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  1. Surprise album?

    I want to hear Slash playing Cock-A-Roach-Soup!
  2. Yes. Indeed. Super cool level and a massive improvement.
  3. Richard a bit overbearing?

    Bring on Dave "statue" Kushner!
  4. RIP. Sorry to hear of such a terrible accident. All the best to his loved ones.
  5. LOL no problem to take money from the oldies band for 15 years. What a TOOL, no wonder he has a new TOOL related band.
  6. Cool. Some heavy heavy photoshopping done on that thou. But can't go wrong with a feature of two of my absolute fav guitarists.
  7. They just did not want Robocop drumming on this reunion. I do hope that Popcorn shows up.
  8. What were the lineup options,HUH?
  9. Frank Ferrer

    Not my first choice, but listening to the Vegas clips:He is doing a very good job.
  10. This picture needed its own thread.

    I looked at Axls expression during Estranged, the guitar parts especially. The look was just full of satisfaction, ah this is the way it is should have been played all along. Slash did a superb job on it.
  11. Axl Joining AC/DC? New pic posted on TMZ

    Brians vocals are even more straining than Axls and he has done much much more of touring and studio work than Axl. Is alot older and was superb on the Rock or Bust tour. One of a kind kinda guy!
  12. Frank Ferrer

    1. Brain 2. Steven Adler 3. Josh Freese 4. Frank Ferrer 5. Matt Solarium (nostalgia wise better thank Franky boy) So not my choice, but a good drummer. But his choice was a bit of a bummer.

  14. Get in the ring! This is so cool, I've been a member of this board for 14 years now. The majority of it has been silence and pain, and I wish those year shall never return again. I wish that they will stay on track, do cool things and be the real GnR again. I tip my hat to all you hard-core mygnr-members that have stuck this saga thru'. Today. Today we get the gran prize.
  15. Come on. That is not Fernando. Isn't it kinda racist to say that only by seeing a latino bloke at work.