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  1. Message from Merck and Axl

    I live in/around Portland. For whatever reason, I decided at the last minute not to get tickets. Ok, quite frankly I was having drinks with a girl from work who'd I'd wanted for the past 3 years. After all the shizzit that's gone down over the years, you're damn right that this woman was a better choice than G&R. I had a better chance with her than actually seeing G&R anyway... Guess I made the right decision. Anyway to answer the question... I wouldn't have felt like my safety was in jeopardy due to alcohol bottles or even pyros. Hell, Motley Crue was here in '05 and they ALWAYS have bottles (Jaeger, Jack) on the stage. In Lewiston this year they even went about passing the Jaeger bottle through the crowd. The only safety concern I had was the fact that I wanted to get close and I knew that meant I'd have to deal with all the jackasses who still think mosh pits are fun. There was the most violent one I've ever seen at the Godsmack show last month... losers. Anyway, I'm not sure what to think. Did G&R's reputation precede them and did the fire marshalls really pull a dick move? If the answer's yes, then I'm actually happy Axl walked away from about $200k in ticket sales. If it is true, then I hope that the fire marshalls lose their jobs. Or is this really just another Axl screwjob? I wouldn't doubt that either, but it sure does seem like Axl might not be the cause this time. Hard to believe... but it just may be true. I saw the full lineup in Portland back in '93 (with Brian May!!!!) and they blew the f*ing doors off the place. Perhaps if there had been an album and a better promotional campaign... they would have sold the place out again. Maybe then with a potential packed house... both sides would have seen the insanity of situation and let the show go on. Here's a link to the Portland newspaper article... in case anyone cares... http://news.mainetoday.com/updates/007865.html Jesus Christmas... I just listened to the fire marshall interview. He sounds like the biggest stuck up jackass who was on a freakin' powertrip.... Thanx for doing such a shizzy job representing the state and making us look like a bunch of assclowns!!!
  2. Press statement on canceled Portland show

    Pyro's is no f*ing excuse. I was just there 2 weeks ago for Godsmack. they had big pyros. Motley Crue last year? Big Pyros. I don't know what happened, but it wasn't the freakin' pyros....