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  1. #downonthefarm2014

    Technically, they are all covers. I'd rather that they cover Locomotive or Breakdown, personally.
  2. Marc, have you ever considered just driving to Axl's house, ringing the buzzer, and see where things go from there? All the negative scenarios be damned. [edit] Or have you already tried something like this in recent years and it didn't go so well?
  3. CD deserved a competent audience

    Who in the hell are some of you trying to kid? It was a pile of shit and most people recognized that. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't know one person outside of the forums that liked the album, but I know many who listened to it.
  4. Even by you getting angry and defensive doesn't lead me to believe you any more. I simply asked how in God's green earth the 2002 lineup could have felt the same to you as the 1993 lineup when there was absolutely no similarity AT ALL other than Axl's 2002 lineup covering that same band's songs. There were no similarities. None. Even Axl wasn't similar. He looked and sounded drastically different. And your explanation about Robin being your favorite guitar player doesn't lead to your claim making any more sense. Because Robin is your favorite guitar player, that somehow translates into you believing that the 2002 lineup had the same feel as the 1993 band? *scratching head* Sorry. I'm not following. Again, I just don't understand why you won't say that you're willing to accept anything as being GNR as long as Axl is involved? I mean, that is the case, right?
  5. I honestly don't believe you. Not for a second. I do believe that you are obviously fanatical when it comes to Axl Rose -- and that's your biz. But I don't believe for a second that the 2002 lineup had the same feel to you as the 1993 lineup. It was a completely different band for christ's sake. Even Axl didn't sound like Axl. To believe what you just stated, I'd either have to come to the conclusion that you are completely delusional or a complete Axl fanatic. I don't question at all that you are the latter of the two. Just out of curiosity, why not just be honest and say that you are fanatical when it comes to Axl Rose and that you'd be willing to accept anything he does as being GNR? Why make up something like "it felt the same" when there was next to no similarity at all? I'm honestly curious as to what you hope to gain?
  6. Do you guys remember a few years back when Vince had the following to say about Axl: Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil has accused Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose of being… well, pretty useless, basically. Neil also claims GN’R's hard-core supporters have grown sick of the band. Neil’s scathing attack on the November Rain star comes after GN’R's latest album Chinese Democracy, the band’s first since 1993′s The Spaghetti Incident, failed to live up to the hype its 10 years in the making generated. The veteran singer believes GN’R's loyal fans have finally grown sick of the band, thanks chiefly to Rose’s failure to turn up to rehearsals and perform live shows. Neil said: “For it [Chinese Democracy] to fail was pretty crazy after so many years of being recorded. Then the tour got cancelled. “A buddy of mine went to go play guitar for him. They rehearsed for three months and Axl never once showed up. Rule number one: show up! “He’s been doing that for many years. Finally I think the fans just went: ‘Fuck it – can’t do this anymore.’ “You can’t be a fan when you can’t see the band.” Despite Neil’s comments, there are unconfirmed reports that GN’R will tour Asia in December. http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/news/axl-has-let-gnr-fans-down-says-vince-neil/
  7. Even after being kicked out of Crue in the early 90s, Vince did fairly well as a solo act. Plus, he recorded an industrial rock album under his own name that most aren't even aware of. Recently, he publically stated that it is very difficult for him to continue to sing a lot of their staple songs. At least he's honest about it and giving people that heads up. Plus, the band has always had lots of cool things for their fanbase. They've been able to put aside their personal differences for the sake of their fans, offer variety in their setlists and merchandise, and continued making new music every few years. And personally, I'd say that his vocal ability is pretty on par with that of Axl's these days. Honestly, I wish I was a bigger Crue fan. Their fanbase has been much, much more fortunate than the hand that we've been dealt as GNR fans.
  8. I tend to agree with ER. Probably not a direct dig at Axl, but I wouldn't be surprised if Axl, or others like him, might specifically come to mind as he spoke those words. I'm not a Crue fanatic, but they've been a fairly solid band throughout the years that have been able to consistently draw crowds for 30+ years. IMO, Dr Feelgood has been their staple album and they've done a decent job at maintaining relevancy. Any one suggesting that the new GNR have a bigger all around following aren't being honest with themselves.
  9. Nikki Sixx Talks Motley Crue's Farewell Vince Neil said over the summer that the band was planning a farewell tour next year. Nikki Sixx confirms that while the timing is not set in stone, the band will at some point in the future set out for one last jaunt around the world as "brothers." Regarding their forthcoming farewell tour, Sixx had this to say: "Someone said to me the other day, "Won’t you be sad?" I go, "No, I’d be sad if we were playing half-full theaters and only two band members were in the band." That would be sad." http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/nikki-sixx-talks-motley-crues-farewell-20131005 Could this be a dig at Axl either directly or indirectly? Is it possible that DJ may have expressed being unhappy to his friend regarding his role in the band and/or their obvious stagnation? As DJ said numerous times throughout the years, he joined GNR to write and produce the next album, not to just play guitar. Maybe the comment was coincidental. Maybe not. What do you think?
  10. In short, I honestly believe the "original lineup" would have found success similar to that of LA Guns. All 5 members of the classic lineup were needed to reach the level of success that GNR ultimately achieved.
  11. new photo - Slash, Adler, Zak, John 5

    Did you hear the crowd saying "Axl who" at the end of the song?
  12. Axl's online adventures

    Honestly, what does Axl have to say that would even be interesting, at this point? He's vaguely said throughout the years why he won't reunite the preferred lineup. He had someone write a short story on his behalf in regard to why he wouldn't attend the induction ceremony. We all know that he's not interested in recording a new album. What's left that is interesting and hasn't already been discussed. Nada.
  13. If Slash is in the band, Guns N Roses headlines a Zeppelin reunion.
  14. If the 2002 VMAs, The Bridge School Benefit, and RIR '11 was 100%, I'd hate to see what 75% would look like.