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  1. Why do people turn on the old members like Bucket and Brain?

    Anybody that posts as well thought out as you did is smart whether I agree or disagree with what they say. Great conversation, I wish more people could talk like this instead of name calling.

    You really think that's why they cancelled the rest of the tour?
  3. Why do people turn on the old members like Bucket and Brain?

    If I wanted to call you a stupid asshole, I'd call you a stupid asshole. Clearly you are not stupid, you just say some stupid things. There is a major difference between the two. We can agree to disagree. This isn't keeping GNR alive, it's keeping Axl's career alive. GNR died quite a few years ago, and you could argue that it started to die when Izzy left (I believe that to be true). I hope Axl does well with his solo career, I hope Slash and Duff do well with VR or solo projects or whatever they decide to do. I don't blame them one bit for trying to stop Axl from ruining the name of the band that they helped create. I applaud them for it. If Axl is going to do everything he can do to cash in on the name (exactly what he is currently doing), then I encourage them to do the same. The image is tarnished today and will be further tarnished with CD's release (if that ever happens). Some people manage to just love this band despite the fact that they have yet to accomplish anything. I'm waiting for them to deserve respect before just handing it to them because Axl managed to manipulate his way into ownership of a name and hired a bunch of guys to replicate the previous band. It's not the same band, it's not a better band (at this point and likely never will be). I understand why Slash and Duff did what they did. It was out of love and respect for the band, the music they made, and the fans who made all of them what they were and what they are. They also did it because it was a chance to get some revenge against someone that screwed them over. They are human, they make mistakes. The difference is they don't blame everybody else and make other people (like multiple managers for example) scapegoats for their fuckups. I have a lot more respect for what they've done to progress and grow over the past 10 years than anything Axl has done since the UYI days. Whether you love what they've done or not, you have to at least respect the fact that Slash and Duff have put an effort into pleasing their fans. Sure, they've made money and they deserve to. You bash them for doing it, yet you applaud Axl for hiring a whole new band, not advertising anyone in the band other than himself, touring as the band he used to be in, and falsely claiming an album would be out so that people would show up to another Chinese Democracy tour? Wake up, you've been duped. Axl tells you to fuck off and treats his fans like shit (only announcing something when it becomes clear to him that he is about to lose the few people that have stuck with him through all the nothing he's delivered), lies about delivering an album, then cancels concerts because not enough people are showing up using the need to finish that same album he promised as an excuse - now there is a genius.
  4. Glowing Review (Universal City, Dec 17th)

    Judging by your response, I'm in the right place. I'm not much of a VR fan anyway. I'm just a GNR fan waiting for this band to do something (anything really) worthy of all the adoration they seem to be getting from a very small, but extremely vocal minority. I will gladly praise them once they deserve to be praised. Talk to me in March when the album's hopefully out and we'll see what kind of band we really have here.
  5. Glowing Review (Universal City, Dec 17th)

    Some people don't want reality. They want to live in a world where anything associated with Axl is great and everything formerly associated with Axl was great until the second it ceased to be associated with Axl, at which time it instantly turned into a pile of crap.
  6. Why do people turn on the old members like Bucket and Brain?

    Actually, I said he makes himself appear uneducated, not that he was. If you're going to quote me, please do so accurately. On to your question: Calling this band Guns n Roses is selling out. Touring playing almost exclusively the old music is selling out. Falsely promising a new album so people will show up at the concerts is selling out. Cancelling the shows that a couple thousand loyal fans bought tickets to because you couldn't quite sell enough tickets is selling out. Cancelling the remainder of a tour to finish an album that should have been finished years ago isn't selling out, but it is interesting considering the ticket sales for those shows. Is VR selling out because they play a couple GNR songs at their shows? No, because their set list is dominated by their own music. If they toured playing mainly GnR and STP songs and mixed 3 or 4 songs of their own in, that would be selling out. Selling out isn't what the new band has been doing in the US either.
  7. Why do people turn on the old members like Bucket and Brain?

    Axl isn't selling out by playing AFD with hired hands? Please. I don't blame anybody for trying to stop the new version from happening. More people should have tried. Additionally, you have no clue what Slash and Duff intended to do or what their motivations were, so save your breath on that one. All you do is make yourself appear uneducated on the subject and that's not what you want to strive for when backing up your opinion. You are welcome to your opinion. Nowhere did I say you weren't. I just wanted to point out how you've allowed it to become twisted by the lies and misinformation coming from the GNR camp instead of basing it on common sense and reality. You are welcome to operate that way if you so choose, but when you say something stupid as a result, it will be addressed.
  8. Why do people turn on the old members like Bucket and Brain?

    The old guys didn't abandon you. They abandoned recording a ton of music without vocals. They abandoned a self-rightous dictator of a lead singer. They abandoned 8 more years of still waiting to release a follow-up to the UYI albums. They gave you something Axl doesn't want you to have: new music. Is it great? No, but it's better than a few 4-8 year old songs being played as though they are new and keeping up with the changes in the music industry. If anybody other than Axl was doing this, everybody would look the other way. But it's Axl, so you keep looking and calling mediocre songs great. The old guys didn't abandon you. Axl did. But instead of just cutting ties, he kept you hanging on until you've become a junkie that just wants more from him regardless of how good it is.
  9. Why do people turn on the old members like Bucket and Brain?

    If people turned on Slash, who is everything GnR stands for, then they will turn on anyone as long as it means they are sucking up to Axl.
  10. Izzy Stradlin joins Axl at Guns show in L.A

    Imagine what they'd do if Slash were to appear.
  11. So Slash was right....

    It wasn't Axl's fault. I think he blamed the Chinese Navy and Air Force for threatening to blockade any CD shipments overseas.
  12. Baz Knows CD release date....

    Good one. A personal insult. I like it. The problem is that I can prove you're ignorant based on the lack of intelligence in your posts. How exactly would you know if I had an ugly face or not? I'll answer for you. You wouldn't, but since you can't attack the post, you attack the poster. Quite manly of you. Now if you want to say I have a bad attitude or something along those lines, well, I can't argue with you there. Life's too short to get all worked up over an album that may or may not exist. Relax and enjoy the good things you do have such as AFD, Lies, UYI I, UYI II and maybe even TSI. In all the excitement about a few new songs, people (other than Axl of course) have forgotten the great GnR albums we already have and can enjoy at any time.
  13. Baz Knows CD release date....

    Who's definition of "soon" are you using?
  14. Baz Knows CD release date....

    Well, that makes you an idiot too then. Hey Axl: you fucked this up royally. Nice job. btw, Axl wouldn't have any other band members in his sig or avatar.
  15. Baz Knows CD release date....

    Honestly, I already think he looks stupid. Can the CD come out in less than 3 weeks with no word or promotion from anyone? Sure. Will it? Not if they want to have any chance of it being successful. Axl can't afford to gamble with it after 14 years.