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  1. The Life Hacks Thread

    Life hacks... The easiest things to forget, followed closely by good jokes.
  2. Jeff Buckley

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnT0ipX9Jiw I couldn't tell you how much I love this performance. The song helped me through very rough times.
  3. Mexican music

    Fucking love this song.
  4. I want to be SPOOKED out of my mind

    I know some people says it's not that good of a movie, but The Excorsism of Emily Rose is the only horror movie that actually had a real impact on me (yet). I've watched Salo and Cannibal Holocaust etc., but didn't really find those scary, more disturbing.
  5. I read that is was 12 as well. Am I the only one who's not even surprised by these things anymore?
  6. When did you start viewing Guns N' Roses forums?

    Exactly the same for me actually. I posted under a different username back then though.
  7. Kinda related I guess.. He has a lot of other videos as well, drinking sambuca, glue and hot sauce etc.
  8. Happy Birthday Lithium

    Belated birthday greetings from Denmark . Hope you had a good one!
  9. Beats by Dr Dre

    Go for some Danish quality; AiAiAi! http://www.digitaltrends.com/headphone-reviews/aiaiai-tma-1-review/
  10. My top 20 artists/bands of all time - what do you think?

    lol bumblefoot
  11. Kanye West wears GN'R Shirt while on date with Kim Kardashian

    Very cool indeed. Kanye is without a doubt one of the most influental rappers/producers of his time. Anyone disagreeing with that is just butthurt by the fact that he can get away with some of the things he does. He reminds me a lot of Axl, actully. Also, he wears a kilt.
  12. So my iPod got wet

    I'm so excited about this. Let us know about any results.
  13. Foul Fashion

    Do you ship international?
  14. So overall, was the theatre tour a success?

    Are you serious?