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  1. Axl's saving dat rasp for the European tour next year (that'll attend to of course). Like this glorious rasped'06 You Could Be (fuckin) Mine
  2. Axl's voice coach

    We've had already plenty of that on the AXL/DC shows...
  3. New Album Rumors Thread

    The next album to come out will be Slash's most probably with guest vocals from Axl on a couple of songs if we're lucky!
  4. Gilby will be part of the reunion tour alright, as soon as he decides to pay a ticket and attend a show.
  5. No need for any more covers, just play some more old material (Mama Kin, You're Crazy, Bad Obsession, Perfect Crime, Dead Horse, Yesterdays.....)
  6. Melissa, Dizzy on Keyboard

    Melissa is a very wise move on Axl's part to keep the band more related somehow with a younger audience rather than just +40's oldfuck fanslike myself. And yes she's indeed easy to look at.
  7. Good things are coming....maybe a xmas appetizer for a new Gn'R album is already in the works...
  8. Melissa's much hotter than Pitman & Dizzy Reed together, so all's fine with me.
  9. Slash's take on CD songs

    BBF to me is one of the most talented ever guitar players and brilliant on every CD song. Slash is just, well, Slash, not overtime perfect but plays his soul through his guitar and that's just priceless. He's a God.
  10. Slash's take on CD songs

    Hey BBF is a brilliant guitar player, professor and author/composer - gotta give the guy's due credit. That being said I was being a bit sarcastic of course, because Slash is not only a brilliant guitar player, but a music genius imo, so he's pretty much on pair with other guitar playing geniuses like Jimmy Hendrix and such. He's on a galaxy of is own no doubt about that. But that doesn't mean that BBF doesn't playbetter the TWAT solo imo...
  11. Slash's take on CD songs

    Dope!But hey BBF was/is a guitar teacher after all, maybe Axl could hire him to give Slash some guitar playing tips....
  12. Axl's band has done an accousric show back in 2012 Bridge School (disaster). It's time to repeat the performance with Duff & Slash aboard.
  13. It definitely feels to me like the CD song with the most 90's vibe to it.. And love it or not it's by far the most popular CD era song, both on YouTube views and especially on live play feedback from the fans. Personally I love the song and think Slash's contribution just makes it a perfect song, which could have been a huge potential Gn'R hit back in the day.
  14. Happy birthday Izzy !!

    Happy Birthday to Gn'R coolest member ever, Mr. Izzy fuckin'Stradlin! Without you Gn'R would not exist. Thank you Sir.
  15. Happy Birthday Frank!

    Happy bday to Frankthunderchucker Ferrer, the one and only.