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  • Location somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota
  • Interests sex, pussy, mugambo, fucking, making love, screwing and all variations thereof. um, drugs i suppose, anything that involves passion is of interest (narrows it down huh?) um, guitars...life n all it has to offer. n even the stuff it dont.

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  1. read the thread, a lotta people believed him.
  2. Slash Pics vol.2

    im not usually one to fawn but slash is one of the worlds few effortlessly cool motherfuckers!!!
  3. Rumored Album Release Dates

    no what?? signs have been seen before, whaddya mean no?!?!
  4. The Monkees

    i think this band are so underrated it is criminal. words like manufactured bubblegum etc dogged them their whole career but people seem to miss out on some GREAT fucking music by this band and they were also very important in a historical context because they proved something to the music industry. they proved to the music industy that the industries machinery was not the only viable option. think about it, they started as a TV show, which in itself was pretty revolutionary in terms of comic technique, reminiscient of the marx bros, kinda slapsticky comedy but that aside, they proved that record industry machinery was not the only available avenue for promoting a band and gaining popularity which i think terrified the record industry and turned them against the boys. but aside from all that, they learned VERY quickly to play their instruments, mickey dolenz in particular on the drums, mike nesmith and peter tork were already guitar players and davy jones had a wonderful voice already and they gelled VERY quickly as a band when it became apparent that people WANTED to see these boys perform. reminds me kind of, in a way of the sex pistols and how they kinda learned to play or gelled in public. in that pop period, they made some amazing enduring infectious Pop music, Im Not Your Stepping Stone, Daydream Believer, Last Train To Clarksville, Look Out Here Comes Tommorow and just TONS of these incredible songs that stand up even today. they had country tinged songs with Listen To The Band and What Am I Doin Hangin Round?, Spanish guitar on Valleri and people seem to overlook all of this diversity and get all hung up on the "manufactured" label. and even after that period, when they got sick of singing other people stuff and went out on a limb as a band and pretty much got fucking slaughtered for it, they were making some REALLY neat fuckin music. songs like Goin Down, Circle Sky, Porpoise Song were all really good fuckin music and people just seem either ashamed to admit they like this band or just dont bother to check em out with any depth because they seem to already know that they suck, without having ventured into their catalogue any. then at the end of their career, when they made the movie Head, which was a wicked satire of all they were and purported to stand for, they were shot down in flames. this movie by the way was the brain child of Bob Raefelson and Jack Nicholson who went on to make Easy Rider which, as we all know is like a groundbreaking movie and is considered a timeless classic, in the Monkees movie, Head you see all of that easy rider technique all over it. this movie is now, ALMOST getting like an inch of the acclaim that it deserved as a movie when its just a ridiculously intelligent movie that got labelled lame-brained when in fact the critics were missing the fuckin point by a mile. anyone else like this band? (can't imagine they will)
  5. The Tentative Release Date of March 6th

    still, nevermind. tommorows another day huh? smile, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, go for a jog, you'll feel better...
  6. To those who criticise

    so you're sayin all dislike of the current line up is a direct result of a comparison with the old? thats very presumptuous and says quite a lot about how you think yourself regarding the whole issue. maybe they just dont like the new band and express their opinion, as is not unusual here in the free world. people who make a career outta bashing i do think is a little sad but you're takin the shit a little too far, imo.
  7. Has anyone heard anything about Brain lately?

    oh. i did read that. must've escaped me in all the talk of firings and release dates. thank you :) just a thread on here threw me. thanx again
  8. Has anyone heard anything about Brain lately?

    really? :) where at?
  9. Has anyone heard anything about Brain lately?

    uh...two different replies? lemme rephrase, nothing official says he's left right?
  10. Has anyone heard anything about Brain lately?

    if not, whys everyone acting like it? and plus, any bio on frank?
  11. GNR tour starting in Mar in Dubai

    heeb is a VERY offensive term so is spic, its not derived from hispanic, its derived from the stereotype that when latino's first came to america they "no spicca in engleesh" dig? and as far as i can gather the paki thing where pakistani's use that word is kinda like the black appropriation of the word nig ger or nig ga or however you wanna spell it. ok for them but not for us, which i can dig cuz i'm black and i suppose it does get up my ass when i hear non black people use the word nig ger, depending on the context obviously. paki as a term, as far as i'm aware originates from britan and was started by white people to denigrate pakistani's and further appropriated by Martin Websters National Front. it is NOT an abbreviation, its an insult, but hey, knock yourself out if you wanna use it, im just saying that i wouldn't. not telling y'all how to live.
  12. Lets just download the album when its out!

    see what i meant about cranky??? if i was a girl i'd give u a back rub
  13. Lets just download the album when its out!

    lets not ever do anything as a collective and instead think for ourselves?
  14. How does your G N'R obsession go down at home?

    ahahaha, y'know that was still funny the 999nth time u used it. btw, we piss in the friers. and oh, hows that mississippi mud pie go down? i dont dare to tell u why the mayo is so runny every well to do middle class parent knows in their heart of hearts when they send their lil girl to her "friends" to "study" more oft than not she's suckin off the Mcdonalds Allstars. i can live with that if the rest of the world can offer ur wife a french fry, who knows, might be able to impregnate her from a 25 mile radius
  15. How does your G N'R obsession go down at home?

    i worry about men that'd give up on some trim over a rockstar