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  1. This is a TWOW preview chapter book spoiler that still applies to the show; As for the poster, this is the only one I'm aware off; The other posters in question are fanmade, based upon what people assume will happen in the show from what they've read online.
  2. Any thoughts on the US press releasing details of the name of the killer/cause before the police let the UK media talk about it so they could investigate it first and now releasing the pictures?
  3. The terrorist was born and raised in Manchester a decade before this was an every other week thing.
  4. Jinder could always hold it to Mania too and we could have another title reign equal to or worse than JBL's ridiculous title reign in 2004. JBL held the title for almost a year and his highest rated observer title defense on PPV was 2 stars... It was so bad, I literally went from a fan who had been watching every PPV since I became a fan to skipping them.
  5. Might not want that, WWE india tour is in September. That might mean A.J. or Nakamura (yikes, why's he in a multi-man ladder match on 2nd PPV?) putting over Jinder at SummerSlam.
  6. Can we all agree that "liberating Iraq" didn't make the world a safer place? Yes, there was 9/11 in the NY. That said, before our middle eastern excursions outside of Afghanistan I don't remember the news reports in this part of the world every night being about the risk of jihad attacks.
  7. So you're focusing on Corbyn and tabloid stories as opposed to policies and the fact that the person he's running against is as much a vicars daughter as Pazzu. I take it you didn't even watch her interview last night?
  8. The explosion supposedly happened outside the venue as people were exiting.
  9. Absolutely fucking awful. Prayers with those there and their families.
  10. Zayn was over, before they buried him with that backstage stuff and losing constantly. Zayn could actually have good matches and has actually won occasionally. Jinder is someone who lost almost every televised match he's had for years. He was literally in the single figures as far as wins go counting his previous run. It cannot be justified. He's a Canadian doing an Indian gimmick. Might as well have just pretended Roman Reigns was suddenly an Indian, same logic. He's also completely roided up. Terrible promos, terrible wrestler.
  11. Orton may have had yet another disastrous title reign, but this is still the equivalent of Pete Gas winning the WWF Championship in 1999. They're setting record low ratting for the company every few weeks, so with any hope they can have it drop so low during this title reign that people stop using the term "record low".
  12. I certainly don't bet! Do read the results since they've called almost every show except Fastlane over the past year or two. Read that the betting swung back to Orton late. We'll see, well you guys will... I'm not watching. -edit- Just watched to see the Nakamura match. That was bad, should have been a squash. Probably shouldn't have even involved Ziggler either. Really preposterous. That's why they don't create stars anymore.
  13. That wasn't his signature move though. fyi for tomorrow night; Betting is normally right. Unless there's a late swing tomorrow. Betting numbers are because of people in the know that work for the company.
  14. That's the most optimistic poll so far, it's still basically a landslide in seat terms.