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  1. should he brign back the shorts?...........HELL NO!!!!
  2. just for fun they should play the boys are back in town haha
  3. First post on here in ages but with all the reunion buzz i just wanted to say I hope this happens for the fans that have stood by this band when others had given up oh and if this apparent tour hits Toronto I'll be there 100% seeing as I missed their last Toronto stop on the Up Close and Personal Tour
  4. Insane Clown Posse w/Slash about Axl Rose

    This song has nothing to do with Axl at all as "The Glow" mentioned earlier. The song in question is on their album the Great Milenko the 4th "Jokers Card" in the 6 card series. Each card has a specific theme. The 4th card is about Greed mainly as well as other topics this song just tells a stroy and nothing more. So to the member who tried to conect the lyrics of the song to the Axl Slash situation I could understand trying to piece things together but again no even though Joe Bruce (Violent J) is a fan of Guns N Roses this song was by no means written with the Axl Slash fued in mind.
  5. Favorite Paradise City from 01-present

    the best Paradise City was November 15th 06 in Toronto cuz it was my first GNR show haha
  6. Sweet Child is a classic song that EVERYONE knows......you wanna talk about music that is "gay".....listen to both VR albums....yes sadly i own both its something I'm not proud of
  7. Kansas City, MO 11/12/11

  8. Kansas City, MO 11/12/11

    Can some one post the link to the stream again please?
  9. Kansas City, MO 11/12/11

    I came on and didn't see it in the set and thought how the hell could there be a GNR show without Jungle lol
  10. Kansas City, MO 11/12/11

    Wow no Jungle on this show?
  11. Taylor Momsen/Pretty Reckless is opening some shows for GNR

    I was at the Toronto show in 06 with Die Mannequin and I thought they were great their singer acted like they were the headline of the night she was all over the place all over the stage in the crowd it was awesome hopefully Pretty Reckless will be the same I`ll be at the Hamilton stop of this tour.......CAN`T WAIT!!!!
  12. Looks like another solid set list again hopefully the band has a big crowd rockin this show cheers for the updates
  13. Don't Damn Me would be awesome that's easily one of my favorites on Illusion 1
  14. Guns Guy how many tours have we gone through and we always have people complain about the set list.....the same people that complain seem to be around for every show on the tour
  15. Everyone regards VMA 2002 as a bad performance ...

    I still remember this performance as if it was yesterday and I remember this place was a buzz over it.........sure Axl sounds much better now but at the time this appearance was big and I still love to see it