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  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Love One Hot Minute, to me the best album. Today they are repeatative, soft and lame. Sad.
  2. It is horrid. Among silky worms it is the only song I consider horrid from the nu-GnR era. But ok ok, unlike silky worms, the songs has some ok bits in it, but it is painful to listen and the album version sounds like it is copy-paste-cut-cut-cut-copy-paste-paste-paste-cut take of things.
  3. A spoiler for ya'll I heard that this is a ruff cut from the next one, it's just missing the special effects (sort of)
  4. I wish that we would have a cage with five drummers in it. (Adler, Sorum, Freese, Brain and Frank) Before each song the crowd would choose who plays the next song (next song showed on the screen). The drummer that has the loudest db measured will play the song. Simple and very interactive, I would imagine that Adler would play about 90%, Sorum 9% and the others 1% on the entire tour.
  5. I too pretend that he was never in the band and like to forget basically everything about the band from 2007 to 2015. Dreadful times for GnR. He left because there wasn't a place for him in the band anymore. There already has been suggestions that this reunion has been in the works for sometime. It surely affected the departure of Ron, DJ and Tommy. If a Slash band member knows, GnR members have known. But I am sure that it is a lot more satisfying to play your own songs, I'll give him that. That ain't no jive, but every day, every moment, I am so glad that he is out.
  6. Oh these shows remind on how good Buckethead was/is, and how crappy his replacement was compared to him - althou of course Bumble was a superb player, his playing just does not have the X factor that Bucket has. Yeah he had a bucket on his head, but he brought something new to the sound without crapping on the legacy, unlike Ashba for instance. Bucket highlights for me: Nightrain and November Rain outro.
  7. No. Not at all, I would tolerate a 2-3 tour without new material without hesitation. But longer than that, new material is needed.
  8. I'm sure it's been mentioned, but interesting find on twitter, Duff/Gilby/Matt jammed with Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and Don Felder (Eagles), seem like this was on the 16th.
  9. Shite. Sure he is the man, I have like a ton more name that are more likely to be responsible: Jarmo, fernando, me, madison, dexter, buckethead, danny DeVito, OJ Simpson, Marty McFly, Donald Trump, Saul Hudson, the lead singer from nickelback, elvis, wasted, krusty, huge Tobias or even dj ashba You know it really could have been me. I wrote on this Forum around 2003 and said that they should reunite. So there you have it. Bang
  10. This is getting great, Tracii Guns mentioned. Well maybe he could be the 2nd-3rd guitarist. Why not.
  11. Black Sabbath THE END Tour 2016

    So is Bill Ward in yet, or is he still grumpy.
  12. In no way I am sad that it is over, but I am sad that the era was not what I wished for, I wished that the 2001 start would have brought us: - The whole 3 CD trilogy, one in 2002, one in 2004 and one in 2006 - Tours to support all these albums - A consistent lineup, the 2001-2002 lineup - every lineup change after that was the step in the wrong direction (althou Fortus was a good find, but the other changes were crap) - A decent amount of proper fan interaction, interviews etc - Some promotion, caus the material deserved it But it was not to be. The era was a poor effort, I love CD to bits (alhou' it is painfully over-produced), but the era had its chance and it failed. Epic fail. So am I am glad that it is over.
  13. Sometimes things are funny because it's the truth... Europe is going down the tubes, but that is too off-topic. Sorry. But let's see, I will experience a positive surprise if Axl takes the stage in April.
  14. Well he cant be in the form of 1993. IF he could better himself to a 2010 level it would be a super performance.