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  1. I honestly think that he doesn't sound good right now. With the exception of a few songs. He tore right through the AC/DC catalogue with such venom. I saw moments that I haven't seen from him since the 90's. But that same venom is what I'm missing now. I'm still hoping for 2006/2010 Axl (a mix of that would be perfect). But I think his vocals were at his best between 87 and 91. 2010 comes second for me.
  2. You're not crazy at all. It's way up there with some other performances, along with those you already mentioned. I did not expect any of this after the first reunion shows. I'm really loving this so far, Thunderstruck gave me goosebumps. Haven't been this excited about Axl's vocals since mid 2010. Hope he brings this to GN'R along with some songs that fit his performances with AC/CD. I'm really hoping for Locomotive and Perfect Crime.
  3. What I think is that the AC/DC songs aren't as hard to sing for him as his own songs, he uses a different technique than Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it seems to me that the AC/DC songs, especially those with Johnson, are more screamy and screechy than a lot of GN'R songs. That said, I am REALLY blown away by Axl's performance with AC/DC. Never expected anything close to that after hearing him the first few reunion shows where he was kinda getting back into it. Makes me really want to hear Perfect Crime now.
  4. I'm amazed by his vocals from what I've seen. Where did he get it from and where has he been hiding it all these years. I mean, I heard full on Mickey Mouse moments during the GN'R reunion shows.
  5. I like Frank, he's a better fit than Brain. Sorum is just really meh and Adler plays the AFD tunes better than the rest, but I'm glad they kept Frank around. EDIT: And lol for calling Frank mediocre. If any of them would be mediocre it would be Sorum before anyone else (except for YCBM which is kinda cool) Oh and, totally irrelevant to this thread but I've been out of the loop for some time, I really like what they did with the intro of Better. And it's interesting to see Axl's voice slowly getting better each show, he sounds a lot better when he's not running around all out of breath. I don't like the throne he's sitting on tho, but I know that's pretty much his only option right now.