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  1. yea, when i first moved out there and someone took me on "the tour" i was like, "lol wtf?!" Always thought it'd be funny if a huge gang of Detroit's homeless organized a walk-through one day haha.
  2. wouldn't be surprised if they're staying at someone's house in Gross Pointe (mansions galore) or Townsend in Birmingham. Most effed up thing someone can experience in Detroit: be on Jefferson Avenue. Stay on it. You'll eventually drive through shitsville. All of a sudden you cross into Gross Pointe and it's like night & day. Enormous mansions like you've never seen. Beautiful neighborhoods. All on the same road.
  3. Nah, mate. He said he would lean Democratic as that's what he usually leaned. So, you know; not entirely but somewhat. Sorry. Back to our regularly scheduled program.
  4. Nah ah. Pretty sure the only explanation he gave for not voting was, "California usually leans left, anyway." So, you know, not exactly a complete identification one way or the other.
  5. Pretty certain the jeans are Mike Amiri. Little less than a grand.
  6. YUP
  7. That was nearly 30 years ago. They paid their dues and earned the stardom, respect and every other perk that comes with being a celebrity. That's the goal for a lot of bands and they reached it. Guns N' Roses deserve every bit of "good" they fought for as far as I'm concerned. And if that includes having special jackets printed up for their friends, then well, good. edit: The first time I saw one of these jackets in person was while I was waiting at my gate in LAX for Vegas. Andrei Gollata was on my flight and he was wearing his. These look badass in real life.
  8. Well look who we have here, lol... Good to meet you, Sir.
  9. Wait wat???? Is AIC already on???
  10. OH MY GOD THIS IS SO INSANELY AWESOME!!!!! Just checked into Monte Carlo and the merch booth is right in front of it! AAHHHH Vegas crawling with GN'R everywhere!!!!!!
  11. What is the source of this??
  12. Anyone here in LAX right now? I board at 11:55 for Sin City. edit: and if that were the case, I'd imagine a good probability of us being on the same flight, no? I'm wearing the tie dye Illusion Tour shit, have long hair, leather jacket, etc.
  13. Can't remember if posted this here, earlier, or in Celly but is anyone else staying at Monte Carlo that happened to snag an extra GnFnR wristband they were giving out?? Would frickin love, love, love to be able to grab one of those! Boarding my flight from LAX to Sin City momentarily...
  14. Anyone else staying in Monte Carlo that happens to have gotten an extra one of the GnFnr wrist bands?? Would totally love one like crazy...
  15. I'm sure this picture file is inevitably going to be way too large & annoying looking- sorry in advance- but, if anyone from the Celly group is here: if you notice me, please totally say what's up! I'm missing the meetup right now but am headed to the airport as soon as I finish posting this. AAAAgh!!!