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  1. Comparing it to the UYI tour is beyond superfluous -- back then it was about touring dominance and promoting two records (three if you count TSI). The current tour, as it stands is simply a cash grab so the world over can see Axl and Slash together again. The differences between the tours are big, and shouldn't be compared. If you're talking about performances, well....have fun with that discussion of Richard vs Gilby/Frank vs Matt/etc
  2. Another South American leg? lol they were just there. This iteration of the band is going to milk this thing dry in less than a year it seems. I don't get the combo w The legendary as they are and I love them, can't Guns attach themselves to a more relevant act?
  3. One of the strongest tracks on Chinese and without hyperbole, one of my favorite GnR songs period. Remember when it first leaked and titled "New Song 2" even though you could clearly hear Axl say "prostitute" in the song? Good times.
  4. If I recall Axl gave his first real interview to Billboard after CD came out. For some reason though, I don't see GNR caring very much about this awards show. An appearance would be cool though.
  5. So I didn't realize this awards show is actually televised. The show is on May 21st, 6 days before Guns start the Euro leg. Warmup show on national television? Could be a disaster, also would GNR perform amongst all these mostly younger acts?
  6. Well I just listened to Move to the City and Pretty Tied Up from Live Era and yup, those are absolutely re-recorded w/ Axl's 99 voice. They actually sound really good too. Not sure if the entirety of Live Era has re-recorded vocals but I'm sure It's Alright isn't.
  7. Here's the set for the 30th anniversary show: Easy Brownstone CD Jungle Dtj Estranged LALD RQ This I love Civil war Better YCBM SCOM November Rain KOHD Nightrain encore: Patience Sorry The Seeka PC enjoy!
  8. I hate Trump and his administration as much as the next leftist but Axl is getting really annoying on Twitter lol Stop letting Del tweet imo
  9. The amazing thing about CD to me is it's been almost 10 years since release and I'm STILL hearing new things that I've never noticed before (mostly because they've been deeply buried in the mix). Take Catcher for example: This is isolated piano, synth and backing vocals. Listen at 1:17, you'll hear Axl doing a very Beatles-esque vocal that I've never noticed on the album before. Has anyone ever noticed this? (This might be better served as a separate topic)
  10. Axl should use this time to get in better shape. Releasing new material before the end of the year would be nice lol
  11. MSL leaks were in 2007, first time we heard full studio versions of CD, Madagascar and The Blues. MSL also may or may not have secured the "Chicken Dinner" leak, which turned out to be Shacklers. The 2006 leaks were posted on this site by @wes and @saint_seiya and basically rejuvenated the restless fan base and was the anchor behind those early MSG shows/Euro tour. I can't recall whether the Antiquiet leaks were the songs before Ron and Frank contributed but I do remember Axl or the record company actually sending the FBI after Skwerl for that. The album was so close to actual release at that point.
  12. Uh, because he probably wants to hear it live? Not rocket science!
  13. Moonlight deserved it. Excellent film and first gay film to win BP. Warren is a legend and people blaming him are dumb lol
  14. Awesome, and how many times are you going to reiterate that constructive thought in every CD thread? Must have tons of free time!