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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    LOL. Really, you two should go get a room.
  2. Axl/DC Roll Call

    Dammit, really want to do this, but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it.I really wish that there was at least one show on the west coast. Crossing my fingers and hoping that after NITL, Axl has enough gas in the tank for the east coast shows to go well enough that the mighty AXL/DC beast may be unleashed out west too - even if it's only one show.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Except for wanting to legalize weed, these guys sound pretty much like the lately socially-liberal Toriesin the UK, who've enforced belt tightening under Cameron (not that they are all like that of course - they still have some real conservatives among them).
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    This actually sounds pretty good, and I admit that despite my fears about someextreme libertarian positions. If these guys had Trump's pizzazz and Hillary's money they could have been a viable third option.
  5. For fans of MBTI and other psychological type theories - post your type and discuss the theories here. This thread takes off from @Ender04's and @sanity_lost's posts on type theory and the debate about Axl's MBTI 'type' in the 'Can we comprehend Axl better...' thread in Civil War. IMPORTANT - Please do NOT discussAxl's, or any GN'R band member'spyschological type or your theories about themin this thread, and instead take those to the aforementioned thread (I request the mods to enforce this, so that this stays in Anything Goes) Feel free to discuss and debate type theory, its development, application and validity.If you've taken a certifiedformal assessment or an online personality test, post the resultsand also specify how, why andand where you took the assessment/ test. Information about theMBTI assessmentand similar tests The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type indicator) -is anassessment that is based on the theory of evaluatingindividual preferencesto determinepsychological type. Itis formallyadministered by CPP (consulting psychologists press) or bycertified professionals. For more info and to take the test- KTS-II (Kiersey Termparement Sorter) - is an assessment that is based on the theory ofevaluating displayed traitsto determine psychological type. Online personality tests - Many online websites offer free 'personality' tests that provide results using MBTI acronyms. Theseare not certified MBTI assessments and do not use the framework developed by Myers and Briggs. They follow a traits based approach similar to KTS-II. Other popularpsychological 'type' tests - Big Five - Socionics - Enneagrams -
  6. Can we comprehend Axl a little better…

