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  1. Thanks guys for all your help. Now my next question is would any forum member like my section 226 row j seat (for $$$) or like to trade for a ticket for the april 9th show? please pm me if interested.
  2. I have two single tickets for the April 8th Vegas show and I only need one. One seat is Section 10 row B and the other ticket is section 226 row J. My question to the forum members is which do you think is the better seat for the show? I wish I knew how to paste the seating image into this post so instead I have the link below: https://tickets.axs.com/eventShopperV3.html?wr=56518aff-4e00-4d79-8953-6c6ad49826c8&calendarView=1&preFill=1〈=en&locale=en_us&eventid=306247&ec=LVA160408&src=AEGAXS1_WMAIN&skin=axs_tmobile&fbShareURL=www.axs.com%2Fevents%2F306247%2Fguns-n-roses-tickets%3F%26ref%3Devs_fb
  3. pm

    do you have to pay to pm people now? I can't seem to figure it out.
  4. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    Are one of your tickets available? If so, send me a PM.
  5. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    Who here got tickets and what date? I'm in the standby line for weekend 1. It's taking a looong time!
  6. Axl Rose Art (Painting or Photo)

    yeah I saw that on ebay too. it is good, but looking for something a bit different. thx
  7. I'm looking to print a picture for our house of Axl Rose. I'm looking for a picture of him that shows his softer more emotional side, not a hard rock pic! I've been scouring the web, but thought the good community of mygnrforum might have other choices. I did find one many years ago of him at the piano that I liked but can't find it anymore. Oh I am looking for the classic Axl not our "fitter" Axl. Thanks in advance.
  8. Technical Ability

    In 2006, I always thought that Bumblefoots Knockin' on Heaven's Dorr solo (after the second verse) sounded very disorganized and chaotic. I enjoy the DJ Ashba solo much more, enough for me to lift it to incorporate into my own playing. Again, it's nothing spectaular in terms of ability (just playing off of the major scales) but it works. Yes I have heard that Jazz guitarists praise both Bumblefoot and Buckethead. What I was saying is that I'm into GNR to listen to good melodic rock, not a guitar competition. If I wanted to listen to something technically amazing, I'd throw on some Wes Montgomery or George Benson to name a few jazz players. My point is that so much of this forum is dedicated to how DJ Ashba misses notes, is not technically good, etc. What matters are the songs. I think Chinese Democracy had was too much going on in the songs and that the instruments needed more room to breathe. I'm hoping DJ Ashba can at least contribute to a more melodic, blusier feel. One final note is that I hate shredding. To me it's one of those things that is cool to see for the first 10 seconds and then it becomes completely boring.
  9. Technical Ability

    Why are there so many people on this forum concerned about the technical abilitiy of the band. I understand times are slow and there really isn't much to talk about right now. However, I just don't get why this is so important to some people. If this is the case, wouldn't it make sense for Axl to fire everyone and just pull people from different schools (i.e. Berklee) to get the best musicians? This is my point that it's not all about who is better at guitar, drums, bass, piano, etc. It's about the songs and the attitude. If I wanted to see great musicians, I would go watch Jazz, which by the way has guitarists even better than Bumblefoot, who everyone seems to hold in such high regard around here. I love this band beacuse I love Axl's voice (when it's in good shape) and the music. Looking at what members of the band, I could argue that DJ Ashba has been the most successful of the bunch. The Sixx:AM songs are by far the catchiest songs that anyone in the band has released. I know it's all subjective, but I think Fortus is hands down the best guitarist in the band, simply because of diversity in his playing and his melodic abilities. I wish that guy would do a proper solo album. I also have to say that Frank is excellent on drums. Listening to him live he definitely adds that little bit of swagger to songs (like Estranged, November Rain, Used to Love Her, etc.) I've met all the band members (except Axl unfortuately) and they were all super nice to me -- specifically DJ Ashba, Fortus, Bumblefoot and Frank. I don't get all the hate on here. On a different toic, if someone wants to hear a good guitarist, go check out John Mayer live in L.A. The playing, guitar tone and melodies are amazing. I had no idea he was such a good guitarist until a few months ago.
  10. I don't know how more of you wouldn't want to see them in their early formative years. I've seen lots of the post-1993 band but would love to see those early club days.
  11. dont make subject titles so long
  12. How Many Shows Have You Attended?

    Toronto 06/07/1991 Hamilton 03/11/1993 House of Blues 01/01/2001 The Joint 12/29/2001 Auburn Hills 11/21/2002 Toronto 11/29/2002 London 11/30/2002 New York 12/05/2002 The Joint 09/16/2006 The Joint 09/17/2006 Toronto 11/15/2006 Ottawa 11/17/2006 Cleveland 11/24/2006 Hamilton 01/24/2010 London 01/25/2010 Montreal 01/27/2010 Toronto 01/28/2010 Houston 11/04/2011 Dallas 11/05/2011 Norman 11/09/2011 Hamilton 11/28/2011 Detroit 02/21/2012
  13. Guns N' Roses in Oklahoma

    I have to say that Ashba was quite cool. I got to chat with him three times throughout the day and he's the one that gave us the backstage passes. Great guy!
  14. Guns N' Roses in Oklahoma

    Well, the hotel staff was so nice to me and I don't want to blow their cover! The whole band was so nice though. DJ, Bumble and Frank in particular spent lots of time downstairs in the lobby. The great thing was that there were only 3-4 of us fans there so we could monopolize their time. I talked to DJ quite a bit actually and he gave us backstage passes. Although, nothing really happened backstage that night other than us seeing more of DJ for a few minutes
  15. Guns N' Roses in Oklahoma

    I promised the hotel staff I wouldn't say where it was, but you can probably figure it out. Why did it take so long? Pure laziness!