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  1. Media reactions to AXL/DC - good and bad

    Good Gracious. This is nothing but sour grapes. The guy is a terrible Brian Johnson imitator... ..and an even worse Bon Scott imitator - Say what you will about Axl, but he can sing the pants off this guy.
  2. Axl flips the switch heading to europe with AC/DC

    It would be really, really tongue in cheek for Axl to be singing Guns for Hire. I think that he has enough of a sense of fun to do it.
  3. Media reactions to AXL/DC - good and bad

    Bruce Dickinson on it being an 'odd' situation with Axl replacing Brian. The title is misleading though. Bruce is carefully neutral. I've noticed this in the past too - whenever the topic of Axl comes up, Bruce doesn't really go out of his way to slag him. I'm not sure that he's his biggest fan though. Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson says having Axl Rose in AC/DC is an ‘odd situation’
  4. Axl flips the switch heading to europe with AC/DC

    True, but this is the Angus who just guested with Guns, albeit to dohis own band's songs - and I don't think he's done anything like this for anyone except the Stones. But hey, guess what? They played Riff Raff - with Angus!I'm really hopeful that with Axl on board,they will shake up the setlist for the fans - given the dog a bone, so to speak. I seriously don't think Axl is going to pass up on the chance to sing some of the classics either. Heck, if he sings Riff Raff with Guns for fun and his favorite song 'right now' is Touch too much, we know that he really enjoys the old songs. Bring on Kicked in the Teeth!!!
  5. Axl flips the switch heading to europe with AC/DC

    My sentiments exactly.... "The body of Venus with arms.." Damn, one of Bon's best lines.
  6. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Out. To. FUCKIN'. Get. Me. Awesome
  7. You should have seen what this forum was like a few years ago. I've logged off many times over the years because of the insanity and the bickering and the absolute refusal of some people to be happy and just be vile and mean. But, GN'R is a crazy band and that craziness is reflected in the fandom. We are all a little crazy for still following and loving this band.
  8. I thought it was pretty obvious that what he meant was that the reason it took so long to induct Deep Purple was that with so many line-up changes, it was difficult for the HOF to decide which members to induct.
  9. This. No one knows the truth of what caused Slash and Duff to return and accept playingin a line-up that includes Richard and Frank and Dizzy and now Melissa, or the full extent of their motivations. It does seem likely that some bitter pills were swallowed, or maybe they weren't that bitter after all because$$$ wereinvolved. I'm sure that there are agreements in place that work out who has what monetary stake in things. But, till a new albumcomes out, if at all,and we can see/hear/understand who contributed what, there's just more weight towards thinking that ultimately, this is still Axl's iine-up, or at least, that he still has the final say in things. That may be a bitter pill to swallow for some but it sure looks like this is the case - every one is a hired hand now. But really, the bickering and the name calling is just pointless.The reunionists should be happy that Slash and Duff are back. The pre-CD, CD and post CD era fans can be happy too since there is representationfrom the last decade and a half or so too. I get the nostalgia that drives the push for an AFD 5 lineup, or a UYI line up as an alternative to what we have now. Butreally, what happens if after they play a few shows, theyfind out that Steven can't handle the UYI era or CD tracks or that he may be toosloshed to play, or if Izzy just decides to pack up and leave all of a sudden mid-tour, or if Gilby isn't contributing enough musical input, or if Sorum and Axl decide they don't really like each other after all? Will you guys be happy if the band then implodes? Or willyou still be around claiming that only 'your' preferred line-up of GN'R is valid because of how great they were together once upon a time, a long timeago (which they surely were), even though they may not be all that great together at this point in time? Shit is working now, or has the potential to work out better. If line-up changes happen, let them happen organically. Everyone's got a piece of something. Slash is there, Duff is there, Fortus and Ferrer are there and we have songs from all of GNR's history being played.Why not just relax and enjoy the damn shows!!!???
  10. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Is it better than the Who's version? Does it add anything to GN'R? Does it improve their set, especially right at the end? I don't think any of these. I love The Who and I love most of the covers that Guns does, but this one just sounds off and odd.
  11. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    The Seeker Why, why, why do they do this song?
  12. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Used to love her!
  13. Media reactions to AXL/DC - good and bad

    It's only a good proportion of the really hardcore fans who are upset. If you take a look at the total number of likes on the ac/dc fan page or the youtube videos of Axl and Angus performing, a good majority seem positive or in favor of the announcement and Axl performing. That's unscientific of course, but I think that the large number of casual fans and a good proportion of the hardcore fans, as well as many of those who are both Guns and AC/DC fans will approach the shows with an open mind. Anyhow,I don't see it as a bad thing that the hardcore fans are upset. If anything, it means that Axl has to work hard at getting their approval. Entirely fine by me.I wouldn't mind itif Angus hung up his boots after this, andI wouldn't mind if he continued either, whether it's just touring or even an unlikely new album. Maybe he thinks that they can pull off another miracle like they did with BIB. That's very unlikely of course, but it's going to be very interesting to see what Angus does if the pairing with Axl works out and winsfans over.