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  1. Pitman suing Axl

    Yeah.... A tribute band with 3 out of five original member and a guy (dizzy) who has played on 4 albums (if not 5? Didnt he played on lies? Like.. Percs..?). Anyway this is far from a tribute band.
  2. hello! check out our new album! I'm the singer and there is no guitar except for an acoustic intro on one song
  3. hey! new update! (a little late!) on july 7th we lauched our first record! annnnnnd here it is: hope you enjoy!
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Loved some matches, But hated the 6 women match, the rollin match (slow paced), new day match. I think charlotte and sacha brought their A games tonight!
  5. Bah. I agree on patience and crazy. There are good songs on it. It's just... Used to love her is funny and o.k.. I mean it's not great. I just prefer illusions over it. For me lies has good songs but no fuckin classic apart patience n crazy (and crazy is a classic for huge fans like us)
  6. Sorry if it pisses you off but steven adler has been with gnr for a really small amount of time and has not been in this band since 1990. I know you know. It's just a reminder. No matter how great appetite is, gnr's catalogue include other albums than appetite and an average ep
  7. Well those are higher where he can show a lot of power, just like outta get me/ i never wanter you to be.. In better etc
  8. We thought he saud frank because he said so ?!? Welll i'm pretty sure
  9. Click is in drummers's iem. Rarely in others. Duff probably has itfor thebeginning of easy tobe sure he's on pace with frank. They could very well playing some song on click and some without
  10. I kinda agree with anybody saying slash's this i love solo sucks. He can do much better.
  11. He's pointing the fact that from 2011 to 2016 gnr has pretty stopped changing the set from a show to another. In 2006 and 2009-10 (a lot), apart from the first 4-5 songs the set changed a lot. The alt songs were given a lot of plays
  12. You know the earth aint flat right?
  13. Yeah .. But this is a second chicago cause first one sold out