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  1. Haha its like he's totally trolling us! Pretty much what a lot of this fandom forum thinks when the Seeker starts. He also said during KOHD "and it just keeps on going!" Haha the sentiments of many on here about how KOHD is too drawn out. Makes you wonder:). That being said...don't change a thing Guns, the average fan at these shows loves the setlist.
  2. Haha well the station as a whole plays a lot of GnR, just not Pierre Robert. Several other of their DJs are pretty big fans.
  3. Yea his name is Pierre Robert. He's kinda a legend in the philly music scene and has been around forever. He is still a DJ at the great WMMR 93.3 radio station from like the 11am-5pm ish time slot. He has always been extremely critical of Axl's no-show in 2002 and I can understand why. In the past he has only played like a GNR song on the anniversary of the riot and always dubbed "HE'S A FLAMING TURD!!!" soundbite into the song. Recently he came in early and the Preston and Steve morning show fellas asked how he felt about the GUNS show and he was actually pretty diplomatic about it but said he would probably NOT go to the show. He said he would only forgive Axl if he did an interview with the radio station to apologize or give a free concert in philly. Axl's appearance in 2012 at the Electric Factory in philly and his "mostly" apology helped a little but Pierre is still no all forgiving.
  4. Shit is gonna be dope.