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  1. I'm of the idea that the people who still find things to complain about are people who are unable to enjoy anything in life... jesus! This is really big! We don't even know how long this will last. Enjoy it as it is. Be grateful.
  2. that's not from London... that user does the same every show
  3. and the guy is not only periscoping but also actually reading the comments... enjoy the show ffs!!
  4. I really hope this is a temporary thing and he recovers the power in his voice soon. The difference between the first shows and the last ones is notorious. I mean, I've been listening to the Marseille bootleg nonstop, it's fucking great. This Hells Bells is painful to listen to.
  5. his voice has been cracking during Hells Bells in the last couple of shows
  6. I believe these are all the songs we heard from rehearsals and the only one that hasn't been played yet is Dog Eat Dog.