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  1. Fuck yes!!! More shows! Definitely going to the one in Boston. I wish it was in Gillette again but it's football season so I get it. Very excited. I would love to go to the MSG shows. Because I didn't get my hopes up like all of you with unrealistic, made-up expectations. NEW MUSIC?! Nah
  2. I really hate how every topic I go into is about whether or not the band is what people think it should be. I opened the post to see if there's any updates on the announcement or rumors and I see, "This band isn't what I want it to be!" It's always the same group of folks too. Fuck off
  3. It's not going to be new music. I wish it was. But it won't be. Please don't get excited guys. We've been down this road so many times. It's more dates.
  4. Have they announced the stuff they're doing with The Who yet or no? I'd assume they're gonna announce that
  5. That one kid who was just negative the entire time, I bet he gets beat up at school.
  6. Fuck dude I WISH they'd play IRS. I would LOVE to hear Slash's take on that song.
  7. Also doesn't mean we should blindly hate her either. --- A lot of folks just seem to dislike her because she isn't Izzy or Pitman or because she's a girl or because they don't like her personality. She does Chris Pitman's job better than he did it. She's actually noticeable. Nobody outside of the forums and hardcore fans recognized him as more than just an idle keyboardist. Melissa is full of energy when she's playing and I'm pretty sure she hasn't fucked up yet. Get over yourselves! Just because someone is modern and not what you like in somebody's personality doesn't make them bad, it makes you look incredibly narrow minded. She's fucking dope. Happy for her, hope she sees continued success!
  8. When it comes to setlists I always say the same thing: reviewing setlists on the internet like you're reviewing a tv series or something is stupid. If I attended a show I'd be stoked to hear every song on the list. It's fine. It's not a big deal. Live your life.
  9. They have CERTAINLY slowed down the tempo. Wow. It was quite obvious that they were playing songs faster on the US tour because my video of Coma was only like 8/9 minutes compared to the full length. Much better to hear it live, the correct tempo
  10. I haven't seen the full show, just a few songs. Pretty good stuff but like I said, audio quality is ROUGH.
  11. One of my buddies out in San Diego recorded the Troubadour show from the floor. He's got most of the show but its shaky and the audio sucks. I asked for a copy and he absolutely refuses. He'll never upload or share. I've seen it at least, good enough for me.
  12. With biased I obviously want the Foxboro show to be put out, BUT I think a compilation set would be cool. Because some show had better performances than others. I think Foxboro's Estranged and Catcher in the Rye are above all of the others.
  13. He sounded fucking awesome in Foxboro in July. I think in a live setting with the acoustics and the mixing he sounds better than on a periscope where it's obvious what sort of vocal 'tricks' (for lack of a better term) he's doing.
  14. Every night I come into these posts and, sure I hope to see Perfect Crime or something new on the setlist, but let's be real. For the people in attendance it may have been the greatest night of their life whether The Seeker was played or Perfect Crime was played. Guns put on a kick ass fucking show, and unless you're at every single show actually seeing the set list night after night you really can't complain.
  15. They sound checked Catcher during the show I went to, and played it the next night. Maybe we'll get Perfect Crime next show. But either way, I'm happy for all of those in Peru who were able to enjoy the how! Guns live is one of the greatest things on earth.