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  1. I still believe new guns music will appear. I think we are letting history cloud out judgement, as opposed to look at what's in front of us. Axl admitted that the recent slew of deaths (Bowie, Prince, Lemmy) had an impact on both Axl and Slash. So I do have faith music will happen. How much music, is anyone's guess. Could be just a couple of new tracks on a greatest hits, could be a whole new (axl, slash, duff) written album. Or it could be a mix of CD leftovers and new songs album. The moral of the story is I DO think music will happen. I think EVERYTHING that is happening right now is learning from previous mistakes. AXL doesn't want another CD debacle again (botched release, record company issues, fan expectations, etc). Slash doesn't want another 1996 album complications. So by NOT talking, they have learned from previous mistakes. Plus, let's not forget, a new GUNS album I DO believe would out sell Metallica, AC/DC, and every other band you can compare to them. Why? Interest. There would be a curiosity in that album, far more than ANY other band NOT named Led Zeppelin or The Beatles could generate. Metallica and the rest never broke up and stopped releasing music. They have just steadily regressed over time, GUNS (real guns, not NUgnr) NEVER released a bad album Or a drop in quality album like every other band has. So YES I think a new GUNS album WILL sell surprisingly well, so NOT doing an album would be leaving money on the table, and I don't think ANYONE involved wants to do that. FINALLY, the biggest reason why I DO think new music will happen, is fire. I think the big 3 all have some fire left in the tank when it comes to guns n roses. I think they want to correct some wrongs, and finish on top. Slash and Duff don't like opening for bigger bands or headlining smaller venues. They have tasted the TOP, that's where they belong, and they know it. So staying in TOP means releasing new music at some point. I think work has already started on some songs, but they are NOT going to talk about it, not yet anyways. They are being SMART about this tour imo, by not talking. They are letting the music (the shows) do the talking, and I respect that. When they feel the tour has reached its conclusion, they will talk. I just have a feeling that a documentary or something is also in the works, and we will get answers then . No need to blow the suprise by talking to reporters, just wait for the docu/live DVD or whatever and we will get the info then. Lets NOT forget that Axl, Slash, and Duff all seem VERY happy since this tour started, I see zero reasons for any of them to walk away from this, not anytime soon anyways. I truly believe this whole reunion/regrouping has been soul cleansing for everyone involved. I think all of them, Axl included has a new lease on life. I think they want to make the best of it, which includes a new album, we just need to be a little patient. Nobody wants another CD wait, Axl included I bet. I think they want to do a good old rock and roll album, and I think it'll happen. Honestly I think it's already begun. With a couple of CD (epic songs) mixed in for good measure.
  2. Yes, I think they DO count. Paul especially, he has his hands all over CD. Sunshine, played on Oh My God, so I think he counts. But then I suppose Axl's gardner or whatever that played on Look at your game girl might also count.
  3. I wish that we're the case, but somewhere out there are Paul Tobias and Gary Sunshine.
  4. I was at this show, it was my first time seeing Axl live. I was high and drunk as fuck that night. 😊
  5. All BS aside, seeing the end of that video with the dolphins getting trapped was hard to watch.
  6. I went with Breakdown and Dead Horse, both are a couple of my personal favs. Locomotive would be my 3rd choice.
  7. None of the above. I would prefer leaving these songs in the past. I agree with all the songs they ARE playing, with the exception of CD (song), they could leave that one in the past as well imo. Sorry, TIL, Better, and TWAT have always been my personal favs from the album anyways. I actually DO like the album, so don't get me wrong. I also DO like maddy, shacklers, street of dreams, and if the world. All of which (except for shacklers) could be interesting with Slash and Duff, but we have to draw the line somewhere. I would rather get NEW material or more UYI or LIES material than more CD songs live. I like that they play them though, and would always want to hear a couple from that album. But anymore than 2 or 3 live isn't needed after this tour, if new music comes.
  8. Here are my 2 cents. First and foremost a NEW album Or Some sort of NEW music needs to happen. It could be as simple as a "Best of" album with CD era tracks either rerecorded with Slash and Duff or just put live versions from the current tour. Either way works for me, just NOT the versions that are on CD, because those songs will feel "out of place" now imo. Also include 2 or 3 absolutely NEW unheard songs. NEW music plus Slash and Duff on CD era songs like Better and others would make a "Best of" worth buying for all of us diehards, as well as casuals. But of course a completely new album is the best option, but my idea for a Best of us a good plan B. Then after a year or two, THEN release a box set of not only CD leftovers but really empty the vault. Give songs like Bring it back home and other Illusion leftovers a proper release. The early versions of November Rain or cool live versions of Jungle could be included as well, like the VMA Jungle from 88 or 89. A box set like this would be interesting as well, mixing ALL eras of the band and really empty the vault. That way the CD leftovers finally get their day, and the fans that want those songs can finally hear them. But a box set like this will only work after either a new album or best of happens first. Fans are excepting the current line up, so releasing Buckethead songs now will just confuse everything, as well as possibly pissing off slash. Again, my 2 cents.
