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  1. Chinese Democracy

    Nah, it wont be on for the simple reason that the album is not coming out. If you aint realised that at this point then blind faith doesn't even come close...sorry to be pessimistic but im a realist.
  2. Official: Band balked at alcohol ban

    I did and something just doesn't sit right with me, why on god's earth would a fire marshall, in this day and age not expect people in the crowd to be drinking and so on. It doesnt add up. What does add up are the ticket sales...and not to very much!
  3. Official: Band balked at alcohol ban

    If this stuff is true, why do they HAVE to have alcohol onstage, they should be pumped up enough with the fact that they are playing to a bunch of people who have spent hard earned cash going to see them, they are acting like prima donna rockstar bitches. Hell, Axl was out of the game for the best part of a decade, he should be greatful people are still interested
  4. Does Brain still talk/work with Buckethead?

    So Brain can play with Praxis and Bucket, but can't find time for GNR?!
  5. Anthony Kiedis On Axl Rose

    Man, that's some lame foreplay right there. Didn't even use the tongue
  6. Exclusive: More Juicy “Chinese Democracy” Tidbits

    The 15 year wait is all the promotion they need
  7. I Want To Bond With The Members..

    They bond together over money
  8. Las Vegas and other U.S. Tour dates

    When they playin Philly?!
  9. The sarcasm detector is well and truly out then?...
  10. The Last 4 Years

    He stayed at home and lost his mind. It took him 4 years to find it cause his mansion is so large.
  11. Ahh, all this talk about the album. Can't you just wait until the album comes out?! anyone would think you've had to wait years for it?!...
  12. Yo, im hearin ya. I mean, people's faces just change shape naturally all the time right?!. And btw, Nugent is a tool.
  13. ..solo November Rain..

    what...are...you...on?........................................... and....can.....i......have.....some?!.........................
  14. For Gods sake, Those who have, need no more!

    And zero response from those greedy motherfuckin yankees!
  15. A Worrying fact that has been troubling me

    Jesus, i think you worry too much If you like the songs yourself then what does it matter who else does or doesn't like them?!