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  1. On rockers he generally plays some perc and he does a lot of back vocals. Nobody goes to see dizzy, but he brings a fuller sound in general. Ex: congos/bongos in jungle... Just like on appetite. Anyway kinda bored. We are fucking picky over a fucking guy wgos been there forever lolll what about a new album. That. Is. Something to talk about... Oh wait it's gnr so we are supposed to listen to some fucken 30 years old song again n again n again.
  2. What's the point? I just said that dizzy is a member of the band and has been on almost every gnr record. He has his place. Slash obviously has his.
  3. Still i strongly prefer those songs with piano. Imo it fits the songs perfectly. Just like it does on 14 years or breakdown etc. I dont think it's a matter of what we prefer. I think it's what did the band on those records that matter. In the end he was there because they wanted that (except for slash lol)
  4. Totally right. He plays on use your illusion 1&2. Almost always been there!
  5. Man. He was so goddamn good in 2010 . and he was in a muvh better shape.
  6. Last time he sang it with anderson he did it this way too. He adapt to anderson
  7. Despite what duff said about izzy.. He still apart from gnr, never had a band with him. It's either something being not right with em being in a permanent band together or izzy not wanting to be complete full member of those projects... Or changing his mind. Remember izzy's the quiter here. Either way, reminds me of the bill ward's saga. It's hard for me to take only one side of this story as it is probably a lot more complex than just a loot problem.
  8. What if the "big3" doesn't want to work with em and that being the main reason?
  9. Well.. This is the big 3 since they were there until new era. Izzy being close to that because he wrote so much and only missed spaguetti.
  10. Can't tell if you're serious or not.
  11. In what way did I dismiss izzy's talent?? I fuckin don't like izzy's post gnr career. To me, there's absolutely nothing special in his post-gnr writting.
  12. Yeahhhhh no. I get that some people, generally over 40 (maybe over 50) enjoy that rock n roll vibe, but to me, izzy's are not that good and lack the magic. Just as you don't get why (well i guess) i like any chi dem song or slash or velvet song over izzys post gnr song. 3 chords work sometimes. Not always. I.e worked for sweet child. But there's a lot more in this song. There are a lot of other things going. Put izzy's voice over axl's and replace slash by someone similar to izzy... You ain't got a number 1 song. He is fuckin good at bringing ideas to the table, but when it's time to shape it up a bit more.. It seems less than easy for him. But i get why some like that kinda vibe. It's smooth (would be easier for me in french right now) it irritates nobody's ear. It's not perfect crime or coma. I mean, i work at an irish pub... 9 o clock I play izzy... 1h30 i certainly play killing in the name of.
  13. Does nothing for me I'd like to like izzy's material but i just don't. It all sounds the same :/ 3 chords, rock n roll ala rolling stones guitar tone, boring lyrics. I mean, i don't get it. It's nowhere near any izzy's gnr song. And thats not because dust n bones and 14 years are that great. Good songs. California certainly have a good vibe... But it's not stunning. It has that indie rock. Idk.
  14. I didn't like izzy's solo carreer before your comment. I still don't. Plus, douche, I didn't say what izzy wrote for guns was not good. Also, izzy seem to be good at bringing good, simple ideas, while slash, axl and duff seemed to be finishers. It seems that way to me everytime I hear a stradling solo song.