  9. I apologize if I came across harshly. I really like your channel and frequently watch Your videos. 👍 Give me a warning point? Who are you? You are not a mod. Don't act all high and mighty.
  10. Let me start by saying I applaud what you are doing. I am also a "youtuber" so I understand how much work goes into channels that most folks don't realize. I also will say I like most of your videos, and watch a great many of them. That brings me to my post here today, I realize that your channel is more geared towards those that want info but are not gnr die hards That frequent message boards (because if I am honest with you, most of your videos are based on things I read on this forum yesterday, but am watching a video on today), so basically old news for folks like me. Which is fine, I'm not knocking you for that. But the video that you released today kinda irritated me, to be honest with you. It was the one about guns releasing new music, and you talked about the Eddie trunk interview. Which obviously that is very old news at this point, but that's neither here nor there. When you brought up Izzy, and pretty much declared that Izzy wrote their best songs, and you don't think guns can make good music without him. That really irritated me for a few reasons. For one, you claim to have a news channel, so report the news, don't give your opinions on it. If I wanted your opinions I would ask you on a place like this, not By watching your video. Which you are entitled to your opinions on Izzy, that's fine, I don't have a problem with that. But the way you presented them in the video was rather matter of fact, which I felt was very presumptuous on your part. For two, I love Izzy as much as the next guy, but I'm not going to sell Axl, Slash, and Duff THAT short as to say "they can't make good music without Izzy." Come on man, give them some credit. Was Izzy underrated? Yes absolutely. But I don't think Axl, Slash, and Duff would write a bunch of turds without him. Besides some of there biggest songs he does NOT have a song writing credit on. I just find it a little disingenuous for you to spread your opinions on a "news" channel. Just report the news man, don't make it. If I wanted opinions on "news" I would watch Fox news. But beyond that, don't use your new platform as a way to advance an agenda. Thays just really cheap imo. Overall, like I said earlier, I really like what you are doing. So don't take this post as an insult on your entire channel, because it's not. I just took exception to that one video. I also chose to discuss this on this forum as opposed to your video comments because, let's be honest man, you are getting your "news" from this forum.
  11. Even if the next record is amazing, and Fortus plays like a beast, it won't surpass Appetite. Therefore Fortus can't surpass IZZY. Not to mention IZZY helped start the band. I love Fortus too, but come on man.
  12. Fortus really is a cool dude. Congrats to him and his family.
  13. Foetus will NEVER surpass IZZY as a member of Guns. He already has surpassed him as a guitarist imo, but not as a member of the band. The original 5 places are set in stone. It's the rest that can be moved around.
  14. I agree, I "like" Sorum. I don't have a problem with him at all, and I rank him HIGHER than Gilby as a Guns member. But having said that, I don't miss him either. Obviously there is a reason he is not there. As long as we have Axl, Sash, and Duff I'm not going to cry about Sorum. Besides I'd rather have Adler back anyways. Frank is fine with me, instead of Sorum. If this line up ever releases a new album, both Frank and Fortus would be elevated to more important members all time above Sorum and Gilby anyways. Only the original 5 can not be surpassed, everyone else really is just a replacement member anyways imo. Sorum just luckily played on the Illusions. Gilby only really played on Spaghetti, so it would be easy for Fortus to surpass him. Frank and Sorum will probably always be a toss up, especially if a new album does happen.
  15. I didn't mean "sound" or anything relating to the actual music. I just mean the overall story is very similiar. Both bands came from LA and completely changed rock music. Both bands became the biggest band in the world right before the break up. Both bands have a similar size discography (in actual minutes, not albums). I've done the math, and Appetite through Spaghetti is very similiar in overall minutes of music that VH1- 1984 is. Also both bands have a similiar amount of cover songs. Van Halen tends to get lumped in as an 80s band, even though they started in the 70s. Guns sometimes gets labeled as an 80s band, even though they were at their peak in the 90s. Very similiar story naritive if you think about it.