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Lone Sal Bug

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  1. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Anyone picked up the new RedFaction game? Looks really good imo.
  2. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Dudes should just talk about Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver for a few days, that's where the real shit is at.
  3. Slash's Twitter update discussion thread

    C'mon guys, this dude said something bad about Slash, let's rip him apart The reactions are priceless; it's a shame it comes back down to this Axl Vs Slash thing it really is. I'm looking forward to seeing what Slash can produce, hopefully the Ozzy track is a good one, not really sure how it'll all turn out.
  4. Anyone Else Excited For Eminem's New Record?

    My top 5 tracks 3.AM - Best single, love it. Medicine Ball - Awesome. Underground * Stay Wide Awake Beautiful
  5. Anyone Else Excited For Eminem's New Record?

    My favourite track I think.
  6. Anyone Else Excited For Eminem's New Record?

    Downloaded. only 5 tracks in, and I'm very much impressed, Em's just as twisted and scary, but funny and innovative. My Mom is a new favourite. "Insane" was especially disturbing..
  7. VIDEOGAME Thread...

  8. 2009 Death Pool draft!!!!!

  9. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Best game ever Thnx for the reply SF, guess I'll have to resist temptation to kick ass with Dhalsim again .
  10. *Appreciating Elvis*

    My friend is rather obsessed with Elvis, he got me into the King Creole album, it's really good and I'd recommend it.
  11. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Is Street Fighter worth getting without the online capabilities? I've always loved the SF series but I'm wondering how much Life-span this new addition actually has.
  12. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    DSi can't play gameboy advance games. FUCK THAT.
  13. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Our very own black sabbath is going to be famous. And get out of here, Resi is going to be awesome. Was a little dissapointed they've kept the basic story line thing from 4, those parasites that jump out of zombies heads.
  14. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    It can take a great hold over your social life, but you give it patience in return. Fantastic game, think you'll like it a lot.
  15. That's brilliant thanks man. I believe.