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  1. Until we get more sound boards, these are the definitive versions of Better, CD, This I Love, Sorry, and The Seeker. I ain't bitching about that.
  2. Of the 4 CD songs, honestly this is the only one that I think the album solo is better. Having said that, Slash's overall guitar work is superior imo. He adds some really BAD ass soloing during the outro. So even though the main solo on the album is better, I prefer this version, as you said it's got some tasty elements to it. As far as CD, Better, and TIL goes... Slash takes a massive piss on the album versions, and I think the album versions are stellar.
  3. As someone that became a REAL fan in 1996 (the beginning of the dark times), my perspective is different. If you told me then, that in 2016 Axl, Slash, and Duff would reunite and tour the world I would have taken that. Even though that meant not a whole lot in those 20 years (even though things DID happen during that time, it wasn't the band I wanted). So, when I look at it from MY perspective; buying end of days the day it came out, live era the day it came out, spin magazine article, the early days of the forums, etc. YOU BET YOUR ASS I WOULD HAVE TAKEN WHAT WE HAVE NOW IN A HEARTBEAT.