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  1. The crushing weight of Estranged

    You did exactly what I said you would do, imagine that! You make claims openly in a public forum, then refuse to substantiate them. I too used to be a "skeptic" and that's why I can so easily label your claims as nothing more than prejudicial conjecture; meaning you substitute arbitrary conjecture for knowledge, meaning that though you call yourself a skeptic you have failed to do any investigation whatsoever and instead you state things as fact that are obvious fantasy because 30 minutes in a library would show this, much less some time on the internet.... Yes, there are things than cannot be proven in regards to....almost every aspect of life. But the points you brought up, and then claim to be in a skeptic group, really show the amount of research/education that you have. Anyone who has done even the slightest been of investigation knows the clams you made are ridiculous and unfounded. Even as a believer I can name several things that I cannot answer about my faith, and many more that I can answer. Someone who has investigated a subject should at least know the well knows points on both sides of the argument. But you wont even identify your faith to us whether it be naturalism, empiricism, relativism, post-modernism, darwinian evolution, etc. It's sad that even after I point out that you are one to make claims that you cannot substantiate, you continue to do it by saying you eat people like me for breakfast, yet you have failed to do anything other than run your mouth and bump your gums... Im not hear to win an argument. I came here to give me opinion on the sone Estranged and why I am a much more joyous person than when I first started listening to it, and why I no longer relate to, though I remember when I did. Anyone who knows the truth, based upon putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, wants to share that truth. You have no truth to share, and instead want to steer people away from the truth, because misery loves company. The truth can stand on it's own, and that's why I have no problem sharing it with others. The truth is never arbitrary, contradictory, relative, inconsistent or anything else that your claims, whatever they may be, ARE.
  2. The crushing weight of Estranged

    You are a coward. You made a bunch of claims that you cannot back up and now will go into hiding. If you have the truth, share it with people. But it appears that you want to steer people away from the truth by making false claims and refusing to substantiate them. I think the members of this board know all to well from numerous examples in life, including many examples from just this band, that when the truth is revealed, there will always be people who want to hide the truth who will jump up and down, call people names, use claims that get peoples attention and sound logically possible, but when investigated are proven to have no merit, and then the ones who started the false clams in order to lure people from the truth disappear, after the damage has been done. You sir have picked an excellent screen name. As for being a cupcake, I replied to the original thread starter. I was then asked buy the thread starter to continue the discussion, which I did. That my friend is not being a cupcake.
  3. The crushing weight of Estranged

    Acually this is another one of your false claims. You continue to make unsubstantiated claims. Since you wanted to comment, why dont you tell us what evidence you would expect to find, or what evidence would you like to have to believe it? Since we cannot prove it using the scientific method, just like you cannot prove where you were last night with the scientific method, tell me what types of Legal Historical evidence you would like to see? Here is a link to just SOME of the evidence: Here Please, if you are going to make claims, be prepared to back them up.
  4. The crushing weight of Estranged

    LOL, well we know why we didnt argue that you are Estranged!
  5. The crushing weight of Estranged

    Of course I believe in gravity. I can prove it through the scientific method. I can display it and demonstrate its existence. T But the big band contradicts the very "laws of science" So what do you believe Orsys? Will you add to the conversation or just throw stones?
  6. The crushing weight of Estranged

    Ok, Ill discuss with you if you like. If you dont believe in God, then I'd like to ask you a few questions. We all have the same facts to work with. But we all interpret them differently. This is because we all have different "worldviews" A worldview is like a pair of glasses. You dont see the glasses, but you see through them, and they color the way you see the world. Every has presuppositions. They are things that we suppose to be true, before we can investigate anything. We presuppose that our senses are able to perceive reality as it actually is. We presuppose the the world is orderly and that there is a uniformity in nature because this is required in order for us to do science. If we did not have uniformity, meaning that there were no "laws" of nature, we couldnt do scientific testing. So we all have presuppositions. The collection of our presuppositions gives us a worldview. And our worldview helps us to interpret the things we encounter in our world. So the next step is to determine what your worldview is. Is your worldview rational? Is it livable. Is it consistent? Most people have worldviews that are not consistent nor livable, and then profess one worldview, but live another. So let me ask you your opinion on the following questions. You said you do not believe in God, so then how did the universe come into existence? Was it always in existence, did it created itself, or was it created? How about life? Where did it come from? And more specifically, where did human life come from? What is man's purpose on earth?
  7. The crushing weight of Estranged

