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  1. Unless I'm wrong, we haven't actually seen David yet. Walter has darker hair of course, but David may very well still have the same hair he had in Prometheus.
  2. Would be their best opener in quite some time!
  3. I'm sure they'll kill Luke and that'll be stupid.
  4. So disappointed in the steelbook artwork for Logan. Canceled my order and looks like I'll just be getting the regular release. Also canceled my order for the La La Land steelbook. Didn't care for that artwork either.
  5. Fast Five - 3.5/5 Ocean's 11, but with more cars. Fast & Furious 6 - 3/5 Mission: Impossible, but with more cars and not nearly as good.
  6. Overrated.
  7. Just got tickets to see King 810 in Pittsburgh on June 10th.
  8. His style and my size are out of stock. Mother fucker!
  9. Not today.
  10. I plan on going to 6 or more shows this year, so if that tells you anything...
  11. I was hoping for more of a direct Prometheus sequel as well, but everything I've seen from this has be super excited. I'm not exactly biased though (*cough Star Wars fans*), so I'll reserve full judgment until I see the movie.
  12. Looks even more promising than I was already anticipating. The second was a bit disappointing, but still enjoyable. Can't wait for this one!
  13. No offense to the OP, but I'm going to lock this thread. There's a slim to none chance there will be any "warm up" shows at this point, but I'm sure if any substantial evidence shows up of one, someone will post it.
  14. Legion is a huge mind trip, but if you stick with it you're rewarded with a fantastically done show and an origin story almost like no other.
  15. Best Buy is killing it with steelbook releases lately: Hoping these end up being 4K (trying real hard to future-proof going forward, but it's difficult with steels because they don't always include everything), but I'll likely end up getting them both regardless. In addition to those, they've got steels coming out for Logan, Underworld Blood Wars, Ghost in the Shell, LEGO Batman, and Kong. I'm a huge steelbook guy so I love it. I only buy steelbooks on release day (or other special editions that I want/need); I can wait for price drops on regular releases. Still not sure if I'm getting the La La Land steelbook from Best Buy later this month, but I will definitely be getting the Underworld: Blood Wars steel (guilty pleasure).