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  1. Yeah don't like the title track of it, but Hey Blue Eyes is a great song.
  2. www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3m0BXVKPu Bumpin' this thread, this was uploaded today. Stunning live performance of my favourite song from High Hopes. Bruce gets very emotional in the intro. Stunning vocal outro.
  3. ^^ SO JEALOUS Also they've been uploading pro-shot videos of highlights from the Australia trip and some 2013 stuff. this man is just a legend
  4. I love Prince but man you are severely underestimating Queen. They've sold three times the records that Prince has. John Deacon is a criminally underrated bassist and Roger Taylor is a great drummer with a strong voice. Brian May is a guitar virtuoso and you can't claim he is inferior to Prince when it comes to playing, they're different sort of players. And Brian May has said numerous times Freddie himself sometimes wrote the parts Brian was going to play. Like the guitar riff in Death On Two Legs, the post-opera section guitar riff in BoRhap etc
  5. False. The Captain & The Kid from 2006 and The Union w/ Leon Russel from 2010 are GREAT records. He had some bad years in the nineties but lately he's been doing some really good stuff.
  6. I love it as well!
  7. My man crush deepens!!!
  8. U2 Discussion

    Same here, just heard them for the first time. Ordinary Love is just great.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoPlmZOESuc hit me one more time!!
  10. Holy fuck, Bruce played Brisbane last night and... CAPS indicated tour premieres. 01. STAYIN' ALIVE (Bee Gees cover) 02. IT'S HARD TO BE A SAINT IN THE CITY 03. DOES THIS BUS STOP AT 82ND STREET 04. Growin' Up 05. Spirit in the Night 06. High Hopes 07. Just Like Fire Would 08. YOU CAN LOOK (BUT YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH) (Sign Request) 09. Sherry Darling (Sign Request) 10. Save My Love (Sign Request) 11. FADE AWAY (Sign Request) The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle full album 12. The E Street Shuffle 13. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 14. Kitty's Back 15. WILD BILLY'S CIRCUS STORY 16. INCIDENT ON 57TH STREET 17. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 18. NEW YORK CITY SERENADE (w/ strings) 19. Darlington County 20. Waitin' on a Sunny Day 21. The Rising 22. The Ghost of Tom Joad 23. Badlands Encore 24. Glory Days 25. Born to Run 26. Bobby Jean 27. Dancing in the Dark 28. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 29. Highway to Hell (w/ Eddie Vedder) 30. Thunder Road (solo acoustic) .. Dat setlist.
  11. I like the modern touches. I'd rather see Nils and Bruce himself handle all the guitar solos the next time around but Morello's work on HH is pretty good. Biggest benefit is Aniello being a great producer, I could only dream about Magic with the same sound quality as High Hopes ;_;
  12. I got the boot from Johannesburg... LOVE IT. Sure the sound isn't flawless, but it's better than any audience recording ever. It's like you are there. The setlists so far this year have been off the charts! Adelaide just now: 01. (LOVE IS LIKE A) HEAT WAVE 02. JACKSON CAGE 03. She's the One 04. BACKSTREETS (w/ SAD EYES interlude) 05. COVER ME 06. High Hopes 07. Just Like Fire Would 08. Hungry Heart 09. BETTER DAYS (Sign request) 10. The Promised Land (Sign request) 11. The River 12. American Skin (41 Shots) 13. LONG WALK HOME 14. Pay Me My Money Down 15. Shackled and Drawn 16. Radio Nowhere 17. Lonesome Day 18. The Ghost of Tom Joad 19. Badlands Encore: 20. HUNTER OF INVISIBLE GAME 21. JUNGLELAND 22. Born to Run 23. RAISE YOUR HAND (Sign request) 24. Dancing in the Dark 25. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 26. ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD 27. I'll Work for Your Love (solo acoustic) 28. Thunder Road (solo acoustic) Shut up and take all my money!!!!
  13. Tour started. Goddamn Bruce is just incredible at covers