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  1. Finally, finally, finally. I've waited a quarter century for this and I'm finally going to see Guns on the 25th. It just didn't seem likely that I would be able to see them this year. After having lived on a student budget for a couple of years, I'm actually broke right now. But, I've waited a long time for this and this is the best graduation present that I can think of giving myself. So, I shall be flying into Vegas from Detroit for a day, just for this and have even got two of my friends to make it there too, They're a couple that just started dating and they both love Rock and GN'R and when I suggested this, they leaped at the idea. All three of us are so pumped. If there are any forum members around on the 25th, it would be great to catch up. My ticket says 11:30 PM, so I'm not sure if it should count as the 25th or the 26th. Hell, I can burn some more midnight oil waiting to watch Axl and Guns, and would probably be a tad disappointed if they started the show early. I told my friends to expect a long night. But, I just hope that it's worth it and that the band's going to sound great and that Axl's well and truly warmed up. Since he'll have got a few shows under his belt by then., I'm hopeful. If the band is going to cover any Acca Dacca on that night, I shall go mental. So.Damn.Excited.
  2. Sure, but this looked and sounded like a real Rock band fronted by an Axl that looked and sounded like what everyone had every right to expect. I mean, the moment those first Hammerstein videos and pictures surfaced, it was such a euphoric moment. It wasn't a caricature. It was the real thing.
  3. The braids and all the 'he's bald and that's a wig' jokes sucked too. But, this was really the pinnacle of NuGnr. The band sounded amazing and there was so much hope and anticipation for CD and Axl both looked and sang like a Rockstar.
  4. Axl, Jon Bon Jovi and Baz sharing a table???

    I agree with a lot in this post, especially with TWAT alone being better than all of what JBJ's put out in the latter half of his career. Moreover, whether JBJ is Axl's new BFF or not, I'll still think of him as someone whose music is for housewives (and maybe, once upon a time for younger women). However, I'm not sure if any Springsteen imitation from JBJ is entirely the result of a recent drive for respect. I remember hearing from an ex who was a huge JBJ fan that he first set out wanting to be another Bob Dylan, or something along those lines. Anyhow, back to JBJ and Axl - the only things that JBJ may have over Axl are maybe the long term stability he's enjoyed in his personal life and the fact that he's aged much better. Neither of which matter in a musical comparison between the two because (IMO) standing next to Axl, JBJ comes up to somewhere about his shoelaces. Yet, when I first heard this story back when it came out, it did seem cool to me that Axl didn't hold anything against Jon for those comments from a few years earlier. That and many other things go to show that he isn't the out-and-out grudge harboring caricature that many people make him out to be.
  5. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/tonight-returning-nyc-fallon-hosting-article-1.1294400 Early Days yet but if Fallon does eventually replace Leno, maybe Axl might do an appearance - Jimmy Fallon is obviously a big fan of Guns.
  6. Injured fan gunning for Axl

  7. What Went Wrong At Donnington 2006?

    lol - I always thought it was Don(n)ington Thanks for pointing it out, Graeme! Nighttrain at Donington is my favorite Nightrain of all and Donington IMO is one of the most important of all New Guns shows.
  8. Australia sends New GNR a message.....Not interested.

    Exactly...very, very impressive. Both BJ and Axl have naturally deep voices but, Axl has more of an impressive range....and as much as I really, really love BJ, Axl can probably outdo him on ANY Bon Scott original that he chooses to cover.
  9. Australia sends New GNR a message.....Not interested.

    Young Gun - you gotta admit, after all the grammar flag waving, you scored an own/self goal with that spelling mistake
  10. Australia sends New GNR a message.....Not interested.

    For someone who's probably a non-native English speaker, he didn't do badly at all. There was one error on an indefinite article and he missed out an apostrophe and the letter 's' for possession. So, unless someone's a grammar Nazi, that was a pretty good effort. Good on him for calling out a negative shit-stirrer trying to pull down his favorite band.
  11. Australia sends New GNR a message.....Not interested.

    Topic IS shit though