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  1. REQUEST: Axl/DC - First Show

    Yes thanks again for this file. I can wait forever for a better quality but is possible for someone to at least break the songs into individual tracks? I will rarely get thru an entire file to hear all the songs.
  2. ACDC and Axl say hello to fans (Video)

    That's the real irony here. Axl is a 'hired gun' and will get to see what it feels like after all these years.
  3. Was GN'R ever a happy band?

    I've always believed that AXL+IZZY joined SLASH+STEVEN and DUFF as the glue in the middle of two different factions. They may have never lied each other from the beginning but they made good music and began to slowly see success on the Strip like none of them had seen before. That and the increasing $ they made turned them into a band but the bonds were only as strong as the success. Once they got huge, each had their own ego, $, houses, and drug additions, they easily fell apart. Axl had the most level head and tried to save the name at the cost of the members.
  4. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    at the speed they were playing PC! lol But honestly that is the way this band has rehearsed it. They don't just decide on the spot to play it that way. That would be highly risky and embarrassing if they completely crashed it Other persiscope u can hear how they thought the set was "Amazing"
  5. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Curfew at 1:00 AM local time Coachella fined Paul McCartney $1,000 for every minute over 1 AM
  6. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Curfew in 10 minutes and they still need to play PC
  7. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Axl choice to also delay the stream last week by a couple of hours and only stream WTJ and NR? This is Coachella's decision to not give everything away for free.
  8. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Because it is one of their "hits" more than Dylan now
  9. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Have you seen it thru a smart phone or Ipad? It moves as you move as if u were standing at that spot...up, down, behind u, etc. Very cool Out Ta Get Me!
  10. 2 songs and over for GNR stream I stayed up for this?? Crowd seemed great on stream
  11. Jungle and then November rain? wow stream leaped over Angus Young Frank wearing an ACDC shirt
  12. Angus Young there to play Rosie!
  13. See xrays here: I don't see GNR on the Coachella stream self schedule...will they show them???