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  1. Richard Fortus Interview

    I can just hear an Axl howl over that, and it would sound awesome. It would sound like Guns n Roses.
  2. Richard Fortus Interview

    That DOES sound killer!!! This line up could produce an amazing album imo. After everything they have all been through, I do think they have the potential for a truly amazing album, in par with the illusions. Maybe better.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So... Here are MY official thoughts on all things in this election. Let me start by saying I have not said ONE word on Facebook or other similiar sites about my political beliefs, mostly due to have learned my lessons in previous elections. While I like social media for many different things, I find it to be a poor avenue to discussing politics and religion. Why? Because it turns into rally cries for like minded individuals or hate speech for opposing views. To make a long story short, I don't need other people saying "right on, I agree" or "your a fucking idiot". Because that's ALL discussing politics (and religion) turns into on fb. Having said all of that, I find this place to be a more open environment to discuss such ideas, so here goes. I can not or will not EVER vote republican, especially for someone like Trump. Bottom line, I don't agree with their idoiology. So yes, I voted for Hillary. But having said that, I was never really excited about doing so. I basically did for 2 reasons, 1 she was the Democratic nominee. 2, I wanted to tell my daughter that I DID vote for the first woman president. Honestly I believe mothers with daughters that voted for Trump should be ashamed of themselves right now. But that's a whole different discussion. So having gotten all of that out in the open, let me say this Trump victory is really more of a Democratic failer than a Repubican victory. What I mean by that is I honestly believe that pushing the agenda of the first female president was MORE important than sending the best representive (Sanders). If Bernie Sanders had been the Democratic nominee, I firmly believe HE would have defeated Trump. Why? Because it would have been a campaign based on policy, not mud slinging. Hillary Clinton provided Trump and his supporters WAY to much ammunition. The whole campaign was based upon her emails, Killary, fucking bitch, etc. Donald Trump has honestly offered very little in reguards to what he is ACTUALLY going to do as president. I watched all the debates, and I don't understand how anyone can not see that he never really addressed what he is ACTUALLY going to do. It was all big talk, "we are going to great things, make great deals", etc. But WHAT exactly are those deals going to be? Honestly I don't think he even knows. So bottom line, yes the Democrats lost this election because they sent a nominee that provided a hate fueled target for Trump and his supporters to attack. Never would have happened with Bernie. Having said all of that, let me know say that despite being shocked by the election results, I do feel it is time to accept them. You don't have to like it, but you DO have to accept it. I understand protesting, but what good is it going to do? Not a damn thing. He is going to be our next president, end of story. Stop giving his supporters ammunition by protesting (even though they would have been worse had he lost im sure). It's time to be the BiGGER people. I find the the protesting to be distateful, to be honest. Not to mention a complete waste of time. Sometime we need to put aside our "rights" in order to do what IS right. For every two steps forward, their is inevitably one step backwards. That's just how it goes. Obama was two big steps forward, well Trump is one step backwards. That's how it goes. It is what it is. I find myself trying to find the positives in all of this, and I will share them with you all, in case others can perhaps find some as well. For starters, it's actually healthy for our goverment to have a complete change of power every so often. Meaning, I DO feel it is bad for the dems or repubs to be in control for too long. In my perfect world, we would get 8 years of dems followed by 4 or repubs (hopefully that's what happens with Trump.) In all honesty, 8 years of Obama followed by 8 years of Clinton would probably not of been the best thing for our economy. Which that brings me to my second silver lining, maybe Trump will actually be good for the economy. That's what I'm hoping for anyways. He might fail in every other catagory, but if he does turn the economy around, that would be a positive thing imo. Let me and with this, do I think Trump is an evil man? No, I don't. I find him rather enjoyable as a celebrity, to be honest. I didn't want him as my president though. I still don't understand why you average white Americans think a billionaire has their best intrests in mind? I'll never understand that one, but I digress. Anyways, there ya go, my thoughts, if anyone was interested. 👍
  4. X-Men/Wolverine

