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  1. Frank Ferrer

    I like Frank, he's a better fit than Brain.Sorum is just really meh and Adler plays the AFD tunes better than the rest, but I'm glad they kept Frank around. EDIT: And lol for calling Frank mediocre. If any of them would be mediocre it would beSorum before anyone else(except for YCBM which is kinda cool) Oh and, totally irrelevant to this thread but I've been out of the loop for some time, I really like what they did with the intro of Better. And it's interesting to see Axl's voice slowly getting better each show, he sounds a lot better when he's not running around all out of breath. I don't like the throne he's sitting on tho, but I know that's pretty much his only option right now.
  2. Segways are the next best thing for the fat and lazy. Eat more, move less. They should destroy those things
  3. New leak?

    Lol even I heard this years ago, pretty sure I heard the full version as well. Who would be interested in this anyway.
  4. Sweet Child O' Mine Cover

    I don't know what I was expecting
  5. Arnhem, Netherlands 2010 - Great show!

    I was there too, love seeing these videos again. I miss that voice.
  6. This has to be the most pointless discussion I read in ages