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  1. Yeah because there's no definite they'd do it on the exact date.
  2. Before the St. Louis show, or in the fall sometime? Because it's also been rumored/speculated they're coming back around that area in the fall, after South America.
  3. Whatever it is, I hope it isn't "surprise" club shows. Do a small residency at the forum; Something a large number of real fans actually have a chance at going to. Not some club there where some of us would have no chance of just going on a whim. Troubadour last year was cool, I guess, but would have been cooler if half the people in attendance were real fans and just not "Yeah, I never saw them before and figured this would be cool" fans.
  4. Another solid episode. Not sure if I liked it more or less than Matt's episode, though. While it feels the show is going towards an end, it doesn't seem to be doing it very quick, with only two episodes remaining. The pacing seems to be a little odd this season, that's my only gripe.
  5. Looks like I'll finally get to see Bad performed life. Can't wait.
  6. Watched the first two episodes. It was so Lynch, it was almost weird to watch. Like, I was expecting it to be good, but I think my expectations were exceeded. So far, at least. Side note: Madchen is just flawless, even still.
  7. I'm going to hopefully watch Episodes 1 and 2 tonight. Will report back later.
  8. lol
  9. Last weeks episode was very good, but probably my least favorite of the season so far. Surprising, because Matt's episode last season was one of my favorites. Can't wait for tonight though!
  10. Well if the next one is the direct sequel to this, it'll have to be somewhat different since there's only 7 years in between Covenant and Alien. Next movie will likely have David get to the planet and start things up and start the colonization while implanting the Xenos, but something will happen and he'll be killed/destroyed.
  11. Can we have one topic that doesn't involve alleged cosmetic work or hair issues for Axl? Open warning to stop posting about it.
  12. Haha, I dozed off NOT because of the movie, but my own exhaustion And yeah, usually I only go to this theater for IMAX showings, but they weren't showing this in IMAX due to Guardians 2 still on the throne. Most of the auditoriums are fine, but this one I lucked out to see the movie in is one I've been in before where the movies are always very dark. I saw the latest Evil Dead movie in the same one when it came out years ago, so imagine how dark that was Oh well. I'm seeing it at a different theater on Cheap-O Tuesday for $5, so I'm not too upset.
  13. Very cool. Very silly looking beanie, also.
  14. Okay, so my viewing was skewed for a few reasons. First, two guys were whispering very loudly for the first 10 minutes of the movie, and someone in the row in front of them ended up telling them to "Shut up. Please.", and that didn't go over well and things got awkward for a bit. In addition to that, I couldn't wait to see it and went at a late showing on release night after being up for close to 18 hours, so I was very tired. Admittedly I dozed off once or twice early on, before they got to the Engineer planet. And finally, the auditorium I was in is notorious for projecting films very dark, so my copy was very dark and hard to see a lot of things most of the time, all the while, the sound was not incredibly loud. So while my viewing experience didn't exactly get ruined, it could have been a whole lot better. I'll be trying to see it again on Tuesday. All that said, I'm still letting it sink it. Loved some things and frustrated with other things.
  15. A musicians death hasn't hit me this hard since Micheal Jackson. Hard to comprehend the fact I'll never be able to see Chris live again. Really wish I would have been able to see one of the Temple of the Dog shows last fall...