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  1. In my defense, I copy and pasted it from someone else after they said Slash played it and didn't catch it when I edited it into the set.
  2. For a second I thought that was Axl giving the announcement and I was like "Damn, his German is really good.", then realized it wasn't him.
  3. I suppose I could see that. Regardless, he has some great films under his belt, and he's got some bad ones. That said, he is an interesting choice to direct this movie.
  4. Updated the OP with setlist and show artwork.
  5. Axl moves around on stage 10x more than I ever saw him do it at 9 different shows from 2011-2014. That alone shows how much more he's into things, and if anyone says he's "mailing it in" nowadays, they're wrong, and I will fight them.
  6. So with the exception of bitching and snarky comments, who has the setlist for the show?
  7. Ron Howard is a great director. But the movie will likely still be useless garbage.
  8. Can you guys at least wait for the show to happen before you start bitching?
  9. Hopefully the crowd understands and doesn't get stupid.
  10. This day, one year ago, was the last time I saw Chris Cornell live.
  11. Better time than ever to become a fan
  12. I did, sadly.
  13. Updated the OP with the official news from GN'R's website. Looks like Nightrain members will have a chance as well.
  14. Trying to sell these, if anyone is interested.
  15. OP updated with lithograph artwork and setlist.