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  1. What went wrong with NUGNR?

    I don't think NUgnr could EVER have achieved anything close to the success real gnr did, but having said that, it could have done ok. The biggest failer was not releasing that album by 2002 or 2003 at the latest. There was general interest then, and a TON of interest in 98, 99, 00. The failed 2002 tour also really hurt things. Everything after 2002 was doomed to fail IMO, it was just too late at that point. Even though the album itself was good, it wasn't good enough to excuse the amount of time and money it took to make. By the time it actually came it was like everyone was saying "finally", instead of "oh my God this great." By 2008 Everything in music had changed. But back in 2002, the music industry was still strong enough that NUgnr could have been a solid investment, but not in 2008 and on. Let me clarify by saying NUgnr would never have sold 7, 10, or more millions of albums. But they could have easily sold 5 or so consistently from 98-03, which is respectable. I'm talking legitimatly, not these inflated numbers we read on here all the time. But the record company (and I do blame them for this, not axl) wanted CD to sell 10 or 20 million, not 5. Which that really is part of the reason that album took so long. But NUgnr could NEVER have done that, no freaking way. Real GNR would have struggled to do that even if they never broke up. Unrealistic expectations and TIME killed that band more than anything else imo.
  2. Jimi Hendrix

    Music, at its simplest form is an expression of the musicians soul. The TRUE goal is to put your soul on display, for everyone to see. That's what the TRUE greats mastered. I'm not trying to take anything away from technical genius' because they do have a very rare skill and talent. But somewhere along the way they traded "soul display" for technical display. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just different. But thats why they all struggle with creating music that really resonated with a lot of people, they instead just stay within there niche. Most people could care less about playing a million notes per second, or how technically skilled you are. But they DO resonate with music that touches there soul. Since the argument of mathmatics has been brought up, let me run with that. Can music be broke down into mathematics? Sure I suppose it can, but once you do you remove all the soul from it. It might as well be EDM or computer based music at that point. Sure it might "sound good" but it lacks soul. Which that's the #1 problem with music today, it lacks soul (but that's a different topic all together). The best way I can break this down for everyone is like comparing a mathmatician to Rain Man (or people like him, the movie I'm talking). Who is better at math? Sure the mathematician can probably do advanced math that Rain Man cant, but Rain Man can do basic math like a mother fucker on a WHOLE different level. Something the mathematician could never dream of doing. But vice versa, the same is also true. Why? Because the mathematician went to school, learned from others, studied, etc. Which isn't a bad thing. But Rain Man just knows that shit, that's just him, he wasn't taught, that shit is in his SOUL. One isn't necessarily better or worse than the other, we just happen to live in an age where not many Rain Men exist. But back in Jimi's day, the opposite was true. We need more Rain Men and less mathmaticians in music today. That's the real shame, they are becoming extinct.
  3. The new trailer does improve upon the first (but you can't do any worst that the first.) But it's not enough to save this movie. It looks like the unfunniest movie that is supposed to be funny, that I can think of. The story might be ok, the plot ok, etc. But it sure as HELL doesn't look funny. It doesn't look scary either, it looks cartoonish. But you can't say these things without being called a sexist. Welcome to 2016.
  4. Jimi Hendrix

    Len is right, everyone else is wrong. Jimi played on the chitlin circuit, he was the real deal. Other people might play the blues, or be inspired by it, but it's not the same thing Allman brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and others are southern rock, not the blues anyways. They are great, I'm not taking anything away from them, but something is lost in translation. The closest ANYONE has come to being a true bluesman since Hendrix was Stevie Ray Vaughn. I might accept him, but not the Allman's.
  5. 05/13/16 - Marseille, France - Stade Velodrome

    If you want blood!! Fuck yes we want blood!
  6. 05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges

    IDK guys, are hardcore AC/DC fans that short sighted? The BON era came FIRST, it's not like they would be cutting Brian songs for Axl songs or something? Its for the TRUE era of the band. I'm a VH fan as well, and it's kinda like if Dave died, was replaced by Sammy, then got replaced by sebastian Bach or someone like that. If Sebastain wanted to play a lot of Dave songs that were ignored during the Sammy years, I know for a fact VH fans would be happy to be getting the old stuff. It just seems odd to me that people would be mad if What would you do for the money and Have a drink on me for replaced by Touch too much and what's next to the moon. Like really???
  7. AXL/DC Setlist wishlists

    The ENTIRE Highway to Hell album needs to be played. 😊
  8. 05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges

    The band just had SO many great songs from the Bon era that have just been forgotten. I get with Brian in the band, he probably wanted a 50/50 type split. But now that he is gone, just the Brian hits, cut the fat. Give me MORE BON.
  9. AXL/DC Setlist wishlists

    Ya, I forgot FTATR, that's a keeper for sure. But you get my point. Now that Brian is gone, I don't think it's necessary to have his era be quite so strong. Just the hits, cut the fat, that's my opinion.
  10. 05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges

    I made a similiar post in the set list thread, but I'm gonna make a similiar one here... Everyone talks on and on about the Brian songs, and yes Axl sounds GREAT on them, but they need to cut some. I think it's a freaking travesty that songs like back in black and shoot to thrill get thousands and thousands of views but songs like sin city, high voltage, and others are MUCH lower, like less than 1,000. Dont get me wrong, they need to keep the Brian hits in the set, but they need to cut some of the fat now that Axl is in the band. He brings NEW life into the Bon songs, I've been singing High Voltage all damn day. I want MORE Bon, less Brian, anyone else feel this way? Like, I get that Angus wants to play some songs from the new record, but then why play have a drink and given the dog a bone? Cut those, give me MORE BON.
  11. AXL/DC Setlist wishlists

    I can only speak for myself, but I've had High Voltage and Rock and Roll Damnation STUCK in my head all day. I have always liked the Bon stuff more than the Brian stuff anyways, but now with axl, I want as much Bon stuff as we can get. I wish they would drop the new songs. If I picked the set, I would only do the following Brian songs; thunderstruck, hells bells, shoot to thrill, back in black, you shook me, and maybe rotate 1 more Brian song, like Noise pollutuon, have a drink on me, etc. But that's it, the rest would be the Bon stuff. I want What's next to the moon, ride on, squealer, gone shootin, girls got a rhythm, the jack, rock and roll singer, problem child, night prowler, I could go on and on. I love Brian, I do, but Axl brings MORE to AC/DC than Brian has in FOREVER!!! He does the Brain songs extremely well, and the Bon songs have a life to them they haven't had in years.
  12. Both. But if I have to pick 1, it would be gnr. But an Axl/DC album might be awesome as well.
  13. 05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges

    Soundboards, we must have the soundboards!!!