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  1. tragic solo :thumbsdown:
  2. Axi in the top,Ashba in the bottom Where is Zakk Wylde?
  3. TWAT bitches!!! Ron nails it!!
  4. awesome richard picking on kohd
  5. seeker's falsetto is awesome
  6. YCBM was badass Ron's scom solo was excellent...pretty good show so far
  7. hoping for a proper guns sound...not industrial bullshit
  8. This is why Richard should be the main songwriter of the next album..when it comes out..if it comes out...the guy is a monster and has the right Guns sound
  9. 2º Bridge School Benefit Show Oct 21, 2012

    I think some of the songs were cool and some of the songs were not cool,as far as Axl is concerned...they were OK shows and that's it...it is definately not the end of the world 'cause Axl sucked on some songs or he had a strep throat..
  10. 2º Bridge School Benefit Show Oct 21, 2012

    Stop bitching about Axl's voice for God's sake...I've been watching Guns since 1990 and i pretty much have most of the bootlegs from day 1...The golden 1991-1993 era was golden not because of Axl's voice but because of the attitude of the band..Axl had some very shitty moments during his early days,i wonder how you forget about it...the point is that he is out there doing this thing and i support him and the boys...Things have changed,music industry is completely different now and being on the road is the only way a band can make money nowadays...India?Jakarta?...I won't be surprised if the band plays South Pole next year but that's the way it is...take it or leave it... Once a fan always a fan.Rock on Axl
  11. Will GNR ever play Madison Square Garden again?

    GnR is the only band that can sell MSG out in 5 mins..still