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  1. Just because someone talks, wishes or dreams about Izzy being a part of the show doesn't make them a hater...
  2. The one with the little kid is great
  3. Besides a little clipping, this was good
  4. I'll look, but if you could do the dirty work for us it would rock \m/
  5. That was Civil War
  6. Still waiting for someone to post a better one.. I know there have been some.
  7. I love this place.....
  8. I'm a pro.. I grew up idolizing Slash...
  9. I figured I could post this here. Something else I never noticed or at least don't remember.. How HUGE and fucked up were they back then? Slash is obviously wasted and the Roadie comes and puts a cig in his mouth... Not sure if it was lit or not.. Still wondering what the hell was in the cup from the YATF video... Maybe some liquid E or something? A Gift from Shannon?
  10. Looking forward to reading this.. Too much Whiskey and I gotta work in the morning though.. A couple more live vids might be easier.
  11. It could. I have been thinking that as the perfect scenario for a few weeks now.. That would officially be boner jam time...