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  1. There's a gif of this somewhere I'm sure (probably here). edit, gif, not gift
  2. I've been there for a football game, I had a bike hire which I used. Might have one again this time, best way of getting around CPH Is there likely to be bars around the stadium?
  3. There's a roof? Pretty sure there wasn't one last time I was there. I mean, it's an old stadium.
  4. I have a version of Estranged that isn't final, it can't be that rare.
  5. Fair enough dude. I take your points.
  6. Not a fan. Nothing inspired about that imo. Not what I associate Gn'r with.
  7. Varvatos in London was a waste of time, was a lot better in NY last year.
  8. I think I'd prefer the song without the heavy section in the middle, I particularly dislike the riff. I remember when the song leaked and likening it less and less the more of it I heard (I loved the first part).
  9. Yes, Axl has joked about this, they're double albums. "We're going to release an album, no, a double album, no, two double albums" - or something.
  10. Edinburgh, Monday night. (Ryanair)
  11. Tickets back on sale on Ticketmaster. Just scored one.
  12. I may be mistaken but I'm not sure Axl specifically mentioned Grenfell tower, or even a specific terrorist attack, I was there and heard something like "for all the people who have died recently", there was something after that though which I didn't catch.
  13. I saw moshing in GA from high up in the stands which was surprising and good to see!
  14. I wouldn't straight up agree with that last comment, Keith Richards maybe... Ha!
  15. Was at both nights and preferred tonight, Axl sounded better imo, thought he was quite weak vocally last night. Place was packed tonight and yes, looking down from high up Golden circle did seem busier. Better show tonight for me. Fantastic overall.