    I used to have that tape too... To be honest, I remember being so ..amazed and intrigued by whichever side I discovered first that I wasnst even aware the song was on both sides for several weeks! Man was I excited when I found the other half !!! Listening to it in my bedroom as a kid is a vivid memory. Watching the music video brings back vivid memories. I love pulling it up on youtube. Probably the most important GNR song to me. However, I have gotten over this song. I am no longer "estranged." I still love the song, and the memory of what it used to mean to me is still there. Axl was my hero then. I was immature and didnt know any better. I still have respect for the man for many things, but I surely dont idolize him anymore. Why am I no longer "estranged" you may wonder? Well, through Jesus Chris I have a relationship with my Creator God. This completes me, fulfills me and brigs me joy - not happiness, because happiness is fleeting and comes and goes like the weather... We were all created as 3 part beings - body, spirit and soul. We know how to feed the body, and the soul we learn how to appease somewhat, but as many of you know, you still feel an emptiness. Until your spirit is linked with God, you will always have than emptiness. You will try to fill it with anything other than God, because our human nature is that we are rebellious toward God. So we try to fill that void with other things - music, relationships, food, alcohol, drugs, sex, education, power, money, possessions...... and we discover that nothing fills the void, so we do even more of whatever thing we have been trying to fill it with, and more and more and more, and then we start adding more things on top.... I think Axl himself said it best in MRB - "I used to do a little but a little wouldnt do it so the little got more and more, I just kept trying to get a little better said a little better than before..." I wont continue this discussion on this thread, but if anyone would like discuss in another, I am more than happy.
  8. I think This I Love is an embarrassment.

    Dont use that argument? Ummm... you asked a question - what has Axl lost that wasn't 100% his fault, and I answered the question. I'm not making an argument for anything, simply answering the question that YOU asked. Now would you like to continue the discussion based upon the parameters of the question/statement you made, or are you going to continue to step sideways, change the subject and not address the answer the your question? Do you still hold to your statement as truth, or would you like to restate your position?
  9. I think This I Love is an embarrassment.

    How about his innocence - which was lost when he was molested as a child? Explain that one to us please ..
  10. Official Reading thread

    Why does the "official" REading thread have no info in the first post? ?? 30 pages of crap to wade through, great
  11. Anybody else hoping Axl shows up late on Friday?

    I guess I dont understand what is "late" If Axl has always come on stage whenever he is ready, and he tells the fans that, and he tells the promotors that(who's job it is to know about the bands they book and everyone knows Axl goes on when he's ready) then what is "late"? And if we KNOW that he goes on when he wants, and thus doesnt come out when someone else wants him to, how can anyone be mad? Whenever a friend gets mad at someone for doing something to them I always ask "Are you surprised" If the answer is "no" well then how the heck can you be mad? If you are not surprised by someone's actions, then the only one you can be mad at is yourself for expecting otherwise! Axl says he goes on stage when he feels he is ready. And thats what he does. If you dont like it - dont go see him. Its just that simple! This is not a movie at the theatre! You are paying to see a man perform that publicly admits that he will not take the stage until he is ready. It doesnt matter if that is professional, or if that is what PJ does, or anyone else for that matter. You are paying to see him, and he will go on stage when he is ready JUST LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD.
  12. why is axl still touring chinese democracy?

    How many bands are touring that havent released music in 20 years? Oh wait, I forgot AC/DC did release an album that sounded like every other album for the last 20 years. My bad. Fact is: There are people that have never seen Axl Rose perform, and want to do so. They could call it the AFD tour, and people would still go. Quit complaining and hating and do something positive with yourself, instead of bitching and moaning about some that A. ultimately doesnt matter B. no one wants to hear you bitch about C. you cant do anything about D. is exactly what Axl said would happen afters the release of CD E . should I go on?
  13. I want Axl MY WAY !!

    Ahhhh, another expert on how Axl should act and perform. I bet you know better than he does as to when he puts on the best performance. And I bet with you as a personal trainer, you could ever change the mans biological clock and reset it and MAKE him do a better job earlier in the day. I know, I know, sleep labs and many other scientists havent truly been able to "change" people, but I bet YOU know BETTER.
  14. I want Axl MY WAY !!

    If I had to work 3 more hours, Id consider the families in this world that are homeless, starving and watching their children die of starvation and from diseases that a simple immunization would fix. Then I would consider all the people in the US and other countries that are unemployed, and going hungry and I would THANK GOD that I have a job. Then I would wonder Im posting thousands of posts per year on a bands message boards that I complain about, instead of seeing what I can do to help the people around me.
  15. I want Axl MY WAY !!

    They contacted THIS WEBSITE and CLARIFIED IT !!! http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?showtopic=166899