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  1. I don't understand the question op? Yes, some stadiums are bigger than other stadiums. Some countries are bigger than other countries, some cars are slower than other cars.
  2. Nope, still struggling with these flac files in the Mega app, can't do anything with them, have tried a multitude of apps but to no avail. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  3. Hey, just downloaded a bunch of files from Mega via the iPhone app (thanks by the way), now, how the hell do I listen to them? Been struggling away for a quite a bit now and no further forward.
  4. Thanks
  5. Live era was what got me back into Guns after a few year hiatus.
  6. That era was weird but great imo. I feel as if the people dismissing it or "hating on it" weren't around for it, there was a lot of hype on this forum surrounding every show. It was weird/funny in that every review posted by a forum member had a section dedicated to Axl's outfits i mean Axl had A grade players in every position who were "first picks", not the replacements of the replacements of the replacements we saw laterally, in the heavily watered down versions of "nugnr". Everyone in my view was taking their role very seriously and it showed and Axl was right that that band "could play the fuck out of the old songs". Buckethead was great, Brain was great, Axl was great, Robin was ok, The Blues was great, Madagascar was great, WTTJ was great, Pateince was great, LALD was unreal. Yes, HOB 01-01-01 is the show I want to see. RIR3 is the best show by a distance between '93 and '16. Everything since '06 was downhill imo (more so in hindsight). I attended '02 London, England and it was great (from what I remember!).
  7. I did. And you should give it a try, it has no age limit
  8. Interested in how people knew who these seemingly innocuous people are, one guy has like 300 followers but has posted gn'r stuff in the past.
  9. I'm thinking this billboard was nothing except Rio related, hence the yellow.
  10. Incredible numbers, rock on GN'R
  11. Next stop, Europe!
  12. Duff's shirts are dope, and Slash, just so awesome.
  13. Would love to have Coma from those shows, cruel that it's not included!
  14. Steven's comments were interesting, I'd think it a big coincidence if the billboard didn't relate to this in some way. I guess the billboard is Fernando's way of putting a teaser out there, I mean it's got to cost, so it's got to mean something. I wouldn't be surprised at an LA club show to mark the anniversary, possibly with AFD5 as the whole thing could well be ending around then so less of a issue putting Steven and Izzy in there. Although as we know, things are rarely done exactly as we'd hope or would like in the GNR world so I wouldn't rule out another hybrid. One thing I would be concerned about is the ticket demand for such a show, especially in a club. Best case scenario they did a number of clubs. Might have to join the fan club now.
  15. That is a classic Axl look right there