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  1. Lower level seats near the stage have dropped down to $150 (plus fees). I am holding out for a 2 for 1 deal.
  2. Journey Escape To Sin City Frontiers Ecape and Frontiers complete album special performance May 17, 2017 The Joint - Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada Lineage: Church Audio CA-11 Cardioid Mics - > Church Audio Ugly 2 Preamp (Gain setting +15db) -> Sony PCM-M10 -> REC LEVEL 6.0 -> 24/96 WAV -> Mastered by techtuts using Izotope RX4 & Ozone 5 -> Audacity 2.1.2 (tracking/fades/dithering) -> Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0 (FLAC level 8 lossless compression & verification) -> YOU Superb audience recording! Minimal crowd noise. Near soundboard quality. You decide!! I have been a massive Journey fan for many years. However, I quit attending Journey concerts after 2011. I had burned out on their stale setlists which featured a regurgitation of the band's 1988 "Greatest Hits" CD, year after year. The annual rehashing of the "Dirty Dozen" coupled with outrageous ticket prices and washed-up support acts drove me away. I learned about Journey's May 2017 residency at The Joint in Las Vegas in early December of 2016. Thanks, Troy! Upon discovering that the Wednesday night concerts would feature Escape and Frontiers performed in their entirety, I was sold! This was a Journey performance that was actually worth the money! Going against my traditional strategy of buying unused PRIME band/promoter/venue held tickets (at face value), a few hours before showtime, I picked up a pair of "premium" front row center balcony seats for $139 each in mid-April. This would come back to haunt me two weeks before the show... As a full time student, I began to regret my expensive purchase. I listed both tickets on StubHub at a ridiculous price, assuming no one would buy them. On May 3rd, I received an email informing me that both of my Journey tickets had been sold. This caught me by surprise. I had meant to remove my tickets from StubHub. However, I had been wrapped up in studying for my final exams and forgot to pull them. I spent the next 2 weeks monitoring in search of comparable replacement seats. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything of interest. Being that my immediate family lives in Las Vegas, I flew out to Sin City on May 16th sans Journey tickets. At 2PM day-of-show, I hit the jackpot! I picked up two row B dead center balcony seats at face value. This would end up being a prime taping spot! I also learned that row A was reserved for VIP ticket holders. Ultimately, my second set of Journey tickets cost me a measly $31.50 each, taking the profits from the sale of my first pair into consideration. In the end, everything worked out exactly as it should have. What is interesting is that the seats I sold on StubHub remained empty all night long. I couldn't believe it. Who spends big bucks for concert tickets, and then skips the show? I wonder if StubHub buys random seats on occasion to encourage sellers? If anyone can validate this theory, please let me know. I took my mom to the Escape/Frontiers show as a Mother's Day Gift. She was in her mid-thirties in the early 80's when Journey were HUGE. Mom was eager to see the bands' MVP, Arnel Pineda, live. I had my mom sitting to my left and respectfully asked her to keep the noise down in an effort to get as clean of a capture as possible. The guy sitting to my right clapped and howled from time to time, but otherwise remained silent. Thankfully, there were no cougars in heat in my area. Journey were very loud. So loud, that an older couple sitting next to my mom left midway through the concert. They couldn't handle the sheer volume! My mother's remark "I didn't know Journey were a heavy-metal band" immediately after the conclusion of the gig put a smile on my face. I should mention that most of the crowd appeared to be in or near their sixties. This seems to be the norm for many of my favorite bands. Getting older sucks... Noticing that the crew placed printed setlists on the stage perplexed me. I assumed the band knew the playlists for Escape and Frontiers inside and out after 35 years. