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  1. Great, great show. My feet are hurting from jumping, my head is aching from banging and I swear that at the back of my throat, I could taste my tonsils bleeding from all my screaming. This exceeded all my expectations. One of my happiest days ever, and I almost had to give this a pass. Off to bed now since I've got to get to work in the morning. I'll post a detailed review as soon as I can.
  2. Down to the last 10%. I'll keep the stream on till it dies and see you all on the other side of morning. Bye for now. PS - it's true. In person, and live they just sound fantastic. GnFnR from the Archer
  3. Sorry guys, the connection keeps cutting out . I'll keep trying
  4. This is me - The opening songs were mind blowing. I'll try periscope till my battery died. Verizon just texted me saying that I have to pay overage charges for exceeding my data limit, so fuck them
  5. Thomas r burch - James Lavelette - Marty Z - Alexandra Jarrad - Brittany Wang - JudyJudyJudy - AL Alva - Mitch Smith - - Jeans - Guys I feel guilty for not being able to periscope - so here are all the links I could find. damn the logo just came on screen and the guns are firing. People are screaming So excited! Lol.
  6. I'll try to stream from Guns N' Roses Not in this Lifetime Glendale
  7. Yeah he is pretty awesome. Much better than I expected. By the way, I think the $&@"&?! Stadium system admin has blocked the forum. i keep getting this message whenI try logging in on wi-fi Access denied You are attempting to access a forbidden site.Consult your system administrator for details.
  8. life's been a little too busy. But I couldn't miss this. Zakk Wylde is quite awesome by the way- my hair is standing on end. But maybe that's in anticipation of seeing Axl and the boys very soon.
  9. I'll try periscoping a song or two if I can, if the battery lasts and the wi-fi is good.
  10. Try this guy. He's in the front row.
  11. Tried getting a Periscope stream going but the connection is too weak. (My apologies to all the Europeans for anything I said about wi-fi in Europe during AXL/DC)
  12. I can confirm that the roof is closed and that the AC is indeed on.
  13. LOL. Really, you two should go get a room.
  14. Dammit, really want to do this, but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. I really wish that there was at least one show on the west coast. Crossing my fingers and hoping that after NITL, Axl has enough gas in the tank for the east coast shows to go well enough that the mighty AXL/DC beast may be unleashed out west too - even if it's only one show.
  15. Except for wanting to legalize weed, these guys sound pretty much like the lately socially-liberal Tories in the UK, who've enforced belt tightening under Cameron (not that they are all like that of course - they still have some real conservatives among them).