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  1. So.... He IS able to sing you could be mine.. Jesus christ!
  2. That solo is fuckin crap. I love most of slash's work... But god, finck solo is a lot better on this i love
  3. I did not cite paradise city as an exemple.
  4. They did not play too fast with nu-gnr. Plus, 80's gnr had a tendency of playing fast. They were dangerous and played on a lotta coke...
  5. No he never did, so it must be a band decision.
  6. He's been wearing mickey shirt since the beginning, still it dont mean this is not an acknowledgment
  7. He never played fast. It must be a band decision to play like this
  8. he actualy sound good on paradise :0
  9. I completly disagree! love the slash/fortus combo so far!!
  10. yay damian periscope no longer works for me!
  11. last couples line of coma sounded just like classic axl!
  12. i'm kinda crying. COMA
  13. I know some dont, but I fuckin love his drumming