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After performing Escape and Frontiers back to back twice (Tokyo 2017-02-07 and Las Vegas 2017-05-03), it became evident that these albums do not flow well in a live setting. Starting with the May 10th Escape - Frontiers performance, the 20 tracks comprising these albums were shuffled and performed in a proper concert sequence. New touring member Travis Thibodaux assumed lead vocal duties on Lay It Down, After The Fall, and Frontiers. Having a second vocalist on board is a wise move, as it gives Arnel a chance to breathe. Although, I must state that former drummer Deen Castronovo did a much better Perry impersonation than Thibodaux. Watching Deen and now Travis, attempt lead vocals has given 21st century Journey shows a Steve Perry "karaoke contest" feel at times. Steve Perry is my all time favorite vocalist. He's on the golden tier alongside Freddie Mercury, Prince, and Ronnie James Dio, in my opinion. I must commend part-time vocalists, Castronovo and Thibodaux for attempting to reach for the high bar that Steve Perry, THE VOICE of Arena Rock, set so many years ago. Steve Smith is a stellar drummer! To witness the leader of Vital Information performing with Journey was a privilege. Neal Schon was on fire all night long. His scorching solos proved that Schon is one of the all time greats of rock guitar! Arnel Pineda blazed around the stage of The Joint like a comet. While it is apparent that Pineda's voice is revealing the negative effects of non-stop touring, he is still one of the best vocalists on the planet! Ross Valory was his usual jovial self. Jon Cain appeared bored on stage, as he often does... Watching 4/5th's of the lineup behind Escape and Frontiers perform these classic albums was something I'll never forget. The only thing that would have made this epic concert any more memorable, naturally, would have been the return of the iconic Steve Perry. However, at this stage of the game, it seems more likely that Mr. Perry will hit the Powerball jackpot before performing with Journey again! For the next Journey Las Vegas residency, I would like to see Gregg Rolie return and Jonathan Cain step down. I'd have the band replicate the setlist from the Departure tour, with plenty of 70's era gems thrown in. I would happily travel to Sin City to experience this! Special Thanks: techtuts: remastering Steve H: artwork Troy D: photos Journey: Lead Vocals: Arnel Pineda Lead Guitar: Neal Schon Keyboards/Rhythm Guitar: Jonathan Cain Bass Guitar: Ross Valory Drums: Steve Smith Additional Musician: Travis Thibodaux - Keyboards & lead vocals on Lay It Down, After The Fall, and Frontiers [01] Intro (2:28) [02] Escape (5:01) [03] Neal Schon On Guitar (1:48) [04] Stone In Love (5:14) [05] Keep On Runnin' (3:45) [06] Who's Crying Now (6:40) [07] Send Her My Love (4:06) [08] Still They Ride (4:42) [09] Lay It Down (4:21) [10] Rubicon (4:44) [11] Steve Smith On Drums (3:56) [12] Back Talk (3:19) [13] After The Fall (5:08) [14] Jonathan Cain On Keys (1:23) [15] Open Arms (4:46) [16] Frontiers (4:15) [17] Mother, Father (5:39) [18] Troubled Child (4:44) [19] Chain Reaction (5:03) [20] Edge Of The Blade (4:15) [21] Dead Or Alive (3:44) [22] Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (5:23) [23] Jonathan Cain on Keys (1:22) [24] Faithfully (5:01) [25] Don't Stop Believin' (6:17) [26] encore break (1:31) [27] La Raza Del Sol (8:24) [28] Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (8:54) [29] Band introductions - Outro (2:23) Running Time: 128 minutes Total Size: 786MB I am in search of the Journey Escape/Frontiers Tokyo, Japan February 7, 2017 Pro-Shot that aired on WOWOW in March. If you have a 1:1 capture of the broadcast or the bootleg Blu-Ray, please be in touch. This release won't fly on DIME. However, we can work around this limitation. Info: IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm new to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and am eager to meet new friends who would be interested in attending (and taping) rock shows together. If you'd like to join the taping community, please let me know... Going to concerts with friends is MUCH MORE FUN! I'm a full-time student at the moment. I'm looking for an enjoyable part time job in Arlington to make a few extra bucks on the side. Let me tape your band in DFW! Reasonable rates and quick turn around! I'll tape ANYTHING for a price... URGENT: