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  1. Well I talked to my ex drummer about it yesterday, he was also unhappy that she was doing this. We never got to the point where we made any big money off of anything, so I'm not to the point of going to court or anything over it. But if she ever decided to try and make money off of it, then I would persue that. The song in question is kind of a different situation, because it's a simple 12 bar blues number. So technically speaking, I guess I didn't actually come up with the music either, because who wrote the blues? But in my defense I can 100% say with certainty that song would NOT exist without me. I played that same blues progression in bands before I even met her, and it was something that I did bring to the band. Yes she did put lyrics over top of it, but again, it would not exist if I hadnt played that music first. It just pisses me off because she is going around claiming she wrote this amazing blues song, like she came up with it all on her own, which couldn't be further from the truth. But after talking to my ex drummer about it, I will discuss it with her eventually. I'm going to wait a bit until after I've settled down. Being that it's a 12 bar blues song kinda puts it in a grey area. But we wrote other songs as well that I did wrote 100% of the music to, and if I catch wind that she is playing those, than no more mister nice guy. But in all honesty I don't think her new band can pull of those songs anyways, they are not skilled enough at the guitar. My ex drummer even said "it doesn't sound very good, it lacks all emotion." But he also said "it's not right that she is doing that, you put a lot into those songs." I'll post a link to the song in question, but this is versions of our band playing it. I'm not posting links to get new band playing it, I'm not gonna help her get views, lol. Here is the first recording of it, a little rough demo. Here is a better audio version of it, but her vocals are a little rough. But you can here my guitar better 😃 Listen to Without You Live (Foxy and the Hounds original) by MikeyJ #np on #SoundCloud
  2. AXL/DC Rehearsal video

    I still think they should pretty much drop all the newer songs, from Every album after Razors edge. Add more bon songs to the set, and finish up with a greatest hits type of set. That would be BEST for Axl imo, and fans.
  3. So an ex band member of mine, yes the singer of course, is basically stealing our collaborations and claiming them as HER songs. She has a new band and low and behold I have been seeing her new band play some of my songs. I mean this is pretty shitty. They don't play them half as good, lol, but that's besides the point. Has this ever happened to any of you? I know there isn't much I can do unless she starts making money off of them, but it's the principal.
  4. Aerosmith "Music From Another Dimension" was underrated.

    I have Pandora's Box, and it was cool. I'm not sure that enough quality is left from the later years though, imo. They have 3 albums for the 70s, that I can listen to start to finish (get your wings, toys, and Rocks). Those are what I consider to be the their best 3 albums. After that they had 2 or 3 good songs per album (at least) but none that I could listen to start to finish. Even Get a grip, which is my favorite post 70s album, still has a fair amount of filler imo. I know more people prefer Pump, and even that one has some songs that just don't do much for me. Yes the post 70s era probably has more hits than the early era, but the early era produced some great deep cut tracks. Songs like Chip away the stone, no suprise, get the lead out, jail bait, lightning strikes, nobody's fault, I could go on and on. They are all songs that you won't find on a greatest hits album, but they kick so much more ass than pretty much anything post 1987. Honestly I am a pretty big fan of Done with mirrors. I sorta feel like it's either the last of the early era or the first of the NEW era. I feel like it's closer to the 70s stuff, than the later era. The only problem with that album is that it doesn't have a true HIT on it. But besides that, as far as a solid start to finish album, it's actually pretty solid. Let the music, shame on you, my fist your face, etc are all decent and solid album tracks. Thoughts?
  5. Aerosmith "Music From Another Dimension" was underrated.

    I gave them a listen, I like parts and pieces of all of them, but as whole... Not really. Yes musically they are MUCH closer to what I was talking about earlier, but they still seem very over produced. Same goes for the Dimension album, it just doesn't "sound" right to me, for whatever that's worth. Its like these tracks and later albums were recored with pro tools or something. Especially Tyler's vocals, they just don't sound all that good to me anymore. They sound extremely produced. I know we give Axl Shit for the production on CD, but honestly I'd take that over these any day of the week. CD is clearly over produced as well, but it sounds more vibrant, where these tracks just don't. If you want my honest to God opinion on Aerosmith, I think the well has run dry. They don't have anything interesting to say musically or lyrically anymore. Sure they could have outside writers give them songs, but that's just lame. But living a millionaire life has taken a toll on them, they just don't relate to the average man very good anymore imo. Its bound to happen, every musician eventually runs out of things to say musically and lyrically imo. Even guys like Bob Dylan. I don't think he's wrote a great song since the 70s. Aerosmith hasn't written a great song since the 90s, unless you count jaded (which I dont) but that was their last BIG song, and when was that? 2002?
  6. Aerosmith "Music From Another Dimension" was underrated.

