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  1. I definitely like BCS better than BrBa. It goes to show how important characters are in a show. BCS has far more likeable characters, whereas all the likeable ones in BrBa are in BCS anyway. I would have never finished BrBa if it wasn't for the fact I was in college and living with roommates at the time. Jimmy's explosion this past episode made my blood rush. Man that was great.
  2. This is my pussy. She ain't too bright but I love her just the same.
  3. I almost ran over a cat at Whataburger yesterday. It was cute too. The furry bastard would have a loving home too if it didn't run away when I reached for her. Oh well.
  4. John Lennon hated Jews?
  5. Why am I not surprised.
  6. How the hell anyone can eat Peeps is beyond me.
  7. Isn't it sad? Pabst makes some shit near-beer, but Coors Banquet is surprisingly drinkable. It's funny. Hurricane makes a 3.2% 40. I'm like bitch please.
  8. It is illegal to purchase cold beer above 3.2% in my state. You can purchase higher abv and liquors however they can only be found at liquor stores. These conservative laws are coming to an end next year. The people voted to update our liquor and beer laws. It is tough to admit, but I have been drinking 3.2 beer for so long I have forgotten the extra kick higher abv beer provides. I'm too lazy to go to the liquor store and chill higher abv beer, and honestly the beer has been warm for so long it doesn't taste as good. It will be interesting. I'm a daily drinker, so my alcohol consumption is going to change drastically in January.
  9. I used to gamble quite frequently but decided to drop 2k in the stock market instead. It's always going up and down, I can enjoy it from my Lay-Z Boy, and store bought beer is cheaper.
  10. Ouch.
  11. I'm going all conspiratard.
  12. Well I just broke out in hives and my body looks like burned Deadpool. So strange. The only thing I can do is sleep it off though.
  13. The N64. It got me through some times. Last time I've played it was in college, drinking beer and tossing rocks to Randy Moss in NFL Blitz against my buddy. Shit. Hopefully my brother still has it.
  14. I felt the ending was a little bit of a let down. The best they could do is have a two minute clip of Zelda saying 'Thank you.' Okay I get it. It's a videogame but the buildup and playthrough was too intense for such a soft ending. Game wise it will probably go down as my favorite Zelda game and my second favorite videogame I've ever played. I don't know though. The ending bothered me though. No payoff.
  15. I feel like this is the perfect time to bring up beer cheese soup and beer battered bratwurst. Both are awesome.