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  1. He still claimed he never made a studio version of one of them and was out of the band soon after. I know there's alot of cynicism around that era, but what would have been the point of them recording them for a studio release? I'll take him at his word. People are just creative with stuff, not to say that everything's fake. I think he did listen to the fans, that's why a remix album never emerged.
  2. ...And if anyone cares he said years ago when asked about one of those instrumentals, that it was fan made and he never made a studio version.
  3. She's too hot to die . In all seriousness what a stupid plan. Surely there's more effective ways for Sasha to get herself killed.
  4. Very uncomfortable with Bill Clinton's stance on Martin McGuinness. Peace process or not, the guy was terrorist who was behind the killings of many innocent people of both religions. Blowing pubs and then saying for freedom. Really disgusting. Then there's the money Americans would give them, thinking they're fighting over something from hundreds of years ago.
  5. What even is smark? It's some bizarre term only people on wrestling forums use. Hunter drove of many people's favorites wrestler. One of the most popular stars of that generation, of course they're not going to forget. It took many years for people to forget what happened with Bret, it'll be a decade before the Punk chants stop at least.
  6. Jericho's latest contract is up in a few months and he's going on tour with Fozzy before it expires. June or July is his last PPV date.
  7. That's not something to be proud of.
  8. That's because most crowds are dead. That's their product.
  9. It is going to Shibata vs. Okada. There's not much WWE equivalence, but I guess imagine if Cena/Orton in the past 13 years or so hadn't ever had a main event program, Orton had beaten everyone down the years except Cena, but never held the title despite being pushed just as strong and only had 1 singles match years ago. Obviously Shibata/Okada are much better, but you get the point. Not criticism of you, but the term smarky crowd in 2017. It's really silly. It's basically just cities that still watch Wrestling where the company still draws wrestling fans i.e New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Toronto. It's such a cynical term.
  10. Ooooooh might get Shibata vs. Okada at Sakura Genesis the week after Wrestlemania. Should be very interesting.
  11. So much for unity.
  12. I like the Quarter Final draw.
  13. Honestly think Madox comes across as really sleazy. I wish no harm on Xavier, but if Paige faces fallout... he should too. I think the fact that Rock is making a film about Paige's life will make it very difficult for WWE to be too reactionary about this though.
  14. ...And Xavier Woods at the same time.
  15. Poor Paige. Just been to reddit. Thought it was nonsense, but nope... I watched the videos just to make sure . I don't think Rock will include them in the film.