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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    There isthisreallypuzzling thing about some Jews. I'm talking about those'European' Jewish folkwhoareallreally, really, really white (many of them blonde haired and blue eyed) and who haveroots inGermany,orthe Netherlands, or Belgium,or Switzerland, or wherever else in whiteEurope,stretching back to over two millennia, and whose mitochondrial DNA is as European as any of the populations within which they reside.Most of them probably had fully Jewish ancestors on both sides only at the time of the Julian Caesars and their expansion into Europe likely began as early as 100 BC. How are these folksany less 'European' and 'White' than the later Plantagenet kings of England (from whom the current Queen is descended),who almost certainlyhadsome Moorish ancestry (the Moors entered Spain in the AD 700s), or 'most' people in the heart of Europe, who in some part aredescended from Central Asian Huns (who arrived in Europe in the AD 400s)? It is strange that EuropeanJewsare'less white or less European' because of their religious beliefsalone, even though they might be more 'genetically white' than many 'white Europeans' around them. Now, this is not to deny the originally Semitic culture or bloodlinesof the various Jewish people or their ultimate 'racial' origins - despite the long heldand treasured belief that most people haveof what he looked like,thecenturies of white-washing that gave himpermanent blue contact lenses and blonde hair dyes werea scam, and Jesus, as well ashis merry band of 100% semitic, ethnic Jews were all almost certainly,raven haired, dark eyedandas brown as Mohammed Atta. Judaism isn't just middle eastern or even European of course. There areethnic Jews with proven (but often minuscule, yet stillcrucial) Hebrew genetic heritage, all the way from Africa to Yemen to Iran to India to China. It seems remarkable that those Jewsare black and dark brown and olive and light brown and yellow, whileEuropean Jews aren'twhite.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I do not know how to respond to this, except to say that IMO this is asomewhat exaggerated belief and not entirely true. ^^^ What he said maybe
  3. The job hunting thread

    For anyone who is on Linkedin (or isn't for that matter), and is interested in getting somequality advice on recruiting or being recruitable, thesetwo are really good influencers to follow - Lou Adler and Bruce Kasanoff. While some of their advice is very specific to certain situations, they share a lot of great general advice on recruitingand explain some importantprinciples that are usually easily overlooked when people are in the process of job hunting, in a very simple, direct way. Some of the articlesin their back catalogue are really, really good even in terms of making yourself more valuable in your present job. Highly recommend them.
  4. Interviews + Media reactions to AXL/DC, good and bad

    How high dothey rate the shows ?
  5. Interviews + Media reactions to AXL/DC, good and bad

