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  1. I think it was and IS fairly obvious that the Axl we see now, IS far better than the one we saw from 2011-2015. He REALLY was on autopilot, and everyone on THIS board knew it. Why? I think it's fairly obvious that Axl didn't feel that that NUgnr line up could do an album that could live up to the name. Could there be MORE reasons, yes but I do feel that Axl knew THAT they couldn't do the legacy justice. That's ONE of the reasons why CD2 never happened. Hell, WE all knew that at the time. On topic I don't blame BBF or dislike him. I actually really like him, I think he is a great guy. I talked to him a few times and I thought he was a great guy. I also think he is an amazing guitarist, just NOT the "right" 😃 guy for gnr. I am interested in Art of Anarchy and keeping my eye on him there.
  2. Ya I have the 900 SL-X. It's an bitchy amp that's for sure. I have found sweet spots on it (at higher volumes) that sound AMAZING. Finding that perfect spot can be tough though, especially when sound checking before a gig in an empty venue.
  3. The BIG fight the other night was the BEST HW title fight since Lewis/ Vitali IMO. I gained respect for Wlad in the loss. Record wise HE was already a top 20 all time HW (some would argue HIGHER, but not me, lol). But that was actually a GREAT fight for his legacy, even in a loss. He proved last night (to me), that he really is a top 20 HW. Which all the props to Joshua for pulling off the win, with a KO none the less. He had a an all time great fighter standing in front of him, and HE came away away with the win. GREAT fight, best HW title fight since Lewis/ Vitali.
  4. 100% Agreed. I actually got to go to a real Guns n Roses concert (at least by UYI standards). I thought I would NEVER get to experience that. I'm still on cloud 9 because of THIS fact alone.
  5. Pretty much this. I have been following this band longer than most, since about 1995. I could tell you my stories of buying the End of Days soundtrack and Live Era, the day they were released (but that's for another thread). I might be in the minority around here for saying this, but EVERYTHING that happened after the release of Live Era doesn't really count anymore imo. Do I count CD as a GUNS album? No. Its a GNR album, but not GUNS. Its an important distinction IMO. So for me at least, GUNS has been gone since Live Era (you could argue even before that, but I count that album, and to lesser extent GH) as the last GUNS albums. So EVERYTHING that NUgnr did is NOT part of GUNS history, GUNS got back together 1 year ago, and it's been an amazing year. I honestly feel like it's been the biggest and best story in music for 2016. So I am letting these guys finish their tour, then see what happens. I am only judging Them on what Guns has done, and they have only been back together for 1 year. Its a new band and a new day. Come on guys, look at all the advertising they did for the tour, NOTHING in the NUgnr era comes remotly close to being this efficient.
  6. I meant it should be composed with an actual beginning, middle, and end. A thought out process.
  7. See for me, he isn't really doing much once the drums kick in. Its not that he is playing bad, just kinda waiting for it finish up imo. All the emotion he played with before the drums, gets lost. Honestly, as a guitarist myself, I hear a guitarist just trying to get to the finish line of his solo. Which isn't "bad," especially when you look at the entire piece. All great solos (even improvised ones) should have a beginning, middle, and an end. I learned this from listening to guys like EVH, Hendrix, Page, and yes Slash. Finck captures the emotion beautifully in the first part, so I give him an A for that part. The middle (which is the part where guitarist should do the most experimenting) I give Finck a B+. Then for the ending section (where this is the part where you really need to leave your mark) I give Finck a B-. Basically ANY great solo starts strongs, has a decent middle, and ends with a bang. I feel Slash ends the solo SO much stronger than Finck does. Finck just kinda Peters out, while Slash brings it home. By comparison, (from some of my favorite clips that I haerd) Slash starts with a solid B+, so yes Finck wins the beginning. The middle section Slash DOES outshine Finck, but both are good, A- for Slash, but it's close. Them for the ending I give Slash an A while Finck was a B-, so Slash dominates the ending section. So when you add up the scores Finck A, B+, B- OVERALL B+ Slash on the other hand gets a B+, A-, then an A OVERALL A- Slash wins it for me, but it's close. Again I am disecting the solo as a fellow guitarist, not a fan.
