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  1. I don't blame Axl. Those people acted like fuckheads. Chill the fuck out, be respectful and not pushy and he'd likely stood there and signed for everyone. He was clearly open to doing so in the beginning but the morons acted like crazed lunatics pushing and yelling and shoving shit in his face.
  2. It's hilarious to see people who can't for the life of them understand why others criticize the setlist. You go to a Guns N' Roses show to see and hear Guns N Roses ye.... of the 30 songs played at the last show we got The Seeker Black Hole Sun Whole Lotta Rosie Layla Wish You Were Here God Father Theme Attitude **Live and Let Die **Knockin On Heaven's Door Nearly 1/3 of the show was cover songs plus 4 CD songs while songs like Pretty Tied Up, Think About You, Out Ta Get Me, Dead Horse, Anything Goes etc sit by the way side and songs like Don't Damn Me, Locomotive and Breakdown have never been played period(Maybe Breakdown was played once) It's fairly obvious and deservedly so why people have issue with the set list. I mean why not let Duff sing So Fine one time. At least it's a GnR song. People don't want to bitch about things but the lack of effort by the band to do something exciting or throw fans something different is lame. And before the peanut gallery starts preaching "Everybody at the shows has a great time". No fucking shit. Being there in person is always a great time. That doesn't mean people can't have an opinion about the set list.
  3. No offence but I very strongly question the intelligence of anyone who even remotely suggests intelligent life other than us doesn't exist i the universe. It's literally impossible for it to be the case. Most definitely there are aliens and intelligent ones at that. Probably millions of different species too.
  4. Absolutely not. Aside from performances being generally well received, since 1993 they have been the most incompetent band of all time in terms of productivity. They've mislead fans time and time again, often times seemingly intentionally so. They have also excelled at blowing every opportunity to do something cool with specific dates, milestones or events. What band has had more missed opportunities than GnR? They fully deserve the criticism they get.
  5. Billy Corgan, Liam Gallagher, Dave Pirner, Kurt Cobain, Chester Bennington, Robert Smith Those are a few with incredibly distinct voices. Maybe not so much in the classic rock genre though.
  6. I didn't like it to be honest. It just looked way, way over the top and is just yet again another movie where a universal power comes to earth and the heros save the day while destroying everything in sight. Just isn't my cup of tea but I hope I'm wrong.
  7. 40 minute interview with the full band talking about the the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree and how the tour is going and how the album is reconnecting with fans