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  1. 2016 tour

    which show would people say has the best audio? want to add a show to my ipod
  2. 04/08/2016 - Las Vegas - T-Mobile Arena

    Sorry if this has already been asked(so many posts) but is the gnr exhibit being setup in Vegas? If so where?
  3. MyGNR 2016 Tour Ticket Swap Thread

    I have an extra ticket to the April 8th GNR show in Vegas. The seat is section 226 row J I will sell the ticket at what it cost me. I don't need the ticket anymore, since I manged to score another single concert ticket a little bit closer. Please pm me if interested.
  4. MyGNR 2016 Tour Ticket Swap Thread

    I'm sorry what is ticket swappers?
  5. MyGNR 2016 Tour Ticket Swap Thread

    I have an extra ticket to the April 8th GNR show in Vegas. The seat is section 226 row J I will sell the ticket at what it cost me. I don't need the ticket anymore, since I manged to score another single concert ticket a little bit closer. Please pm me if interested.
  6. Making of November Rain

  7. Does anyone know which show this footage is from?
  8. Las Vegas 2000

    Glad the forum members are liking this post. One thing I forgot to add, is at the end of the show, Axl slammed his microphone down on the stage and it bounced right into my arms. It was spinning when it hit my chest and I couldn't catch it. It hit the ground and when everyone looked for it, it was gone. Some lucky fan managed to scoop it up and it still bothers me to this day when I think about it. I would love to have another shot at making that catch! It was just such a shock and it was also 3:35am PST for a guy who was coming from the east cost. I was also lucky enough to see GNR the following year at Vegas and while it was fun, it wasn't quite the same. Meeting up with the fans before the first show in 2000 was such an incredible experience that couldn't be replicated the following year. Plus, as people already mentioned, after not seeing Axl after so many years (other than the two or so pics of him playing with Gilby), the first HOB show was just something special What are people planning on doing before the April 8th show this year?
  9. Las Vegas 2000

    As we are likely approaching a new era with the GNR band, I wanted to look back at the first Las Vegas show with Axl and his new band. I was lucky enough to go that show. I was 22 years old at the time. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any friends to travel all the way from Toronto to Las Vegas with me just to see a Guns N' Roses concert. In fact, many of my friends thought I was crazy and they all seemed to think that the band just wouldn't be as good without the original members (looking back, they were right). However, the excitement of this show, after trolling the Guns N Roses newsgroups (run by Jeff Boreo(sp?)), along with the freshness of the internet in which everyone had their own GNR website on Geocities, Angelfire, etc., just made it something I had to see. I ended up finding two people on the internet to room with me - Dennis & Bob (you guys still around?). Again my buddies wished me luck with this idea. However, although I didn't know these two guys, the amount of discussions, speculations, etc. going on back then, made me feel like I knew these guys and that we had a camaraderie. I remember running into a bunch of people that I had spoken with on the web for a few years prior - Ravi, Jan, John M. It was a blast - although waiting in the line to get into the GA after Goo Goo Dolls finished at the House of Blues was not my favourite time, especially with security making us stand up! Is there anyone else on this board who also went to that show? What are your memories? I'm again going to Vegas to see them this year, however, now I am going with my wife and 2year old daughter. Although, I am again seeing them on my own. lol
  10. 04/08/2016 - Las Vegas - T-Mobile Arena

    Personally I would think Section 10 is a better seat. For one, you have row B, so that right there is basically front row in that section. A plus there. Another plus IMO is its a straight view of the stage. Understandly 226 is cooler cause its Slash's side but you're also ALL the way on that side. Almost to a fault. Who knows what the stage is gonna look like and if it'll be an obstructed seat. And you're in row J there, so halfway up in an already high side seat. Which is why I'd take 10. You get a better view of the whole stage, as well video screens I would assume, whereas I think with 226 you'll either be watching a video screen all night or no screen and you're just on a weird side angle, possibly to a fault. Not to mention what was said that the sound is probably better in 10 since its supposed to fill the arena as opposed to 226 which is probably right next to a speaker, which to me is never preferred. I'll be in section 10 night 2 and I'm looking forward to those seats. Would prefer closer, but for what it is at least you're seeing the whole stage. If it were me, I'd definitely take those, but I also don't know the arena so what I was saying about high up could be wrong. And I would totally get if people want to be as close on Slash's side as possible, no matter where the seat is. But thats just my two cents. Thanks guys for all your help. Now my next question is would any forum member like my section 226 row j seat (for $$$) or like to trade for a ticket for the april 9th show? please pm me if interested.
  11. 04/08/2016 - Las Vegas - T-Mobile Arena

    I have two single tickets for the April 8th Vegas show and I only need one. One seat is Section 10 row B and the other ticket is section 226 row J. My question to the forum members is which do you think is the better seat for the show? I wish I knew how to paste the seating image into this post so instead I have the link below: https://tickets.axs.com/eventShopperV3.html?wr=56518aff-4e00-4d79-8953-6c6ad49826c8&calendarView=1&preFill=1〈=en&locale=en_us&eventid=306247&ec=LVA160408&src=AEGAXS1_WMAIN&skin=axs_tmobile&fbShareURL=www.axs.com%2Fevents%2F306247%2Fguns-n-roses-tickets%3F%26ref%3Devs_fb
  12. pm

    do you have to pay to pm people now? I can't seem to figure it out.
  13. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    Are one of your tickets available? If so, send me a PM.
  14. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    Who here got tickets and what date? I'm in the standby line for weekend 1. It's taking a looong time!