    Interesting hypothesis. You must however alreadyknow that MBTI (i.e., the authentic, formally administered version which isbased exclusively on theJungian schoolof Analytical Psychology which has been around for more than a 100 years)and which has data collected from over 40 years of assessments and about a century of, enabling it to very graduallyrefine and titrate its questionnaires for precision over time), is a personalityassessment (not test)of individual preferences, and not traits.So, the only way to know what Axl's true MBTI type is, would be for him to take the assessment, and share the results with us. The issue with websites like 16personalities and any number of other random faux MBTI 'tests', which give the genuine MBTI assessment a bad name,is that they are based on alternativeschools of thought,which maintainthat observed and demonstrated traits are a better indicator of an individual's psychology. I think that this approach,developed by poseurswhosework was never based on any kind of apainstakingly developedand empirically testedtheoretical framework of the sort created by Jung, is just psychobabble. It has lead to the ludicrous classifications, that you see on the internet,of living and long dead people, who never took the MBTI assessment,as being one type or another. Really, how does an armchair psychologist have the gall to posit that George Washington was an ISTJ and that Alexander the Great was an ENTP and that Jesus was an INFJ? How much more bizarre can you get by maintaining that nations have 'types' - that America is more 'Intuitive', that Brazil is more 'Thinking' and Nigeria is more 'introverted'?Really, the fucking bullshit that utterly destroys the credibility of what is,despite some shortcomings, actually a remarkable, long used anduseful tool for gaining a better understanding of individual behavior.The idiocies of the sort that even go so far as toclaimthat Superman is an ISFJ and that Tarzan is an ESTP. Appalling. 16personalities in particular, is a front for 'the big 5' classification system,the recent fad going around. Most of the other fake tests are all rooted in the basic traits-focusederrorof the originalKeirseyheresies. This is not to take away from the effort and thought thatyou put into your analysis. You gathered sufficient evidence andstructured your argument well.Its weakness however is that just as the trait based personality tests do, itworksbackwards by choosing whichpreference-dichotomiesare representative of Axl'scognitive functions, based on his observedtraits,and not on hisactual preferences that have been recorded as having been expressed or stated. Further, this approach has the in-built error of extrapolating the cognitive functions (introverted sensing, extraverted intuition etc.) based on the assumed representative preferences (E vs I, T vs F etc). MBTI actually works the other way round - it assesses theorder of precedence of thecognitive functions by evaluating preferences in behavior and thought. The arrangement of the four alphabets that make up the acronyms (ISFP, ESTJ etc)forthe different MBTI types, while representingthe preference dichotomies, merely reportsthe assessment's classificationof the cognitive functions (as dominant, auxillary, tertiary, inferior). However, if you were to follow theapproach that you've taken, and consider trait over preference, to construct Axl's personality type,you mightwant to reconsider two of your conclusions - Firstly, before concluding that Axl beinglate to shows, makes him a 'P' and not a 'J', you need to look at the larger picture. With apologies to any Ps reading this,Axl is if anything, fucking decisive and if anything, that would make him a 'J' and not a 'P'. He might be a perfectionist and take his time in doing somethings (CD), but he does do things on what appears tohis own schedule. He clarified thison the forum when he said that he's always been 'ON' only after midnight, ever since his boyhood days when he would sneak out of the house, and that he always preferred to start the shows at 12:00 AM even with old Guns. The position that people who are late are by default 'P'salso discounts the possibility of potential psychological disorders that can impair time management, which MBTI simply cannot account for. Forinstance,all 16 MBTI types are equally liable tohave anxiety, or bipolar disorder, or ADHD, or BPD- impairing their natural preferences, but without changing them.( In fact, as I have mentioned in the 'Axl's personality' thread in civil war, information about any such issues, would probably clarify many of his actions, which are unfathomable and frustrating to many people,much better).Further,as far as I can recollect, Axl'sstated preferences on how he likes things run andhow he approaches everything, show that he really isn't veryflexible. Hardly the hallmark of a 'P' type. Secondly, as far as T vs F goes, while Axl certainly displays characteristics ofhighintelligenceand can articulaterational thought processes, these are not indications of him being 'T' over 'F' (In fact, they probably just display a bias towards introverted thinking rather than extraverted thinking, but I digress...). If anything, it would seem from available evidencethat Axl acts against the rational option and that hehas displayed a bias towards expressing verypowerful emotional, empathetic and sensitivequalities ( if you canlook past displays of socially unacceptable behavior that wererooted in formative influences that were to put it mildly, challenging). While you've noted that he possesses extraverted feeling, the matter in questionis the order of precedence among the cognitive functions. Going by traits, it would seem thatAxl prefers 'F' over 'T'. Your choices of I over Eand N over S, ifbased on the traits displayed byavailable evidence, are sound. So, whatdoes that lead to - I over E, N over S, F over T, J over P. INFJ. The rarest of rare types. Supposedly, the type representing~1% of the population. As already indicated, I'm not at all a fan of typing dead or imagined personalities based on traits. But, since that isvalid according to the traits based approach to categorizing type, which is the method being followed by this exercise, Axl shares his type with those rare transcendent, prophetic, world conquering, mesmerizing figures who are conjectured to be INFJs - Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi and Yeshuason ofMiriam, aka known as the Christ. HALLELUJAH!!! YES, my fellow Axlites ( or rather, the more extremeamong you),you've always been right. Axl ISJesus. The temperament sorter is bullshit. Keirsey wasthe originator of all the fuckery that led topeople being psychologically typedaccording to the traits they display (or in the case of dead and imaginary people, have displayed), without consideringtheirown behavioralpreferences. I won't even go to Kerisey's ridiculous theories about the links betweenmental disorders and psychological type. MBTI's strength is that it is based on the principle that an individual is best placed to assess their own personal preferences. Its weakness is that when individuals attempt to characterizetheir preferences, they can sometimes be dishonest because they think that they should be something they are not, and they can sometimes be deluded by thinking they are what they are not, and they can simply be misguided by themselves, by assuming that a recentor forced deviation from the norm represents their true inclinations. if the assessmentis taken objectively, without being influenced by aberrations and distractions, it should provide consistent results. This doesn't indicate that the framework denies that people change - in fact, it puts forward the explanation that as people gain more experience and grow older, they develop the inferior functions that @Ender04referred to and these round out their personalities or balance their inclinations to act in certain ways. Anyhow, without any hypotheses aboutAxl's or everyone's favorite Smurf's MBTI type, it would be interesting to have an MBTI/type theory thread, in which people interested in this sort of thing can post the results of their assessments, as well as discuss type theory. I'll start one in Anything Goes.
  7. Keep the United Kingdom United