  8. I know I'll be in the minority here, but I pick Slash. The clip that was chosen by the OP is not a fair comparison for starters. Finck has the album, Ashba has a proper DVD, Slash has a cell phone video, not really apples and apples. Let me give Finck his due here, his TIL solo was great, probably the best thing he ever did in gnr imo. I will say this though, once the drums kick in, he loses it slightly. So the first half of his solo is great, the 2nd half is just pretty good imo. Now compared to the clip provides here, yes Finck is better. But I have seen OTHER clips where I would say Slash blows Finck away, and here is why. Slash can recreate the feel of the first part of the solo, all while adding his own take on it, so it still keeps the emotion imo. When the drums really kick in though, Slash RAISES the solo another level, and that's where Finck loses it. Slash feeds off of the drums while Finck almost feels like they get in his way. So while I do give the edge of the first half of the solo to Finck (although Slash is close), the 2nd half Slash BLOWS Finck away, as a result I prefer Slash. Ashba doesn't even register.
  9. Honestly, if you read between the lines, this is how it sounds to me. A new Slash and Myles album is something they "have talked about," but it sounds like it keeps getting pushed back because of gnr. Myles DID say that Slash said "everything is going great". Not to mention Myles also said, "when schedules permit." Which means THIS current break IS NOT when work is going to happen, so the next Myles and Slash album has clearly been pushed back. So I take all of that as, they want to do another album at some point. But it sounds like GUNS is Slash"a priority at the moment, which is a great sign. Honestly if Slash was trying to rush back to Myles to do another album, I would take that as a sign he isn't real happy in guns. Since Slash is NOT doing that, the GUNS stuff really must be going great, so maybe new GUNS music could be what's going on right now. The last part is just being hopeful on my part, but the rest of it is right there in black and white, if you read between the lines.
  10. I still believe new guns music will appear. I think we are letting history cloud out judgement, as opposed to look at what's in front of us. Axl admitted that the recent slew of deaths (Bowie, Prince, Lemmy) had an impact on both Axl and Slash. So I do have faith music will happen. How much music, is anyone's guess. Could be just a couple of new tracks on a greatest hits, could be a whole new (axl, slash, duff) written album. Or it could be a mix of CD leftovers and new songs album. The moral of the story is I DO think music will happen. I think EVERYTHING that is happening right now is learning from previous mistakes. AXL doesn't want another CD debacle again (botched release, record company issues, fan expectations, etc). Slash doesn't want another 1996 album complications. So by NOT talking, they have learned from previous mistakes. Plus, let's not forget, a new GUNS album I DO believe would out sell Metallica, AC/DC, and every other band you can compare to them. Why? Interest. There would be a curiosity in that album, far more than ANY other band NOT named Led Zeppelin or The Beatles could generate. Metallica and the rest never broke up and stopped releasing music. They have just steadily regressed over time, GUNS (real guns, not NUgnr) NEVER released a bad album Or a drop in quality album like every other band has. So YES I think a new GUNS album WILL sell surprisingly well, so NOT doing an album would be leaving money on the table, and I don't think ANYONE involved wants to do that. FINALLY, the biggest reason why I DO think new music will happen, is fire. I think the big 3 all have some fire left in the tank when it comes to guns n roses. I think they want to correct some wrongs, and finish on top. Slash and Duff don't like opening for bigger bands or headlining smaller venues. They have tasted the TOP, that's where they belong, and they know it. So staying in TOP means releasing new music at some point. I think work has already started on some songs, but they are NOT going to talk about it, not yet anyways. They are being SMART about this tour imo, by not talking. They are letting the music (the shows) do the talking, and I respect that. When they feel the tour has reached its conclusion, they will talk. I just have a feeling that a documentary or something is also in the works, and we will get answers then . No need to blow the suprise by talking to reporters, just wait for the docu/live DVD or whatever and we will get the info then. Lets NOT forget that Axl, Slash, and Duff all seem VERY happy since this tour started, I see zero reasons for any of them to walk away from this, not anytime soon anyways. I truly believe this whole reunion/regrouping has been soul cleansing for everyone involved. I think all of them, Axl included has a new lease on life. I think they want to make the best of it, which includes a new album, we just need to be a little patient. Nobody wants another CD wait, Axl included I bet. I think they want to do a good old rock and roll album, and I think it'll happen. Honestly I think it's already begun. With a couple of CD (epic songs) mixed in for good measure.
  11. Yes, I think they DO count. Paul especially, he has his hands all over CD. Sunshine, played on Oh My God, so I think he counts. But then I suppose Axl's gardner or whatever that played on Look at your game girl might also count.
  12. I wish that we're the case, but somewhere out there are Paul Tobias and Gary Sunshine.
  13. I was at this show, it was my first time seeing Axl live. I was high and drunk as fuck that night. 😊
  14. All BS aside, seeing the end of that video with the dolphins getting trapped was hard to watch.
  15. I went with Breakdown and Dead Horse, both are a couple of my personal favs. Locomotive would be my 3rd choice.