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  1. Vince Neil Drops mic
  2. The woman is out of the house. Drinking Rolling Rock and playing video games until I pass out. Reminds me of college.
  3. Sounds like commie talk to me.
  4. The problem here is that when religion is practiced, it is taught (ex. the Teachings of Jesus).
  5. Sometimes I hit the petstore on the way back into town. It's more affordable than the zoo and I can bring in my own food.
  6. Not a fan of Superhero scripts but Doctor Strange's visuals were stupendous. I could hit the bong and watch a few of those scenes in cycles.
  7. Yep! Trying to stay out of debt and get my kicks along the way. You know how it is.
  8. Let me work a decent wage, and leave me the hell alone please. That's really all I ask.
  9. Steel Reserves and a pizza. It sounded like a good idea at the time.
  10. Hey ZoSo! I like it here and every so often there is something I'd like to share my thoughts... How have you been?
  11. INFP.
  12. I took a Meyers Briggs a few weeks ago to better understand myself, and I am contemplating going back to school as a drug abuse councelor. It's ironic I know, but it fits my personality and my interests to a T. Even if I don't succeed, it seems to be a topic I am genuinely passionate about, and if I fail I can always do what I am doing now. Public disclaimer: I am also drunk right now.
  13. Barring any tampering with the voting process in the next election, I can see this country voting extremely liberal. I think we as people think politics is an easy fix when clearly it is anything but. So voting extremes kind of compensates for the drastic positions of the oppositional party. We kind of see this throughout our country's history, and it will probably become more radical as time goes on people change. Donald and Bernie are just the beginning. The gap will get wider until both parties agree on an issue to blame.
  14. I don't think we should take life so seriously. Okay yes. I am not saying to deliberately make questionable choices and go, 'lol, it's just life', but I think we as people put too much pressure on ourselves in unnecessary situations. Truth is nobody makes it out of the world alive whether rich, poor, happily married or miserably single. Rather than worry about whether a girl likes you, use it as a learning tool. What went well with her? What didn't? Where can I improve and how can I help her improve? It's a lesson learned in time and a lot easier to learn outside of high school.