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  1. Darn! I wish Green Day had kept their show scheduled for the same day as the GNR gig. It would have driven the value of GNR tickets even lower.
  2. I'm in Vegas now. I'm going to attempt to tape the local classic rock cover band, Phoenix at the Mandalay Bay Mizuya lounge tonight at 10pm. This band kicks and the show is free!
  3. December 31st is still available at The Joint.
  4. I might go see Vince Neil on NYE. Just to get taping experience. However, I'd only attend this show if $10 tickets can be had.
  5. Unfortunately, there are no big NYE shows in Vegas that I am aware of. Last year I taped Slash at the HOB on NYE. That was amazing show! It was Slash's final solo gig before the GNR "reunion".
  6. At this point, it appears GNR will not be performing in Vegas for New Year's Eve. I'm heading to Sin City tomorrow and will be there until early January. If anyone hears anything about a rumored show in Sin City, please let me know, so I can attempt to get a ticket and tape the show.
  7. As a die hard fan, I am not tempted to buy any 2017 tickets this early. I suggest waiting until your GNR show is few days/weeks away and then pulling the trigger. I was able to pick up 2 prime seats, each $89 below face value for the Arlington, TX show, eight days before the gig, via StubHub. These seats were 11 rows closer than seats in the same section, that I picked up and then returned during the presale. Buying such expensive tickets many months in advance is a bad idea! I plan to attend the San Antonio show. However, I won't buy my tickets until August or September, from a desperate scalper. I will NEVER spend $300 to see ANY band again.
  8. I will too! Make a move in 8 months or so. You'll make out like a champ! $300 is just too much money for one ticket in this economy.
  9. The Guns N' Roses San Antonio show has been on sale for almost 2 weeks. There are THOUSANDS of great/good/decent floor/lower level seats still available. South Texas has been an economically depressed area for decades. $300 per one ticket to the Guns N' Roses revue is likely too much for the casual fan. Expect a ticket blowout next summer!
  10. Wait a few months. The unsold VIP tickets within the first few rows on the floor will be made available at $300 each. If you give in to temptation this early, you may be sorry down the road. I won't take a serious look at the GNR San Antonio Ticketmaster page until March-April.
  11. If you have the strength to buy your tickets at the box office on the day of the show, you may be pleasantly surprised with prime seats or a pit ticket. Trust me. This happens at every event. I am hoping that a second show is added in San Antonio. A gig on Saturday September 9th, would be a godsend for fans travelling to the Alamo City. Historically, the second show in the same city did not sell well on the 2016 tour. I recall deep discounts being offered in Chicago. A second gig in San Antonio would produce thousands of discounted tickets for price sensitive fans.
  12. It is likely that I will attend this show with good friends from Austin. We will wait until the summer of 2017 before purchasing tickets. This year, I have learned that it is best to wait until the show date is close before purchasing GNR tickets. I am hoping to score floor/lower level seats near the stage, for below face value next August/September. $300 for a single concert ticket is too much. Especially in an economically depressed area like South Texas. I also believe that if the 2016 setlist is used for the 2017 NITL tour, this will drive fans away and soften sales. Come on GUNS, give us a NEW show in 2017!!
  13. The Vegas 2016 HD MKVs are now on Usenet. Please like this post if you download the Vegas HD MKvs from the Newsgroups. Thank You!
  14. The San Antonio show will be indoors. The Alamodome is a cavernous old indoor stadium that was built in 1993.
  15. PRIME Nightrain seats are available for the San Antonio show are available via the interactive seating chat on I still plan to wait!