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  1. It was a really nice Gn'R documentary only made possible by the invaluable Marc Canter inputs... Made me pumped up about what's about to happen with the reunion.
  2. If there's one person in the world capable of motivating lazy ass Axl to do some creative studio work right now, it'll be Saul Hudson himself. Hopefully we'll hear some new music this year.
  3. Izzy's fucking unrecognizable! Man and I thought Axl had changed a lot...
  4. Axl as a public figure and performer should keep himself in shape. He owes that to the fans in order to give them the best show possible. As simple as that. As for the fans in their 40's already (as in my case) there's no gut to speak of and I'm damn proud of keeping myself in shape through a disciplined food and exercise regime. Age is NO excuse to let yourself go. Be better than that. I'd be happy enough if Axl kept himself in shape as someone like Jon Bon Jovi that's about the same age...
  5. Who kidnapped Steven Adler?

    They should never call Adler again unless it's like a guest for a couple of AFD songs. He's a has-been unreliable drunk junkie. Sad but true.
  6. It was time for Tommy to be The Replacement elsewhere. Good luck on him.
  7. Who's going to be the 3rd guitarist?

    Slash will never agree to be anything else than the only LEAD guitar player. Remember people that's what made Slash exit the band in the first place, the 'forced' hiring of a 3rd guitar player named Paul 'Huge' Tobias...
  8. Was pot used by the band back in the day?

    Alcohol, pot, both associated were certainly used plenty and often back in the day. It's called being young.
  9. Very sad, the Rapid Fire sessions with Axl are priceless - Axl at its peak vocally.
  10. CD was at best underwhelming... Besides This I Love there's not a single song that the casual Gn'R fan relates to. Sad.
  11. why do you think Matt is so OUT?

    If there was some kind of poll amongst Gn'R fans worldwide how many would really care about who the drummer would be in a reunion tour? I'll tell you, like 0.5% of the fans and maybe 50% of the fans here on the board.
  12. Axl, because Axl is GOD.
  13. Reunion Setlist?

    Reunion tour = Nostalgia act tour = Greatest Hits. That's a simple formula.
  14. True...best SCOM ever since.....real Gn'R.