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  1. Comeback, new album.. Or just a AFD remasters version, including Live Era as a bonus CD or casette.
  2. Sometimes it can happen to any man, yank and it's out of your hand a bit prematurely and yes it can make a man unhappy. So completely natural feelings from Axl there.
  3. Worst rockstar name ever. You can not top it, but I'll try: - Mick Rack - Big-Rod Hardson - Stud Stallion - M'ilk McCookie - Ban Anana - A.N. Uzzzi - Daddy Roll - W. Duff Slash-Rose - Jizzy Pants - Gene Simmons - Bre Emannuel Ejaculation
  4. I must say that I really like Tommy. Once again a top notch comment. No hard feelings, no bitterness, really loved his time in GnR. That's the way to do it.... eh Pitman?
  5. Do you do a meet and greet package? Everybody can rock a thong. Every woman that is.
  6. You know what is going to happen now... Picture demanded. @Italian girl You too.
  7. For all you ladies. There is no other choice.
  8. Hmm let's say, it is the word on the street. Also Yaffa and McCoy have laterly stated that they have some offers. And found it possible that they would do something one more time. The only worry is McCoy who is totally unpredictable, he has been mainly doing a documentary with Bam Margera and playing some odd shows here and there, and he did not sound good at all. So who know it could just be Mike Monroe opening up.
  9. Rumor has it that they are trying to get the original Hanoi Rocks (Monroe-McCoy-Yaffa-Nasty-?) to open up at least in Finland. Monroe has opened for Slash for the last few times he was here: Ah together again: And of course them:
  10. I am sad. I though he would say that he would like to be back and will be shortly.
  11. Who knows, it is a bizarro album - thou I like it ALOT - there a ton of layers too many and it is just too produced. Everything is recorded multiple times, like Freese had ton a ton of drums, Brain said that Axl wanted him to do them all again, play them exactly the same but with his feel. He had to get all those songs sheeted and then he recorded them one by one. Then Frank redid something and Bumble and so on and so on.
  12. So is it a wig?
  13. It is utter turd. I used to like the vocalist, but his voice has really started to piss me off with the rest of this band. Papa Roach is good, Linkin Park bad.