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  1. According to this post on Pinside about 3 months ago Stu was looking for a used GNR playfield for the CAD file development not a NOS one. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/guns-n-roses-playfield I'm sure they will find (if they haven't already) someone to send them a used one and in return receive it back rescreened and clear coated once CPR have have finished with it.
  2. Maybe put it one eBay then if you are just looking for offers. My suggestion would be to do it soon though since Classic Playfield Reproductions now have a new, wider drum sander. So wide body playfield reproductions can now be done by them and my guess is this one would be high on their list to do.
  3. Nice, how much are you wanting for the playfield?
  4. Axl vs Slash, something we don't know?

    Are you referring to Yoda?
  5. Yeah my guess is Izzy was probably paid, he has been in the past. In previous interviews Axl has spoken about Izzy's appearance with nuGNR saying: The Izzy bit was fun and also fun because we didn't have to rely on him in any way, which is how he prefers things and works better for everyone. That said, you never knew if Izzy would be there or not or if he'd remember the song or decide to leave early. It didn't cause any problems, because we were doing our show regardless and didn't have to depend on anything, but it did open everyone's eyes a bit and blow minds. He called, asked to come out and negotiated a deal with management that it's probably best that none of us knew about or the fun would've seemed a bit more like being used or taken advantage of spoiling the moment. As it was, we had a great time. Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/axl-rose-on-slash-i-consider-him-a-cancer-and-better-removed-avoided/#8zxS2gQvcZrZ2vuu.99
  6. Contracts

    The point I make is that until that agreement was signed, there was no way that Axl could have ever been voted out of the band, since there was no agreement with terms to vote under. So Axl could have happily never signed a partnership agreement and never been voted out. He could have maintained the status quo. So to use the new agreement as justification for having to add the clause in is somewhat misleading. I would suggest the only reason the new agreement was signed was because it was part of his plan all along to gain control of the name. It's like the chicken or the egg thing, the clause only needed to be in there because there was finally an agreement signed, but there was only an agreement signed because he intended to use it to get control of the name. That clause being in there wasn't just another clause for a bit of extra protection, it was likely the main reason for ever drawing up another agreement in the first place.
  7. Contracts

    Good to see you finally admit that clause was added in at a later date. LolOn a separate note how do you know the partnership agreement Niven had drawn up allowed that - you don't. You can put whatever you bloody want in an agreement, so you have no idea what was and wasn't in there..
  8. Contracts

    I have to laugh at MSL continually trying to use the line that Axl had to protect himself because he could be voted out of the band two to one and Slash and Duff keep the name of the band that HE created. That talk is garbage, it implies that there was some type of existing partnership agreement in place which had an arrangements for voting on decisions such as removing members etc etc. There wasn't! If Slash and Duff said they didn't want to work with Axl and wanted to carry on as GNR then they probably could of ( most likely unsuccessfully), but at the same time there was nothing stopping Axl forming a new band and calling it GNR. In fact we have seen this exact situation play out with other bands. So this two to one stuff is a red herring. He might have wanted to keep the name all to himself, but that is a different agenda, nothing to do with this shit about being able to be out voted two one. Alan Niven had the bands lawyer Peter Paterno draw up a partnership agreement during his tenure, yet Axl refused to sign it so it sat in a draw. There was no agreement originally so how could Axl be out voted? It's hardly surprising that after Niven was sacked Axl then put forward a partnership agreement which was essentially favourable to him only which secured him the name. One might suggest it was his agenda all along. I'm not saying he wasn't entitled to the name nor making a call on whether what he did was right or wrong. But there is a shameless self promoter using a false justification for Axl's actions. http://rocktelegraph.blogspot.com.au/2011/03/alan-niven-without-me-guns-n-roses-were.html
  9. MSL discusses Guns n Roses

    That's right don't forget that as of 2 days ago Alan Niven asked Doug Goldstein what he recalled of the signing over of the name incident. Doug's response was: I was at home waiting for Jakes birth, but as I understand it he had Laurie Soriano draft an agreement in Barcelona relinquishing their rights in the name, before he would take the stage. The shitty thing is Slash and Duff were so fucked up that they think I gave them the ultimatum and that's why they don't speak to me today. It was Reese, I was halfway round the globe!! That would be Barcelona 1993 that Doug is talking about. But hey don't listen to him, Slash and Duff. Instead listen to the narcissistic, self absorbed fool that is more interested in self promotion and his ego. He obviously knows more about something that happened 20 years ago compared to those who were directly involved.
  10. MSL discusses Guns n Roses

    But has Slash dated his initial in that one?
  11. MSL discusses Guns n Roses

    So why has Axl initialled it then. If it was there at the beginning he would just need to sign the last page.
  12. MSL discusses Guns n Roses

    Don't you get it. Nobody disputes when the original document was drawn up. Every page has a foot note with the date it was drawn up on , i.e. 10/15/1992, Slash even signed it on that date. What your document and Snooze's has bought to light however is that it appears that the stuff about the name was added to that original document at a later date. It's all squished in there, in Snooze's it's in a different font, it's even typed over the page number on Snooze's and in both your version and Snoozes it goes below the actual page number, suggesting it was added at some later time to the original. If it was put in there in the original document then it simply would have been shunted to the next page rather than squished in there. In Snooze's copy it even has a wider margin compared to the rest of the document. The question is when was it added. Was it one hour after the document was originally drawn up, one day later or one year later. I'm sure Slash, Duff and Goldstein will tell you it was in 1993. Myself I don't know, neither do you. Don't confuse that footnote either of 10/15/1992 as being when the addition was initialled by Axl. That is on every page of the document including the last signature page. Probably why the date is almost illegible on your copy because that stuff was typed right over the top of it when it was added later.
  13. MSL discusses Guns n Roses

    Interesting that Doug Goldstein's version of events seems to largely jive with Duffs. Goldstein as of 2 days ago confirmed that a draft agreement was prepared in Barcelona relinquishing their rights to the name before Axl would take the stage. Although he lays the blame at the feet of John Reese the Tour Manager for delivering the ultimatum. http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=13024&p=1
  14. Did Axl Rehire Yoda?

    Yep that's my username over there. Hisroyalsweetness said someone posted some rumors about her on this site, which is what I showed in the link above. Yet Sailaway tried to claim posting it.
  15. Did Axl Rehire Yoda?

    You clown you never posted that, you lifted that quote verbatim from a post I made on this site months ago: http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/196546-beta-doug-goldstein/page-4#entry3331173