    It doesn't matter whether Roger Moore ,or Boris Johnson, or Harry Potterplaysthe best Bond. James Bond is a Scot.
  8. Keep the United Kingdom United

    I wish the Scots well.But honestly, it would be a tragedy forScotland to become independent, if for nothing else, only to seeJames Bond kicked out of MI6 and lose his 007 statusfor being a foreigner.
  9. Ali, you were my favorite poster. It sucks that you're not around in these epic times. We need you back.

    1. Slash787


      Isn't this the same weirdo who used to write Ali after sentence, I guess ive seen him in another forum, he is doing good there it seems. 

    2. The Archer

      The Archer

      Yes, he used to sign his name at the end of his posts. I've seen other people on the forum do it too and don't see anything weird about it.

  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

  11. Just curious, but after going through the transcript, what stood out to people here,that they didn't catch on first listen? For me it was - confirmation that he does getwinded/out of breathwhile running on stage, 'thirty years ago the band was all on heroin', the lack of freedom in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, The 'are you afraid of death question', the interviewer calling a questioner a fool and most importantly, Axl saying that he considers being among GN'R fans a safe zone/comfort zone, as compared to when he is under pressure, when he's in front of the AC/DC crowds. I don't think I caught any of this stuff on the first couple of listens.
  12. What are THE best Axl/DC videos so far? Let's make a list!

