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  1. 05/26/16 - Hamburg, Germany - Volksparkstadion

    Sorry, i said that because you assumed axl stopped warming up bedore gigs. I mean, nobody on mygnr knows if he does or not.
  2. 05/26/16 - Hamburg, Germany - Volksparkstadion

    You, sir, are clearly backstage before each gig. Imo, either he has a cold, either higher rasp songs are killing his vocal chords. Just like 2010 did to him.
  3. Cant believe those axl sucks at spin mag. Hater seriously gonna hate!!!
  4. They are crazy as fuck. I mean what did bryan do? Scream...
  5. Hello again mygnr !! Here's our second single off our first album out july 7th 2016. It's called caught by surprised
  6. So.... He IS able to sing you could be mine.. Jesus christ!
  7. That solo is fuckin crap. I love most of slash's work... But god, finck solo is a lot better on this i love
  8. I did not cite paradise city as an exemple.
  9. They did not play too fast with nu-gnr. Plus, 80's gnr had a tendency of playing fast. They were dangerous and played on a lotta coke...
  10. No he never did, so it must be a band decision.
  11. He's been wearing mickey shirt since the beginning, still it dont mean this is not an acknowledgment
  12. He never played fast. It must be a band decision to play like this
  13. he actualy sound good on paradise :0