I am interested in taping the Guns N' Roses performances at the Alamodome in San Antonio on September 8, 2017, as well as at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on November 17, 2017. However, I am NOT interested in spending $300 to see Guns N' Roses AGAIN! If you have an extra ticket to spare, please keep me in mind. Thank you!! REQ: An uncompressed capture of the Bad Company Dallas, TX 2016-09-08 AXS TV broadcast. REQ: Any uncirculated Guns N' Roses audio/video from the SLASH ERA in lossless format. Does anyone have a recording of the Guns N' Roses performance at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas on September 4, 1992? If so, please share! REQ: Any uncirculated Journey/Steve Perry lossless audio/video. I plan to upload this recording to DIME, The Trader's Den, and Usenet (a.b.sounds.lossless, a.b.sounds.flac, a.b.sounds.lossless.bootlegs). You are welcome to upload this recording to any blog/file locker/forum/non-music themed tracker as long as the *ENTIRE* file set is available for FREE download! Download my releases via Usenet:> I don't want anyone on Earth to spend a penny on this recording!! Respect my wishes, eBay parasite SCUM!! rockphantom June 1, 2017 Dallas/Fort Worth (Arlington) ***DO NOT SELL*** ***DO NOT SHARE WITHOUT THIS INFO*** ***SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS FINANCIALLY*** 16/44 FLAC:!qAFRFJSK!D4S_1ypAq8AKrqsip8yjaw DIME: TTD: 24/96 FLAC:!vYVGVCLY!B2cfmWGx4gFxV2rYHRNKvQ DIME: TTD: Please like this post if you download!!
  3. How much does one PL1 ticket cost after service fees?
  4. I don't have the capability to capture IEM feeds. I released my recordings of the April 8th and April 9th 2016 Vegas recordings as Sin City Illusion I&II. Check out the 24/96 versions if you haven't already!
  5. If you have patience, wait until a few days before the show. The best seats for any concert are made available a few days/hours before showtime at face value.
  6. I predict a Dallas show will be announced after the San Antonio/El Paso stadium shows. All we need is a little patience in North Texas...
  7. I am willing to tape the Las Vegas 2017 show for the GNR community in exchange for a ticket to the gig. I'm a full time student at the moment. I am not in a position to spend $300+ on a Guns N' Roses ticket. If you're interested in helping me out, please keep in mind all of the live recordings I have produced and shared for free. Most of them are still on DIME. My immediate family lives in Las Vegas, so I have a free place to stay and flights from Dallas/Fort Worth to Vegas are dirt cheap. Sin City Illusion III has a nice ring to it... Thank you!
  8. I have just discovered that top tier tickets for this show are now only $132 plus fees ($155). What a deal!! I would not be surprised if the El Paso show is cancelled. There are tens of thousands of tickets still available!
  9. Wait until the week of the show. Pit tickets will be available on Ticketmaster's website. Ten of thousands of reserved seats are still available for the San Antonio gig. I still expect an Alamodome ticket blowout sometime this summer. Hopefully, the San Antonio show will be cancelled, so I won't be tempted to make the trek to South Texas. The fact that the GNR NITL setlist is set-in-stone has really turned me off.
  10. Darn! I wish Green Day had kept their show scheduled for the same day as the GNR gig. It would have driven the value of GNR tickets even lower.
  11. I'm in Vegas now. I'm going to attempt to tape the local classic rock cover band, Phoenix at the Mandalay Bay Mizuya lounge tonight at 10pm. This band kicks and the show is free!
  12. December 31st is still available at The Joint.
  13. I might go see Vince Neil on NYE. Just to get taping experience. However, I'd only attend this show if $10 tickets can be had.
  14. Unfortunately, there are no big NYE shows in Vegas that I am aware of. Last year I taped Slash at the HOB on NYE. That was amazing show! It was Slash's final solo gig before the GNR "reunion".
  15. At this point, it appears GNR will not be performing in Vegas for New Year's Eve. I'm heading to Sin City tomorrow and will be there until early January. If anyone hears anything about a rumored show in Sin City, please let me know, so I can attempt to get a ticket and tape the show.