    And Blabbermouth continues the series, this time with Simon Wright...overall,he's more or less positive about Axl fronting AC/DC. Ex-AC/DC Drummer SIMON WRIGHT Says AXL ROSE 'Seems To Be Doing Okay' Singing For The Band Read more at FormerAC/DCdrummerSimon Wrighthas weighed in on the strange situation regardingAC/DCand singerBrian Johnson. The legendary Australian rock band postponed the last ten dates of its recent North American tour after doctors toldJohnsonhe faced "total hearing loss."AC/DChas since announced that it will useGUNS N' ROSESsingerAxl Roseas a "guest vocalist" for all remaining shows this year, withJohnsonapparently not returning to the band at all. Asked how he feels about the fact thatBrianappears to be out ofAC/DC,Simontold Argentinean rock journalistLucas H. Gordonat this past Sunday's (May 22)"Ride For Ronnie"motorcycle rally and concert in Encino, California (see video below): "It was a little weird and strange how the news came out. For a moment, it seemed like [Brianhad] been fired, and that seemed, to me, to be the strangest thing ever, if he'd been fired, but it wasn't true. So he's had a problem with his hearing." He continued: "I'm just shocked. But it's likeBriansaid, we all get older, we get injuries and stuff and everything. Like he said, I'm just glad for him that he's not really, really badly injured and that he's doing okay and I wish him the best of luck. AndAxlseems to be doing… I saw a couple of [clips online and]Axlseems to be doing okay. It seemed really weird at first, but when you watch it, he's giving it his all and he seems to have a big respect for the band and the fans and everything. So it seems to be going along…" Wrightadded: "I don't know what they'll do after this run of dates — I don't really know — but I wish 'em all the luck in the world." According to aBillboard.comsource,Roseinitially met withAC/DCmembers in Miami and Atlanta back in March. It was then that the decision was made to haveRosejoinAC/DCon tour. There was also talk of having other singers alternate withRose, including ex-SKID ROWfrontmanSebastian BachandNic Cesterof the Australian bandJET. Rosemade his live debut withAC/DCon May 7 in Lisbon, Portugal, and by all accounts delivered a triumphant vocal performance as fill-in forJohnsoneven if he was still confined to a chair onstage due to the broken foot he suffered during aGUNSshow last month. Read more at
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    My point was that theoriginal 'Rus' were Varangian, be as they werea founding population, or invaders, or invited over, or imagined. It wasmade to show that the Nazi views about who was whiter than white, or whose ancestors could be claimed as having been further up closer to the arctic , were all ridiculous. My assertion isn't either thatthe Russian peoples or the descendants of Kievan Rus,are anything but Slavic. The point is, making claims of racial superioritywhen it comes tothese different Northern Europeangroups islike saying that a Red Delicious is more an apple than a Braeburn, though they are both apples and both red. Regardless of who exactly qualified as Varangian a thousand years ago, or whether it was just a general term for the Norsementhat the Byzantines used, there definitely were links between the Vikingsand Kievbefore the 12th century. Case in point, Harald Hardradaseeking refuge with the Kievan rulers who were his kin.
  7. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Awesome to see and hear. Thanks!
  8. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Did he say this before the Prague show? I only caught him asking the crowd if they were ready to 'gamble with their lives'.
  9. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Oh my God, the best part of the Touch Too much videos - watching Angus concentrate really, really hard so as to not mess things up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. TOUCH TOO MUCH - Why is it Axl's favorite?

    That was really cool. Axl's fanboy-ism sparking something in the crowd and then that finding an echo back from Axl. His comfort with the band and his maturity are also evident - he's clearly enjoying himself.
  11. Look on the bright side. At least youcovering up your face before posting,was prescient.
  12. Civil disobedience : Matt Damon speech/ Opinions ?

    Fair enough comparison. I had in factbeen tempted to make a reference to the Carolingians andtheir long term legacy in the previous post. However, whileon the one hand,Gallicanismhadsome similaritiesto the 'Orthodox' Catholic versions of co-existence of church andstate,advocatedthe primacy ofa national and local episcopacy in matters of religious governance, and emphasized the superiorityof an episcopal council over the Pope in matters of faith, on the other handit really crystallized only well after Anglicanism arrived,it didn't advocate an independent local patriarchate and episcopacythat was more than justfunctionallyindependent from Rome, it never denied Papal primacy overthe universalapostolic hierarchy,or evendefinedthe Roman patriarchate as a 'first-among-equals'.It certainly was a more ideologically robust dissension than Henry's however, andconsequentlypushed 'Roman' Catholicism to further innovate on its owntheories of papal supremacy.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Under the skin, we are all African. It's true that genetic 'diversity' owes itself to environmental conditions and isolation, but the superficialdifferences that nature/God gives, do not bestow beyond those external characteristics,anything important on anyone,whether they be intelligence, ability, health ormost importantly, character. As for some ethnic groupsthriving ata higher GDP per capita level over time, these things are largely accidents of history and keep changing and those changes justcannot be prevented. The combined GDP of China and India was somewhere around 70% of world GDP before the age of colonialism. The very Africancivilization of Egypt was the first and longest running great civilization of the world and we are not talking imaginary thousand year Reichs - take a stab at something that lasted thousands and thousands of years instead. While northern Europe was sick, andpoor and pretty much pathetic during the dark ages, the ancestors of the Arabs that everyone isbombing the hell out of these days, had an incredibly sophisticated and courtly culture and realm, that preserved and built on the wisdom of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia, Indiaand China. All these 'cultures' and 'races' of the past,while they retained their essential character throughout their histories, werenevertheless mutable and just couldn't stay stagnant or monolithic. Ultimately, cultural preservation is indeed both great and noble, but achieving it throughisolation and exclusion is not just impossible, but self-defeating. So, the support for the wall, or enforcement of immigration laws and by extension, the support for Trump because he puts this one issue above everything else and is willing to sacrifice every other conservative position but this one (or at least he would have us believe so),is not an expression in favor of the rule of law and enforcing precedence for those who have waited in line (as it should indeed be and is the official and majority, Republican position), but comes from a fear of being outnumbered and being racially diluted? Do you not think that the values of this country, the strength of the constitution and theinstitutions that hold the Republic together, as well as the courage and convictions of its peopleare strong enough to prevent reverse Apartheid or forcedco-mingling, however far fetched that sounds?
  14. Civil disobedience : Matt Damon speech/ Opinions ?

