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  1. The amazing thing about CD to me is it's been almost 10 years since release and I'm STILL hearing new things that I've never noticed before (mostly because they've been deeply buried in the mix). Take Catcher for example: This is isolated piano, synth and backing vocals. Listen at 1:17, you'll hear Axl doing a very Beatles-esque vocal that I've never noticed on the album before. Has anyone ever noticed this? (This might be better served as a separate topic)
  2. Axl should use this time to get in better shape. Releasing new material before the end of the year would be nice lol
  3. MSL leaks were in 2007, first time we heard full studio versions of CD, Madagascar and The Blues. MSL also may or may not have secured the "Chicken Dinner" leak, which turned out to be Shacklers. The 2006 leaks were posted on this site by @wes and @saint_seiya and basically rejuvenated the restless fan base and was the anchor behind those early MSG shows/Euro tour. I can't recall whether the Antiquiet leaks were the songs before Ron and Frank contributed but I do remember Axl or the record company actually sending the FBI after Skwerl for that. The album was so close to actual release at that point.
  4. Uh, because he probably wants to hear it live? Not rocket science!
  5. Moonlight deserved it. Excellent film and first gay film to win BP. Warren is a legend and people blaming him are dumb lol
  6. Awesome, and how many times are you going to reiterate that constructive thought in every CD thread? Must have tons of free time!
  7. Is @Dead Flower going to this?? Haven't seen him post in forever!
  8. The vocals on the 99 demos (IRS, TWAT and Catcher) are the same as the final album, yes. I don't think songs like Better, Sorry, Shacklers, If The World, and Prostitute were ready or even written by 2002. Perhaps they could've been but it's hard to say. One thing that's true is that songs like Chinese and The Blues definitely weren't ready in 02, as they tinkered on those and added new stuff later on.
  9. Axl was laying down vocals as late as January 2007 in Vegas so your statement about his 2006 voice not being represented on the final album isn't true. Also, CD wasn't a decade old by 2006 -- the bulk of what's on CD was recorded from 2000-2004. The album still would've been relatively fresh had it came out in '06, but by 2008 it seemed like due to leaks and aging of some of the songs, the album may have felt dated on arrival. If the only thing keeping Axl from releasing it in 06 we're adding Ron and Frank's parts and tweaking vocals, then he should've let those go. 2006 is the last time the band had momentum and a semi-stable lineup that was still on the album.
  10. Please tell me you're not referring to Babymetal as "those stupid little Japanese dolls". What do you mean by that?
  11. Here are some more full shows from 2006 (KROQ and RIR are proshot of course). The holy grail of 2006 where rare performances are considered has to be the Greensboro show where the band apparently played the AFD version of You're Crazy. Also, the Baltimore and final LA show are also extremely strong.
  12. This is great because you can see Madagascar which was cut from the broadcast because someone fucked up the intro lol
  13. Axl actually sounds good on YCBM, wow
  14. This is almost off-topic but I feel the need to remind some people: Chinese Democracy, an album given away for free on MySpace before release, an album that had half of its content leaked years prior, and an album that was sold exclusively at Best Buy in the US -- managed to chart at number 3 against Kanye West and Taylor Swift! It also, had zero promotion from the band or label.
  15. Awesome. And your beef with Melissa is what exactly? Why does any of this matter lol