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  1. Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson

    I caught up ACDC in the razors edge period, I have always a Beano fan. Bon Scott is great of course, but Brian for me is the king. His vocals on Back in Black alone earn him the better singer title. As a frontman Bon was more unique thou. But Brian is great and has a unique style. Dave Evans, dont go there.
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    I find this thread really sexist! ... or sexy
  3. Aerosmith Farewell Tour 2017

    Is Perry ok? Ready to tour? Hope so.
  4. Terrorist attack thread

    Again.. So sad. Again the same lot. Fight for Europe now. Cut the head of the snake, defend at all cost ourvalues and lifestyle. And close the borders.
  5. AC/DC's albums between 1983-1988

    Great great albums! Under-rated and criminally ignored in live-setting.
  6. New red hot Chili peppers single

    It is crap, like anything really since 1995. They used to be one of my favs, but they went dull-dull-dull-softy-softy-soft.
  7. Where have you been, he was bald in 1998. Wore a wig already in 2001 return, wig braids after that. Later on he has had transplants.
  8. Oh cmon, Slash would have veto'ed that wouldn't he...or does he have any say on anything. But then again, maybe he would have let Ashba do the SCOM main riff and Patience solo just for the heck of it. But that would have been horrible.
  9. Surprise album?

    I want to hear Slash playing Cock-A-Roach-Soup!
  10. Yes. Indeed. Super cool level and a massive improvement.
  11. Richard a bit overbearing?

    Bring on Dave "statue" Kushner!
  12. RIP. Sorry to hear of such a terrible accident. All the best to his loved ones.
  13. LOL no problem to take money from the oldies band for 15 years. What a TOOL, no wonder he has a new TOOL related band.
  14. Cool. Some heavy heavy photoshopping done on that thou. But can't go wrong with a feature of two of my absolute fav guitarists.
  15. They just did not want Robocop drumming on this reunion. I do hope that Popcorn shows up.