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  1. 2009 Death Pool draft!!!!!

    Here's mine for 2009!!! 1. Norman wisdom 2. Mickey Rooney 3. Nancy Reagan 4. Liz smith 5. Karl Lagerfeld 6. Shane Macgowan 7. Courtney Love 8. David Guest 9. Sean combs 10. Jane Russell
  2. 2008 Death pool game sign-up.

    Well here is my list......... 1. Colin L. Powell 2. Stephen Fry 3. Mohammed Al Fayed 4. Karl Lagerfeld 5. Piers Morgan 6. Tom Cruise 7. Don King 8. Hugh Hefner 9. Courtney Love 10. Mickey Rooney Some just random, some coz they old, some coz i find them annoying!! Who ever said Dolly Parton..... be ashamed............she cannot kick the bucket untill she has fulfilled all 2008 UK concert requirements......... as i am off to see her sing....... my coat of many colours la...la..la..la!!!
  3. 2008 Death pool game sign-up.

    I'm in.......... but will need abit of time to get list together. Will be up before 2008!