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  1. DJ Ashba quits Guns N' Roses

    Die hard fan here since the AFD days. My thoughts: If Axl continues with replacements, then I have hope for new material one day. If Axl goes with a reunion, then it will be fun to see Axl and Slash together, since I've seen the other guys play together over the years (less Sorum/Adler). But this would be a cash grab by the old lineup, as I don't think any of them would continue together and make new music. Slash is constantly working versus Axl's efforts. I'm actually cheering for new material option.
  2. What happened to Tommy Stinson? Last I heard he was playing with The Replacements, but still part of GNR.
  3. Slash's Third Album - "World On Fire"

    Been trying to get into this new album for a couple of weeks now. Usually, I love anything with Slash on lead because his style is so unique to him. But for some reason, nothing on this new album has captured my attention. Loved his last album and the great riffs and songs. But this album doesn't seem to have that straight forward rock sound. Maybe I am missing something or I need to listen harder.
  4. My review of Slash's show on 9/9/14

    Great review MIKE420. I am still a Slash fan, and while his solo work is great, he still seems like a guy without a band. He plays GNR tunes b/c they are more popular than his other stuff. He deserves better. I am not craving a reunion like you tho. The worst thing about a possible reunion is if they only did it for the money. GNR was never about the money.
  5. Bought "new" CD shirt!

    That's the shirt, SLASH23579. It was in gray or black. Sorry JMAN - none left on my return yesterday.
  6. Bought "new" CD shirt!

    Anyone know how to post a pic? My browser freezes up when I try to post a link JMAN - I will have to go back to the store to see if they still have them. Bought mine on Friday.
  7. Bought "new" CD shirt!

    This might be "new" to me, but I bought a CD t-shirt at a local Half Price Book. The shirts were all new as the folded up creases were still visible on the shirts. Only $6.99! I can't post a pic here as my posts freezes. It is the image of the hand holding the star balloon with the people poking out and the mushroom smoke in the background. The GNR CD logo is under the main image. They were available in gray/black.
  8. Izzy Stradlin's 117*

    I got this album when I was in college in the late 90s. Probably had it on repeat for a year. My favorite Izzy album. For those not familiar with Izzy's music, he is the guy that brought the melody to GNR songs. You can hear it in his music, each song has a great melody. Axl brought the vicious vocals, Slash the guitar riffs, Duff the punk bass lines, and Steve the rock drumming.
  9. GN'R Related ALS Challenges

    The word is "Soon" for Axl to take the challenge. Bumblefoot did it last week...and he DID NOT challenge Axl. Just saw Ashba taking the challenge and then jumping off the roof of his house into a pool! EDIT - Can't link videos. Search Google/YouTube
  10. That Tokyo performance is what made me a fan of the song. Before then, I thought of it as just another song. Love the vibe Matt, Duff, and Slash give while jamming the intro. Just like watching them play it for the first time during the Illusion sessions. And thanks to the guy who brought up the SANITARIUM comparision. Never realized before why I like the Tokyo performance so much! Love the outro for the song, but would have preferred the song be 5x longer of everything that IS there.
  11. Just saw this article on MSN AXL ROSE HAS NOT BEEN DECLARED THE 'WORLD GREATEST' SINGER, CONTRARY TO POPULAR STUPIDITY (What is with the new linking system on here - I can't past the link) It actually says Axl has the biggest range of any singer, which is quite a feat. His name appears first alphabetically. Who knew my favorite rock singer had the biggest range?!?! HIs lowest tone is "Ain't It Fun" from the TSI cover album, and his highest note is from "There Was A Time". I agree with post above that tone preference is subjective. I know Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey can hit really high notes, but I don't find them very pleasing to the ear. Other people might. It is all personal preference. I also love Robert Plant's and Freddie Mercury's voices. But part of the reason I am such a big GNR fan (old and new) is because of Axl's voice. I know some people can't stand his voice, and that's fine. Personal preference. Maybe this will cut Axl some slack with people around here when he does or doesn't hit that high note on TWAT. Probably not...
  12. So GNR Handed Over A New Album in 2010?

    You're right. Unfortunately, country music is the only real type of music on the charts these days. 'Real type of music' as defined by music created by actual instruments. And even country music can be 90% made up of song-writing-factory machine, meaning few singers actually write their songs. Country music's biggest names did this like Faith Hill, Martina McBride, and even the great George Strait. I think the record companies see rock bands as potential GNR bands, not in terms of music style, but risk. Would a record label prefer to cash in with an artist they can control like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, or even Beyoncé. When the music takes a backseat to easy sales and image making. True rock bands come with a lot of risk of flaming out, burning out, or simply not listening to their record label. Why would a record label choose that path over 100% full control? IMO, this is the real reason rock music has declined in the mainstream.
  13. Let's Talk About You Could Be Mine

    I think Slash said in his book that it was a leftover song from AFD days, and should have been on the original album. For me, that makes sense since it picks up where that album leaves off. Of course, the sound seemed much more polished than AFD. Part of that was Matt's drum. Can't imagine Steven playing that pattern. At that time, he probably couldn't.
  14. 40 best live acts in the world 2013 (#35 GN'R)

    Sweet! Pics and video is form the San Antonio show1 I was there!
  15. Going Down Appreciation Thread [NO LINKS/REQUESTS ALLOWED]

    Hey at least YOUR rock station talked about it and played it. Here in San Antonio, we probably have a computer program choose songs, or management in another far away town. Even when CD just came out, my station would play the single CHINESE DEMOCRACY. Even heard callers requesting it. Now, the station is just plain vanilla. Save money - cut the DJs and less talk, same music, more commercials. Anybody read this post on that FB link: John Ulmer some people here must be pretty ignorant of what a talented musician tommy stinson is to just dismiss the song right off the bat without even listening to it. plus, it's rumoured that izzy helped write it. i think it's quite good. First I've read that Izzy may have co-written the song. Axl did mention that he and Izzy wrote a song together the past couple of years. Could this be it? It definitely has an Izzy vibe to it. Of course, it also sounds like a Stinson solo song. If they could only tell us...