    I used to LOVE aerosmith, and still like them a lot. But the last really good album they had was get a grip. Yes 9 lives had some good stuff on it as well, but they had lost their punch by that point. Everything after 9 lives....nope. Get a Grip was the LAST time that band really fucking rocked. Not ROCKS like rocking, but still holding their own. Honestly Eat the rich was the last rocking song that band ever did. After that they did become a ballad and pop/rock type band. Yes you could say they were that way ever since Perminate Vacation, and you wouldn't be wrong. But at least they also had some really good rocking songs to go with the fluff, like Rag Doll. Yes rag doll might be a popish type rock song, but it still has some grimey blues to it. By the time you get to 9 lives, that was gone. Falling in love is so hard on the knees is a damn over produced POP song, nothing rock about it. That's the way that whole damn album is, and everything after it (except for bobo). That's why I don't know how some folks can say 9 lives is better than get a grip? No way, no fucking way. Eat the rich alone OWNS that whole damn album. Yes I so like hole in my soul, kiss your past goodbye, full circle, and even pink. But I still say that's a ballad and pop album, not a rock album. As for the topic at hand, I heard some of it, and it did nothing for me. Honestly I would take Done with mirrors, might in the ruts, and rock in a hard place over dimesion and just push play. Not even close really.
  7. Those are sweet guitars, id actually love to give that EVH a try. I just know with Alex being there also, it might be fun to do a jam or two. I'm not trying to switch the focus, but it might be fun, especially if someone can keep a beat on drums. Do you have any other amps, or just the 1? I can no way bring my rig (I have a Marshall half stack, so I'm not moving it, lol), but Alex might bring his, if you only have the 1?
  8. In the age of celebs OVER communicating (facebook, Twitter. Etc) I for one like that guns is doing it old school. They are letting the music speak for itself, not on every media outlet telling everyone "how great they are". Sure I wouldn't mind 1 interview, but that's about it.
  9. Looks awesome man, can't wait!!! As far as jamming goes, just bring a guitar and you are ready to play?
  10. Axl Rose On TMZ

    The world loves a redemption story, this is Axl's/gnr's. They build you up, then tear you down, then praise you if you have the balls to get back up after they tore you apart. Look at Mike Tyson.
  11. Has Axl proven that he still got it?

    I have no misconceptions that ANY of these 2016 shows sound better than my favorite 80s and 90s boots. But having said that, I have officially erased ALL nugnr boots from all my devices (except my hard drive). So even though these new shows might not be as good as the old stuff, I am certain they are better than just about ANY nugnr show, bucket and robin shows included. Sure maybe Axl has some good nights back in 2002 or 2006, but it's not the same. A good night in 2016 is BETTER than anything from 02 and 06 imo. Why? Because it's actually guns n fucking roses playing the songs, that's why. Speaking of which, what do we have to do to get some soundboard of these shows????
  12. How are the ticket sales for this show going?
  13. Prince 1958 - 2016

    What can I say that hasn't already been said??? I'm not near as big of a fan as some of you, but still bigger than many. I admittedly don't know most of his work post 1995 or so, but I do know talent, and Prince had it in SPADES. Everytime he was on tv, I set the DVR and recorded it. The last few times, he was playing with his new band 3rd Eye Girl (or something like that) and even though I didn't really care for the songs they were playing, I loved the sound I was hearing. Which brings me to my point, I watched a documentary on Prince about 2 years ago or so, and this record company guy on it summed his career up perfectly "Prince always had an amazing sound. Sometimes he didn't have an amazing song to match that sound, but when he did he made timeless music." Which I agree with. Would I put Prince in the all time great songwriter category? No. I think that's one area where he did struggle with from time to time. But if you gave him a guitar, a microphone, and a band to Back him up, Prince could sound as good as ANYONE, and better than most. RIP
  14. Prince 1958 - 2016

    Man... He was a LEGEND. Bummer.