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Calm Like A Bomb

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  1. The ultimate post 96 GNR cd

    20 songs is a massive ask, i'd struggle to name 10
  2. Bin Laden is dead

    The death of one man will not do much to stop the war, thousands more will be willing to take his place. That said it's still good news he's finally been caught and killed
  3. New Guy

    Hi and welcome just a tiny bit of advice, listen to Chinese Democracy first so you get it out of the way and then you can enjoy great songs such as Civil War, Coma, The Garden etc etc
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Shooting Star - Bad Company
  5. Slash's Twitter update discussion thread

    I'm looking more forward to this album than i was CD
  6. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Fuck Guitar Hero bosses
  7. Slash's Twitter update discussion thread

    Joe Perry's like a rose in a thorn bush mixed in with that lot
  8. Film Thread

    Sadly i've only seen it twice so far as well as seeing Inglourious Basterds twice, i'm alternating both films as both are bloody brilliant.
  9. Film Thread

    Goodfellas??? A film that never gets boring.
  10. Film Thread

    The Family Man
  11. Film Thread

    Boy is my face red but Con Air would still be cool without Cage, i just don't think he can make a film better or cooler.
  12. Film Thread

    Face Off isn't cool, it's stupid but fun where as Con Air is cool but not because of Nicholas (stupid accent) Cage but because of the main man John Malkovich, he owns that film.
  13. Film Thread

    Nicholas Cage is never in anything cool.
  14. Film Thread

    I watched a couple of horror/sci-fi films the other day. John Carpenter's re-make of The Thing and David Cronenberg's re-make of The Fly. Having seen both the originals of these films i came to an easy conclusion that the re-makes are both far superior in story telling, acting and obviously in special effects as the originals were both made in the '50s. It's a nice change when re-makes outdo the originals as it rarely happens so for those of you who haven't seen these films i suggest you definately try and watch them when you get the chance, i've seen them many times and i still enjoy watching them again.
  15. Film Thread

    Its an excellent film, some great laugh out loud moments but also some "oh my fucking god, did that just happen" moments. I'm looking forward to the dvd release.