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Jackie Moon

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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    thank you, it is entirely mutual. Although given the avatar, I'm pretty sure you obviously have AIDS.   I know I didn't work overly hard to embed the photo / anything in my post, but whatever, member of the year 2010, it's not my job to do the work. Piece it together for me, internet.
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    my cat is a gangster and would entirely fuck you up https://www.instagram.com/p/9iyUztxYlR/?taken-by=mattdaubs  
  3. WHY DOES our economy depend on China?

    lol jk..... they're not people.
  4. WHY DOES our economy depend on China?

    I'm assuming it's just because their 12 year olds are the only people capable of understanding world economic math *shrugs*
  5. Don't know anyone

    i think i semi remember you. Or i would like to think i do. How was the doc?
  6. Top ten most harmful beliefs

    migrants are stealing "our" jobs. We need them. Badly.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    i followed Donald Trump for the lols. Watching the conservative twitter followers roll in is pretty hilarious. You're all insane. Lets make America great! Let's send the migrants back to Terblekastan! So no one can do their jobs! And we can all be entirely fucked! Someone will pick the watermelons, right? right? I think. I mean, i wont. But someone surely will. Right? We will make prisoners do it! I mean, we will put them in a field, and try to talk them into it. And hope for the best.
  8. What religion are you?

    i am in no position to declare myself correct in this argument. but i am 1000% correct in declaring you blatantly incorrect. and that mathematically impossible!
  9. What religion are you?

    What a sad, hopeless thread this is. We [humanity in general] are all going to die, and this thread is at least 1% responsible.
  10. Juice vs. Fruit

    eat one granny smith apple a day. Drink water, tea and coffee only. Oh, and whiskey. Obviously. What a waste of typing. Goes without saying. Of course of course, horsey horse. shut up.
  11. Lets do another inappropriate jokes thread....

    pedophile is leading a 10 year old boy deep into the dark, misty woods boy - "gee, it sure is scary out here, mister!" pedophile - "you think you're scared!? I have to walk back alone!!" *slamdunk*  
  12. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

        You know how sometimes something so simple just impresses you to no end? That interplay between the RAW crowd and Big E entirely derailed my week. I was so impressed. It's very obvious all of those guys are very smart. Quick, witty and sharp. And trolllllllllllllLOLOLOL.
  13. What religion are you?

    i believe in the universe. Making definitive statements is grasping at straws we cannot possibly reach. That's it.

    if anyone is wondering [i know you aren't], i currently weigh 163 lbs so Johnny Utah can get entirely and utterly fucked.