    This is straying from the topic but I had to come back to this since the thought was nagging me. It is questionable whether Henry's personal definition of Catholicism was the right one at all, irrespective of how he defined it for himself. I can see how he might havejustified it to himself as acontinuation of hisruleover a 'Catholic' nation, as a sovereign 'Catholic' head of state who functioned as the custodian of the church's 'Catholicism'. There is some precedent for this in terms of how the Byzantine emperors, Russian Tsarsand the Ethiopian 'emperor' kings held sway over what were essentially 'Catholic',though importantly, non-Romanchurches. TheGreekand Oriental versions of Catholicism, whichuse the term Orthodoxy to define themselves as being more 'Catholic' than the Romans, were always organized as independent national bodies where church and state were unified and above all, maintained a distinctive 'national' character. On the other hand, the western or Roman form of Catholicism, the only truth known to Henry or any other Western/Northern Europeanfor at least a thousand years,was defined by both apan-national character as well as papal supremacy.In this regard, Henry's takeover of the English church is closer to Peter the great's takeover of Russian Orthodoxy,,and his effort to makethe Church effectively an arm of the state. While Henry certainly did follow his wee-willy,I do think that if poor Catherine had borne him a son, or if her daughter had produced an heir, history would have turned out quite differently. But, things turned out as they did, andHenry's willingness to break with Rome, was as much an assertion of national (and personal) character and independence, as it was an effort to redefinethe structure of the state, though he may have (in)correctlyconvinced himself that whathe continued to be and do was 'Catholic'.
  15. The James Bond Thread: 3rd Anniversary

    Though I've alwaysappreciated Connery, I think that Moore was a great Bond. Suaveness trumping Physicality in this case and I think that he was Fleming's original choice. Brosnan brought back a little bit of Moore when he played the role,and added some emotional complexity to the character, but he should have really got the role much, much earlier. All through Remington Steele, you couldn't but help think that he should have been doing something much better and bigger. I agree that by the end, the Brosnan era scripts were just terrible. Craig is just a little too wooden, but hewas good in Casino Royale and fantastic in Skyfall andthoughit's not all his fault,Spectre was indeed terrible and QoS is simply the worst thing ever, right next to License to Kill, which brings me to Dalton. I think that while he wasa great Rassilon, and a good Julius Caeser, he was probably more convincing as Flash Gordon than Bond. Lazenby, well...I think that his one off was a good movie but he really wasn't cutout to be a great Bond. Now, of all the choices in the Universe - why Hiddleston?Every time the audiencesees him in a tuxedo, they are going to imagine him in thathorned helmet and thatgreen cloak and wonderwhy he's holding a martini in his hand instead of a Chitauri scepter. Superman would probably make for the best looking and physical Bond of them all, and he wasn't half bad as Napoleon Solo, but the guy isn't the greatest actor around, not that you need to be one,to play Bond. But it would certainly help.As for Idris Elba as Bond, things are really starting to get ridiculous here. Will he replace Jackie Chan in Police Story 3 next, or play Mad Max? As for a woman Bond, good grief, when will this end. Thor is now a Woman, which is incredible enough but enough of the gender bending already. I think that there is only one really great choice and that is - Michael Fassbender. Great actor. He was superb at channeling Connery's Bond asMagneto. Ever since Inglorious Basterds, I thought he'd be great at playing 007. I think he would bring both acertain animal charisma and suaveness to the role, while continuing the arc of an emotionally conflicted and tortured Bond, who manages to hold his problems in check with steely determination and efficiency. On the downside,he may lack Cavill'sphysicality or Hiddleston's talent for humor, but I think that overall, he is just the best fit for Bond.