    A little off topic, but I just saw Deadpool. What a great movie that was, by FAR my favorite non MCU comic book film. It was also the funniest movie I have seen in a while.
  5. That Civil War was fantastic. That's as good as anything from the 90s really. I'm still amazed they are back together and sounding THIS good.
  6. Sorry is legit. I'm 50/50 I'm TIL.
  7. It could be just a fan video, but I think one MIGHT exist. I seem to remember one about a guy and girl on a train. I know official videos were made and are available (if you know where to look) for Sorry and Better. I'm not 100% on TIL though.
  8. For me, SIDHY is another chapter in the whole "trilogy" that feels more like a saga at this point. Don't Cry, NR, Estranged, SIDHY, and even throw TIL in as the closer. TIL might be a bit of a stretch, at least the video for it anyways, but the song DOES fit imo.But the other 4 always flowed together well, especially the videos imo. SIDHY feels like the "oh well, fuck it, time to move on" moment of the "saga". Maybe thats why Axl wanted to do it in the first place? Because it expressed how he felt better than anything he felt he could write. As for the song itself, like others have said, I do love the song. I always have, since the first time I heard it. I have some friends that don't really like gnr all that much (they don't dislike them, just casuals) who really like that song as well. I think it gets to much Shit from Us hardcores, it really is a fantastic cover. Having said all of that, I have NO desire to see it added to the set list, Even to replace The Seeker. I would rather see Patience and Don't Cry become perminate staples before SIDHY.
  9. New Toho Godzilla in 2016

    I just felt like they gave her to BIG of a role in some of the films. I need to rewatch some of them, but I think it was Godzilla vs Space Godzilla is the one were I thought "enough of Miki, she's in like every scene."
  10. New Toho Godzilla in 2016

    Yes that's who I was talking about, Commander Takai Aso. I looked it up, and he isn't in the new movie. I always liked him, so that's a bummer, oh well. He is probably my favorite returning character over the course of the Heisei series. I know some people liked Miki Seagusa, and I did in the first couple of films she was in, Biollante especially. But as the Heisei series went along, she got in my nerves.
  11. New Toho Godzilla in 2016

    True. Also Final Wars always felt like the the true conclusion to the Heisei series.
  12. New Toho Godzilla in 2016

    I'd it just me, or did it look like that one of the Generals was the SAME guy that played the General in some of the Heisei films? Sorry I don't remember his name, but he was in a few of them, he also had a cameo in Final Wars.
  13. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    I don't know what to make of that song. Isolated, by its self, sure it's a good song, and some great guitar work. In context of the CD album though, it's the last of how many midtempo ballads? For me, it's like "here we go again" when that song comes on while listening to the whole album. Honestly, I prefer TIL, CITR, SOD, and Maddy over it. They just feel more like "guns n roses" to me (even though they feel a little flat at times as well). Prostitute feel a Michael Jackson song with controversial lyrics and guitar solos, it really does. People talk about Shacklers, better, oh my god and other songs as "not feeling like guns n roses" and I get that. But they still rock. Maybe not in the classic Appetite way, but at least they have some punch to them. So I can somewhat place them as a guns song. Prostitute on the other hand is an Axl Rose solo imo. Its like Just another Sunday. They are what a TRUE Axl solo album would probably sound like imo. Again, by its self, I like the song. I even think it's good. Its just a good Axl Rose song, not a Guns n Roses song.
  14. Agreed, all of them sound better 😊 with Slash and Duff. While rerecording the entire CD album would not be a good idea IMO. I do think, if a new GH album is to appear, I would rather Slash and Duff redo all the CD songs that are included, in order to make the album more cohisive. Not to mention it would make the songs rock a little more, and make them seem like "new" songs, well sorta anyways. I would also want at least 2 genuinely new songs as well though, if a GH were to happen. Just my 2 cents 😊
  15. Part of the reason why I like it is because I can actually hear Slash's notes, for the most part anyways. I've been dying to get a get a good recording of that song, just to hear how Slash would do that solo. IMO, not to piss off any Robin fans, but that song in particular was supposed to have Slash on it. While Robin does a great solo on the album, it never felt "right" to me. So hearing Slash play it is kinda like hearing the song for the first time for me, because this is HOW it SHOULD sound imo. That is why I am hoping for a live album, or even a GH with the CD songs rerecorded with Slash and Duff, because to me, this is HOW they should have sounded all along. I am really looking forward to putting some good headphones on and just "drifting away" to these songs, this one in particular.