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    DC's reaction's to the bad reviews.
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    Killer Joe
  3. What's the beef between Shrek and Ghost? I know he has the album but what initially started the issue?
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    What's the difference between a Jew and Santa Clause? Santa comes down the chimney.
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    F is for Family. Bill Burr's fucking hilarious

    Basically this. You're overdoing the cardio. I'm clean bulking I'm at 154 I'm loosing weight but I'm adding the muscle and definition.

    Lift some fucking weight then.
  9. The Hateful Eight - New/Second Trailer!

    Giving it a rewatch right now. Thought it was underwhelming on a first view.
  10. He could barely play it in 92 he's not gona be able to play it now.
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    Produce manager in a grocery store.
  12. Yeah... but maybe people wanna see the old guys playing together again and not a fantastic guitar player they don't associate with classic Guns N Roses? So Gilby?

    I use the app my fitness pal, but as far as macros go no idea. Diary > click Nutrition > select Macros (other 2 options are Calories and Nutrition) Carbs Total(169) 36% goal 50% Fat (62g) 30% goal 30% Protein (158g) Total 34% goal 20%

    I use the app my fitness pal, but as far as macros go no idea.

    -Breakfast is usually egg whites, yams, or whole peanut-butter on whole wheat toast or a homemade yogurt parfait. -Lunch is usually protein shake(after a workout or cardio session) then I usually have some form of other protein like chicken, lean redmeat(I eat it once a week) salmon, tuna. For carbs and veggies I usually have brown rice, spinach, broccoli, nappa lettuce(Chinese cabbage) or yams if I didn't eat any at breakfast Dinner depending on what time I eat I work late some nights so when Its usually no carbs so I grill chicken and season it with maple jalapeno sauce have a shake if I worked out late lots of veggies again alternate if I had broccoli for lunch I'll have mashed cauliflower, or a steak or chicken salad. I do have a cheat day but it's not like pizza(unless it's homemade) or Mcdonald's, I go to a restaurant and a regular item I get is lobster ravioli but instead of a giant garlic loaf I get a chicken salad as a side. I cut out dairy Greek yogurt and feta cheese aside, I use almond milk for my shakes, red meat once a week, I don't use ketchup or BBQ sauce on food anymore I used ground seasonings. I was never a big beer drinker I prefer Guinness or any cider really so cutting out beer wasn't hard, pop was a bitch to quit. For snacks I get a mason jar and pour water and add fruit and veggies let it sit in the fridge and I'll snack on that or I eat some almonds, I work in the produce section so I sneak in a grape or an apple. I'll have ice cream on in a while on a cheat day again not huge on dessert. I've gone down to drinking coffee black, I'm slowly transitioning to black green tea, I don't want to cut out caffeine entirely. The short answer of this is high protein, shit load of veggies, occasional treats, and making the most out of my time in the gym.