    He's just put some good ol' hip shakin'and hip rollin'into Brian Johnson' cock-a-roach stompin'.
  13. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    Interesting opinion piece by the historian Andrew Robertsin the WSJ the other day, about Britain's relationship with the US vis-a-vis Brexit - Britain and Obama’s ‘Back of the Queue’ I hope that Americans who know what self-government means to a free people will rally to the cause of an independent Britain. ANDREW ROBERTS June 17, 2016 6:12 p.m. ET On June 23 the British people will be going to the polls to choose whether they want to continue with the present system whereby 60% of British laws are made in Brussels and foreign judges decide whether those laws are legitimate or not, or whether we want to strike out for independence and the right to make all of our own laws and have our own British judges decide upon them. It’s about whether we can recapture the right to deport foreign Islamist hate preachers and terrorist suspects, or whether under European human-rights legislation they must continue to reside in the U.K., often at taxpayers’ expense. The European Union is currently experiencing migration on a scale not seen since the late 17th century—with hordes of young, mostly male Muslims sweeping from the southeast into the heart of Europe.Angela Merkelinvited them in and that might be fine for Germany, but why should they have the right to settle in Britain as soon as they get a European passport? Surely—surely—this is an issue on which the British people, and they alone, have the right to decide, without the intervention of PresidentObama,who adopted his haughtiest professorial manner when lecturing us to stay in the EU, before making the naked threat that we would be sent “to the back of the queue” (i.e., the back of the line) in any future trade deals if we had the temerity to vote to leave. Was my country at the back of the line whenWinston Churchill promised in 1941 that in the event of a Japanese attack on the U.S., a British declaration of war on Japan would be made within the hour? Was Great Britain at the back of the line when America was searching for allies in the Korean War in the 1950s? When America decided to liberate Kuwait fromSaddam Husseinin the Gulf War in the early 1990s, was Britain at the back of the line when we contributed an armored division that fought on your right flank during Operation Desert Storm? Were we at the back of the line on 9/11, or did we step forward immediately and instinctively as the very first of your allies to contribute troops to join you in the expulsion of the Taliban, al Qaeda’s hosts, from power in Afghanistan? Or in Iraq two years later, was it the French or the Germans or the Belgians who stood and fought and bled beside you? Whatever views you might have over the rights or wrongs of that war, no one can deny that Britain was in its accustomed place: at the front of the line, in the firing line. So it is not right for President Obama now to threaten to send us to the back of the line. Britain is the largest foreign investor in the U.S.—larger even than China—so it makes no economic sense for you to send us to the back of the line. Yet quite apart from your economic or strategic best interests, it also makes no moral sense for America to treat your genuine friends (you also see this phenomenon in the case of Israel, of course) as though they are your enemies, while all too often you treat your rivals and enemies—Cuba, China, Venezuela and others—as though they’re your friends. In what sane world does America put Iran at the front of the line for trade deals, while sending Britain to the back? President Obama might be very clever intellectually, but he hasn’t grasped the central essence of American foreign policy over the centuries, which is the honorable one of being a strength and beacon to your allies and a standing reproach and constant source of anxiety to your enemies and to the enemies of freedom. Fortunately, the best kind of Americans instinctively understand that truth, and outside the Obama administration nobody seems to want to relegate my country to the back of the line. Anglo-American friendship is far stronger than any one administration or government. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve read the obituaries of people who have written the obituary of the Special Relationship. It survives because it lives on in the hearts of our two peoples—who have so much more in common than that which separates us—rather than just in the pages of venerable treaties and history books. The good news is that the British people don’t seem to have taken much notice of President Obama—indeed, on the day he left the U.K., the Leave campaign actually saw a 2% increase in the polls. (As it’s neck and neck at the moment, perhaps we should invite him back?) The endless threats about trade deals and GDP per capita from the EU and the IMF and the World Bank and the OECD, instead of cowing the British people, seem merely to have excited their bloody-mindedness. They recognize that they might indeed take a short-term financial hit, but there are some things more important than money. Imagine if a bunch of accountants had turned up at Valley Forge in that brutal winter of 1777 and proved with the aid of pie-charts and financial tables that Americans would be better off if they just gave up the cause of independence.George Washingtonwould have sent them off with a few short, well-chosen words on the subject—probably derived from the Anglo-Saxon. Winston Churchill was warned repeatedly by the Treasury that it was bankrupting Britain to continue her lonely and seemingly doomed struggle against the power that utterly dominated the entire European Continent in 1940 and 1941, but he treated all such warnings with his characteristically coruscating ire. That is what people do who love their country, and that is what I hope my countrymen will do on June 23. And if we do vote to leave the EU on Thursday, I hope that Americans with a sense of history, Americans with a sense of tradition who honor friendship past and future, above all Americans who know what self-government means to a free people, will rally to the cause of an independent Britain. Mr. Robertsis the author of “Napoleon: A Life” (Viking, 2014). This is adapted from his remarks upon receiving aBradley Prizefrom the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., June 15.
  14. Here is the original list of quotes in order, that spurred this discussion from the China Exchange Discussion thread, some of which were moved to the Women's Discussion thread - @Babooshka's reply - @Whiskey Rose's reply - @Whiskey Rose's post - @Frey's post -
  15. Rumors and News ... about Angus and Axl.

    Angus looked much better when he was younger - you wouldnever call him ruggedly handsome but I guess the cute boy thing worked for him, particularly because he wore the school boy outfit and rocked a hyperactive child persona on stage. I remember watching him present an award to Ozzy a few years ago - he looks so much younger in these pics. Nowadays, he looks like an Egyptian mummy come to life, walking aroundwith its bandages unwrapped. You'd think he'd fall dead any time. @night prowlerThat pic of Bon and Angus is classic - never seen that one before. It shows off their personalities really well.