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  1. even if they throw in "Sympathy for the devil","Locomotive","My World" and "Shotgun Blues" people will still be complaining
  2. R.I.P fellow gunner...tragic
  3. if smn told me 6 months ago i would see the big 3 together on stage in front of 65.000 people playing Coma/TWAT/Estranged/NR/Don't Cry/DTJ/Yesterdays and all the classics i would shut the fuck up
  4. can smn upload Coma from the 2nd night? i can't find it Welcome To The Jungle intro scream almost equals Rock Am Ring 2006...absolutely awesome
  5. adler had this back accident,now axl with a broken bone..wtf?
  6. everyone with a keyboard during Jungle seems out of place..but i think she;s just a touring musician helping on chinese orchestral stuff...gotta be happy with our big 3
  7. he wore that shirt on stage a few times