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  1. Hey Eddie, Any news on Detroit? 
  2. At least Scraped is original sounding, Riad is a poor man's Immigrant Song. But it doesn't come ANYWHERE near Immigrant. I appreciate Axl for trying to capture the spirit of Zeppelin on tracks like Riad, Maddy, and if the world. But Maddy is the only one that stands on its own feet imo, the other two just feel like half baked versions of Immigrant Song and Dyer Maker. But having said that, I don't hate the songs, honestly I don't HATE any of the songs on CD. But the only times I actually choose to listen to some of the tracks are when I'm listening to them in vinyl. Which I find things to enjoy about them.   Even though I dislike NUmetal, Shacklers is my favorite "rocker" from that album. It has an OMG vibe to it that I dig.
  3. It's a pretty solid list really. I can't argue with it for the most part, my biggest exception would be Used to love her. I think that song deserves to be in ANY top 20 gnr song list. I would bump Right next door to Hell in favor of it. As for the whole Better vs Out ta get me debate, I honestly think OTGM is "better", pardon my pun. I really like Better, I think it's a great song, but which of these can I honestly bump over it? The answer, none. As much as I do enjoy CD, im ok only putting 1 song from that album on a top 20 list, and if I had to pick 1, it should be TWAT. I also really like better, sorry, til, and a few others. But I can't say they are better than any of these. If we did a top 25 or 30 list, then I could put a couple more CD tracks up there, but as it stands, no.
  4. Video???

    I'm b4 lock
  5. I for one hope Slash is taking things by the horns and "running" things like he did back in the day. Its the best way to get production out of Axl, it's been proven.
  6. That Metal Show on VH1 cancelled

    They care shopping it around. VH1 gave them permission to go to another network, so I think it'll be back. I wonder why VH1 gave them trouble? It was the best show on that network.
  7. @Eddie Money, What's the deal reguarding Sorum? If he is indeed out, what's the reasoning? Btw, thanks for your info, it's been great to read.
  8. @Eddie Money, How do you know this information? Can you elaborate on you association to the band?
  9. She is the true definition of "hanger on". She hasn't had any real association with the band since what, 1986? Yet she acts like she is some kind of gnr expert. She has even said in the past that SHE introduced Axl and Slash to each other, but that has since been proven incorrect. She was at the right place at the right time. But gnr would have done everything they did with or without her, I honestly believe that. But she thinks she was important to the formation of the band.
  10. I really wish people would stop giving her attention.
  11. Just out of curiosity,what is the definition of new music? What if they pull a VH and out out Bring it on home, just redone. Does that count?
  12. This. Besides who got the most production out of Axl? Slash and Duff.
  13. Reunion Setlist?

    I know they never used to open with Jungle back in the day. But it's like the best opening song EVER. I think it should remain as the opener from now until forever. My 2 cents.
  14. Was pot used by the band back in the day?

    On a side note, I wonder if that is THE PHONE that Axl used to call Slash up on and say "listen to this, or put more guitar here, etc". If so, that thing should be in a museum. I kid of course 😊
  15. No not really, I mean to each their own, but IMO no. The original, CD Better is the better 😄 version (pardon my pun). The Ashba and BBF versions were fun for a minute because they were "new music", but I never listen to them anymore. I never really liked Finck, tbh, but his version IS the best version.