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  1. Announcement - New Admin team

  2. Search function broken

    Yes it is, it's all good to go and certified to work well from now on.
  3. Welcome Back MyGNR

    I've posted about the Forum being down (suspended) here: http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?showtopic=186566 Eric (admin)
  4. The Forum was down for a few days with a mention that the account was suspended. The host company had put the costs up considerably due to recent traffic. I've just reactivated using Googld Ad revenue. I'm thru putting up my own money to run a Forum wich benefits the band but leaves an individual with the losses (me). I'm currently looking into options for a solution. PS. To anyone who tried to send me an e-mail, my personnal e-mail was down from saturday Apr 21st to 24th, this is totally unrelated to the Forum being down it was a technical problem on the other hosts part. So any e-mails sent to me in that timeframe should be sent again as it was not delivered.
  5. New top banner please?

    So many nice looking banners! I'll have to change them more often! Banner has just been changed, thanks to Coma2k fit it! Eric (admin)
  6. Can't find my content

    Was made awaye of that bug last night by Gunsguy. I'm looking into it. Small bugs are to be expected after upgrades and or server switch. Thank you for taking the time to report the issue.
  7. Forum back online

    The Forum was offline for a bit more than 24 hours due to a server switch. Appologies for the downtime. Everyone can now relax and enjoy Forum members will gradually be able to access the Forum while the new DNS propagates worldwide. This will be completes in a few hours.
  8. Login now required to read the boards?

    Technical problem. Members need to login for now to view board. All other features working fine at this time.
  9. "Array" error when sending a PM?

    What internet browser are you using? What is the OS?
  10. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    I'll be at Honest Lawyer 6PM with Montrealer, Gunsguy, and others for supper & beers. I'll be wearing a black leather jacket with distinctive white line. See you there! Can't wait for concert!!
  11. Dexter's oct 23rd post - Not him

    At 8:20 Pm tonight a post was made under Axl's account Dexter. The post contained the words : 'In 2012 there will be new record '. Beta confirmed that it was not Axl who made this post. This explains why the thread was deleted. Either his e-mail account or forum account were hacked. His account has been temporarily locked while the issue is investigated and sorted out. Eric (admin)
  12. Performance mode

    Performance mode is deactivated. Forum back to normal, all features are active.
  13. Performance mode

    Performance mode activated in order to accommodatre more users.
  14. Performance mode

    Letting Forum members know that "Performance mode" feature could temporarilly be activated later today. While in performance mode, certain forum features are disabled (such as search feature and certain images). It's still possible to read and post while in Performance mode. Forum will return to "Normal mode" when traffic permits it.
  15. I'm IP banned... I have been since I got un-banned

    Humm. Well I have no PM's from your account in recent and not so recent history. Posting publicly about an issue like this will get you no where (I assure you). Simply send me a PM and I'll see if something can be done (or not) about the issue. *Thread locked* Eric (admin)