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  1. Someone get @DieselDaisy a cheap ticket to one of the London shows. I need a full on, drunk review.
  2. That was def one of stronger Jungle performances vocally. Axl has learned how to tame that rugged voice (the "you can have anything you want, betta not take it from me" voice) that he started using again last year.
  3. Yeah, he sounds winded and unprepared for new things like TWAT and BHS, and horrible on Coma. This was not the case for the most of the NA tour and the Aussie leg. But yeah, as it stands he sounds like shit and the European fans deserve more from him.
  4. Axl sounds weak. Hopefully he can quickly salvage this Euro tour. TWAT the other night was painful.
  5. this hurts a bit....shockingly young and one of the last of the grunge vocalists (and probably the best of em)
  6. The only songs they haven't played off their current "alt set" are Think About You, Slither and Perfect Crime. I don't expect to see the latter two pop up anytime soon. If Axl can do them justice, I'd love to see them try Locomotive, Pretty Tied Up, Dead Horse, The Garden, The Blues, IRS and Shacklers.
  7. The best Stones version of that track is the Altamont one imo...Something about the dirtier guitar licks and Mick changing the melody in his delivery....fantastic
  8. Embarrassing intro aside, Scraped is a song I find myself going back to when I want to listen to something obscure by GnR. I love the bridges w/ Axl doing the call and answer thing. Also, instrumentally, it rips. Solid Bucket/Brain composition.
  9. Comparing it to the UYI tour is beyond superfluous -- back then it was about touring dominance and promoting two records (three if you count TSI). The current tour, as it stands is simply a cash grab so the world over can see Axl and Slash together again. The differences between the tours are big, and shouldn't be compared. If you're talking about performances, well....have fun with that discussion of Richard vs Gilby/Frank vs Matt/etc
  10. Another South American leg? lol they were just there. This iteration of the band is going to milk this thing dry in less than a year it seems. I don't get the combo w The legendary as they are and I love them, can't Guns attach themselves to a more relevant act?
  11. One of the strongest tracks on Chinese and without hyperbole, one of my favorite GnR songs period. Remember when it first leaked and titled "New Song 2" even though you could clearly hear Axl say "prostitute" in the song? Good times.
  12. If I recall Axl gave his first real interview to Billboard after CD came out. For some reason though, I don't see GNR caring very much about this awards show. An appearance would be cool though.