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  1. we had the newgnr with original lineup promo footage,now we got the big 3 with the newgnr lineup footage..lol
  2. any working periscope link please?
  3. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1MnxnXmWrbXGO around 4.10 after the band presentation
  4. that cool bass line is not slither...sounds familiar though...could be smth new they jam
  5. This is the reason you go to a gn'r concert..Congrats to the guys...i'm sure they don't bitch about setlists and hitting the wrong notes
  6. even if they throw in "Sympathy for the devil","Locomotive","My World" and "Shotgun Blues" people will still be complaining
  7. R.I.P fellow gunner...tragic
  8. if smn told me 6 months ago i would see the big 3 together on stage in front of 65.000 people playing Coma/TWAT/Estranged/NR/Don't Cry/DTJ/Yesterdays and all the classics i would shut the fuck up
  9. thank you!
  10. can smn upload Coma from the 2nd night? i can't find it Welcome To The Jungle intro scream almost equals Rock Am Ring 2006...absolutely awesome
  11. adler had this back accident,now axl with a broken bone..wtf?