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  1. Segways are the next best thing for the fat and lazy. Eat more, move less. They should destroy those things
  2. New leak?

    Lol even I heard this years ago, pretty sure I heard the full version as well. Who would be interested in this anyway.
  3. Sweet Child O' Mine Cover

    I don't know what I was expecting
  4. Arnhem, Netherlands 2010 - Great show!

    I was there too, love seeing these videos again. I miss that voice.
  5. This has to be the most pointless discussion I read in ages
  6. I have no idea who Dee Snider is and can't be arsed to read any of it to be honest. But I'm guessing he has some valid points.
  7. Fuck Rasp.

    This one is pretty cool too.
  8. Fuck Rasp.

    Still bullshit judging someone by his weight. What a lot of you guys are still doing, like the teenagers we are. But ye, Axl needs his rasp. It's what got him rich in the first place.
  9. Weiland: "Im not opposed to doing a VR reunion tour"

    Not the biggest fan of VR, but I always liked this set:
  10. Rank GN'R and past members albums

    1. Appetite 2. UYI I 3. UYI 2 4. Lies 5. CD 6. Contraband 7. Slash 8. Village Gorilla Head 9. TSI 10. Wasted Heart
  11. You're right. Isn't Muhammad also one the most common names in the world, I remember reading or hearing about that.
  12. I remember seeing 1 jam of Robin and Bucket that I seemed to really like, but don't know which show it was. Other than that I kinda agree with you. Take the transition between Robin and BH in their Chinese Democracy (track) solo's, for some reason it kinda annoys me. Love the track tho.
  13. But Jesus isn't spelled as Jesus in every language as well. Only difference is, is that there are a lot of variations on the name Muhammad.
  14. Poisoned beer kills 69 at Mozambique wedding

    I don't know how to respond to this, but wtf. Never heard stories about poisoned beer before.
  15. What's your favorite GNR recording?

    Maybe not my favorite. But this was crazy, especially since Axl usually needs half a tour to get somewhere near this level.