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  1. In what way did I dismiss izzy's talent?? I fuckin don't like izzy's post gnr career. To me, there's absolutely nothing special in his post-gnr writting.
  2. Yeahhhhh no. I get that some people, generally over 40 (maybe over 50) enjoy that rock n roll vibe, but to me, izzy's are not that good and lack the magic. Just as you don't get why (well i guess) i like any chi dem song or slash or velvet song over izzys post gnr song. 3 chords work sometimes. Not always. I.e worked for sweet child. But there's a lot more in this song. There are a lot of other things going. Put izzy's voice over axl's and replace slash by someone similar to izzy... You ain't got a number 1 song. He is fuckin good at bringing ideas to the table, but when it's time to shape it up a bit more.. It seems less than easy for him. But i get why some like that kinda vibe. It's smooth (would be easier for me in french right now) it irritates nobody's ear. It's not perfect crime or coma. I mean, i work at an irish pub... 9 o clock I play izzy... 1h30 i certainly play killing in the name of.
  3. Does nothing for me I'd like to like izzy's material but i just don't. It all sounds the same :/ 3 chords, rock n roll ala rolling stones guitar tone, boring lyrics. I mean, i don't get it. It's nowhere near any izzy's gnr song. And thats not because dust n bones and 14 years are that great. Good songs. California certainly have a good vibe... But it's not stunning. It has that indie rock. Idk.
  4. I didn't like izzy's solo carreer before your comment. I still don't. Plus, douche, I didn't say what izzy wrote for guns was not good. Also, izzy seem to be good at bringing good, simple ideas, while slash, axl and duff seemed to be finishers. It seems that way to me everytime I hear a stradling solo song.
  5. And that's why he does so well on his own. Sincerely i like not even one post gnr izzy song (at least none that i have listened to) whilst i do like chi dem.
  6. Still waiting for finck to play his solo on it. By far my favorite version of til.
  7. Chinese Democracy

    Fu-ckin loved your post.
  8. Here in montreal axl's really hated man.then again it will probably sold out. People forget olympic stadium riot yet they vote like dumbass for corrupted politician. That's another debate.
  9. Gnr has every right to express their political views and you have every right to encourage this band. That being i completely support what gnr thinks of trump.
  10. San Juan 2010 PROSHOT Campaign

    To be honest with you, i'd take a 2010 proshot (montreal would be my choice) over almost anything. Mainly because as much as i like old gnr, i like chinese too. So, for me, taking that into consideration, 2010 was a great year. Great setlists (for me) and great voice.
  11. Our promo video is on youtube. What we don't have on youtube is live videos. I searched for video people filmed attending our gigs, but with a name like that (appetite for democracy), it's hard to find. Plus, a lot of people just upload videos on their facebook page
  12. Haven't found live gig video of our band on youtube but i plan to record at least vocal covers and record some live shows to help promote the band Thx btw
  13. I must say that i have an album out
  14. Thanx dude! I sure do! This is a promo video we shot 2 years ago. We'll probably do a live session in the "near future" too! Thanx! The guy who shot's working on a lot of stuff and he did this as a huge favor! We're glad he did! Haha