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  1. Also, as I recall the first time I watched the video for Thunderstruck on Top of the Pops, it was Slade making faces and banging the drums hard that was my favorite part.
  2. Thanks. Things have been tough, and I miss having the time to get on here more often. But, they're getting better and I hope to be back soon.
  3. ^^^ This. Also, there is the case to be made that AC/DC, as a band, is better off with Chris than with Rudd. I'm as big a fan of Rudd as anyone, but no matter how good a drummer he is, there's no point in having him if he isn't likely to be a productive member and contribute to the smooth functioning of the band. He may very well be perfect for the AC/DC 'sound'. However, if the man with all his shenanigans, contributes to the lack of any sound at all, no thanks. In addition, with all due respect, Chris already exited the band once for Rudd. Rudd was kicked out of the band and it took a long, long time for him to be forgiven. Moreover, for my money, Razor's Edge is still the high point of the last 30+ years of the band. So, let's just keep Chris Slade banging away with his slightly imperfect drumming so that we can have a happy band that gives us a few more years of trouble-free touring without any drama, and maybe even another album or two. Finally, if Axl is going to be the new frontman (and co-song writer), there's no need to keep around a guy who's going to try and be a bigger asshole/dick than King Dick himself. It would likely not end pretty. For Phil Rudd, that is.
  4. I don't think Mark Evans is ever coming back. He sued Angus and Malcolm if I'm not mistaken. They hate him the way Axl hated Slash during the 'cancer' years. Then again, seeing as how that turned out, nothing is impossible.
  5. Yeah, and that manic grin of his. It's like the Terminator 's metal face grinning, when it loses its skin and flesh. Total Machine. Love him.
  6. If anything, it should be Simon Wright, and I love Frank.
  7. Great, great show. My feet are hurting from jumping, my head is aching from banging and I swear that at the back of my throat, I could taste my tonsils bleeding from all my screaming. This exceeded all my expectations. One of my happiest days ever, and I almost had to give this a pass. Off to bed now since I've got to get to work in the morning. I'll post a detailed review as soon as I can.
  8. Down to the last 10%. I'll keep the stream on till it dies and see you all on the other side of morning. Bye for now. PS - it's true. In person, and live they just sound fantastic. GnFnR from the Archer
  9. Sorry guys, the connection keeps cutting out . I'll keep trying
  10. This is me - The opening songs were mind blowing. I'll try periscope till my battery died. Verizon just texted me saying that I have to pay overage charges for exceeding my data limit, so fuck them
  11. Thomas r burch - James Lavelette - Marty Z - Alexandra Jarrad - Brittany Wang - JudyJudyJudy - AL Alva - Mitch Smith - - Jeans - Guys I feel guilty for not being able to periscope - so here are all the links I could find. damn the logo just came on screen and the guns are firing. People are screaming So excited! Lol.
  12. I'll try to stream from Guns N' Roses Not in this Lifetime Glendale
  13. Yeah he is pretty awesome. Much better than I expected. By the way, I think the $&@"&?! Stadium system admin has blocked the forum. i keep getting this message whenI try logging in on wi-fi Access denied You are attempting to access a forbidden site.Consult your system administrator for details.
  14. life's been a little too busy. But I couldn't miss this. Zakk Wylde is quite awesome by the way- my hair is standing on end. But maybe that's in anticipation of seeing Axl and the boys very soon.
  15. I'll try periscoping a song or two if I can, if the battery lasts and the wi-fi is good.