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  1. I'm probably posting this on the wrong website, but I think the current band is cool as hell. I love everything about them, including Ashba and the awesome performances I've gotten to witness over the last bunch of years. Regarding the raincoat that people seem to be so hurt and offended by, RIR wasn't the first show where he'd worn that. If not mistaken, the first time he wore it was somewhere indoors. The guy felt like it. Just having a hard time understanding what the problem with it was. I mean, did ppl talk as much shit when he wore that baseball catcher's thing back in the day?
  2. The 'I can't believe they haven't invented it yet' thread.

    ........ lolol WAT
  3. The love/sex/relationship thread

    Would like to thank everyone for their responses to my question. Genuinely, honest-to-goodness appreicate. Also, Lenny, I would like to remind you that you are the man, haha.
  4. The love/sex/relationship thread

    i don't know if i can go through the whole thread to find the answers i seek - and lol at me just posting the following on 4chan thinking i might get some good responses - so i'll just leave it here, wondering if anyone can provide insight: Question for anybody in a relationship; namely dudes in relationships with chicks: What motivates you to 1) want to be in the relationship and 2) stay in it? Like, depending what age you are, in the back of your mind, do you contemplate her being "the one" that you might marry? Is that scary at ALL? My issue is that there is a world of women out there. I can't believe that everyone that is faithful in a relationship believes she is hot enough for you to stick around with and not cheat on. Don't you view it as a bit of a prison at all? Or is the reality of steady sex and attention and affection enough of a motivator for you to want to stay in it? edit: this sounds mysoginistic. i don't mean it like that. it was just spelled out in such a tone bc, you know, 4chan. I just mean that guys always seem to have eyes for other women, regardless of their relationship status.
  5. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    i remember all the way back to the early 90s, how mystified i always was with the t-shirts Axl wore and wondered to high hell where he ever got them and what brands they were and stuff. And really even to this day, too, which is kind of why this thread even exists. And then haha I imagined how funny it would be if on the next tour, he wore the same jeans and jewelery and hats and stuff, but his t-shirts were totally generic, regular, mall kiosk style shirts like, "VOTE FOR PEDRO" and "U mad bro?", trollface, etc. haha.
  6. God, he looks so fucking cool there.... dat time period, lol. I don't know why ppl here give him shit about his current look. Clothes-wise, it's really just an extension of his styles back then, minus shorts.
  7. [RUMOR] New album coming in 2015 according to Kaneda

    Respectfully, I still disagree. Axl & co have treated me to 7 amazing albums and 7 amazing live shows. I get to follow highlights whenever they're touring by way of Twitter and get to watch fan-filmed videos of concerts that the band is cool with leaving up. I see no reason to take that "ya but the FOO FIGHTERS.../Metallica/Pearl Jam!!"-kind of attitude. Great, good for those bands and their fan bases. I like what I get from GN'R. What's wrong with that?
  8. [RUMOR] New album coming in 2015 according to Kaneda

    Happens from time to time. Other bands have had to do it before, too. Really though, I've never heard of anyone talking about meeting Axl and saying that he was a dick or anything.
  9. [RUMOR] New album coming in 2015 according to Kaneda

    So far every reply hasn't been an actual reply, lol. If you're talking about him not doing stuff like documenting the recording process of music or releasing frequent albums, that's really not being douchbaggy at all. That's just the way he conducts things. If say, he was personally attacking fans to their face, telling ppl to gtfo during a picture or autograph opportunity, you could have argument.
  10. [RUMOR] New album coming in 2015 according to Kaneda

    How is he a douchebag to his fans?
  11. Duff on 'The Jasta Show' podcast

    Oh yea that's true lol sorry bout that good point
  12. Duff on 'The Jasta Show' podcast

    I think ppl tend to use the word "obsessed" way too easily. In this case, I'm almost positive Duff was doing that (using the term loosely) and he didn't actually have an obsession with said poster. I'm sure you know what I mean. As for Axl, I don't think it's really fair to say he had an obsession with an ex-forum member based on one post blasting they ass. And since I'm sure I'm probably skating on thin ice on this subject with forum rules and all, I'll speak in a hypothetical sense: I'd be ripshit-pissed, too and want to blast someone if they kept constantly helping to spread rumors and lies about me, too. Anybody can talk shit, but to be doing it to the point where it gets your band bad coverage in the media; well, that fucking sucks.
  13. Vocalists That Remind You of Axl...

    Singer of Nazareth Old singer of Trouble (YouTube "plastic green head," "the eye," etc.) Always thought vocalist of Cindarella a little too. The first two though, totally.
  14. hell-to-tha-motherfucking-yes, nes pro wrestling