accoustic show at club!!!!

    is that Cherry you're talking about cherry_bomb? did she get to the acoustic show? i hope she did
  13. Guns perform accoustic show at club!!!!

    but what if the names of people he called were under 18? did they still got to go to the club concert..
  14. who has been to a gn'r show

    6th July 2006 Finland show. It was quite amazing. But i cant remember it very well.
  15. I met Axl!!!

    *cries softly* you're so lucky congrats.