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  1. Gnr playing grammys would be fucked up. Imagine jungle and a new song! Wait... This won't happen! Don't forget it's gnr! This band hate releasing music.
  2. Well I probably like everything on cd better than think about you too. Depends on my mood
  3. Just hope for lotsssss of use your illusion stuff!
  4. No chance there's a no show there honestly.
  5. Maybe 15 000 i guess since non center stage eliminate a huge part of the arena seating
  6. I'd pay an hundred bucks 2 for a chinese left over!
  7. I would add that the first 3 shows of 2009 were one of the longuest ever...
  8. Dizzy reed parts are actually really cool on civil war.
  9. You guys're giving shit on adler not being involved and pittman being while they don't even have the same job in the band. Plus, the guys involved probably have nothing against pittman being a part of it. He's not a key member, but he's there, giving textures on some songs. You now have 4 of the use your illusion lineup... Stop whining
  10. If this thing with sorum is true, this proves axl should stick with those he wants to work with. If that means no matt and no adler, let it be. Why force something to work if it wont?
  11. He words it that way, to remove fault from axl's shoulder and make the believers feel stupid... Even though this fickin abc show scheduled the man.
  12. Except those exceptionnal 2006 shows!! And lets say rose bar sessions and lead reading